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This gets to be more about politics/very broad view than about ElenaxNaomi themselves haha just keep in mind that throughout all this we know they’re extremely close and completely adorable together!

The ‘official’ relationship would only happen much later but the foundation -or tension- is always there. It’s tricky for Elena since one of the duties of a sovereign is to produce a heir.

When Naomi figures out she cares for Elena as more than just a friend she would normally have been more forward about it. She’s not embarrassed about her feelings the way she would be for Mateo (she doesn’t like developing feelings for him because it feels stereotypical and expected and she hates being ‘that kind of girl’). With Elena the controversy of both being women would actually make her more bold, if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d watch Gabe repeatedly make a fool of himself over the years*. It’s not that she’s afraid of rejection, but it put into perspective how political any relationship with Elena is. She decides the best thing to do is to just remain a loyal and supportive friend. She even casually attempts to date a few other men and women but ultimately finds herself dissatisfied.

Elena also tries to let herself be wooed by men whether it’s Mateo, Gabe, Alonso or someone else her Abuello invites to Avalor in an attempt to find a suitable match. She would even form a very close relationship with this person, which is why it’s so devastating for her when she accepts that it won’t work out. Several small things add up but mostly she’s just not attracted to men and it always feels like she’s denying a part of herself. Who’s there to comfort her after a tough break up? Naomi of course! They still don’t get together immediately, Elena’s having a pretty big crisis of conscience between her duties as Queen and her personal preferences.

Eventually it becomes clear that they are only interested in each other. They stop attempting to find other partners and settle into a quiet domesticity that isn’t exactly ‘official’ in a queendom-wide sense but is certainly known around the palace, particularly after Naomi moves in!

Once Francisco and Esteban have been convinced that it’s a good match which makes Elena happy and able to focus on her other duties as Queen they make it official and hold a tour of Avalor as a PR campaign for the new couple. There’s always dissenters who go on about tradition and heirs, people who don’t realize how much work Naomi does for the queendom, people who just don’t like monarchy etc. Basically the entire spectrum of opinions on the matter, but overall it goes quite well!

It’s actually Isabel who suggests adoption. Francisco and Esteban are not exactly for it, saying that succession should fall to Isabel’s children to preserve the bloodline. I’m not sure the circumstances -because there’s a trillion options- but they meet the orphans Maria and Josephine over the course of an adventure (or two) and Elena decides to take them in. Naomi wasn’t big on the idea of children at first but she falls for Maria and Josie and becomes a great mom!

*Naomi considers Gabe as making a fool of himself, everyone else has their own opinions :p he’s pretty embarrassed by it too in retrospect but it all worked out

Fashion Blogger means Fashion Model?


You knew Fashion Bloggers were pretty damn influential in the fashion game these days, but in case you’re oblivious, here’s some cold hard proof. The latest S/S 2013 Ad Campaign for GANT Rugger features some influential homies in the menswear blog world. You might recognize a few faces and names.

But really, I think this is clever advertising. Models are stunning, which is why they are in that career in the first place, but fashion bloggers have a certain reach and influence, that I don’t think models do. Most models aren’t sharing their insights with a large 6 figure audience on the daily, but fashion bloggers are. And they keep em coming back. If you’re a decent looking blogger, double brownie points. All I have to say is…. where’s my spot in your next campaign?



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