(ignore my nails i’m getting them filled tomorrow)
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neutrogena norwegian formula
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it’s scary to fall this hard, to care this much. to know that my life has become more complete since you entered it. because God can you so easily walk out of it and i would be left in tiny broken pieces that would never quite form to make a whole ever again.

and now i know, that’s what love is. knowing that if that person hurts you, you’ll die, but blindly hoping they love you enough back not to murder you.

i was all for being real, but if i don’t believe then no one will.

no song fucks me up as much as this one does. when i heard it again, i was automatically transported back to your bed, i remembered you playing it for me. that night, i didn’t know what playlist it was from. i didn’t know that in a few months i would hear it again, while smoking my 5th cigarette of the day, and i would collapse. i would collapse with the thought of that day in your bed. i would collapse with the thought of how profoundly the lyrics now related to me, when i never thought that they would. it was my realization, that this was real, you were gone, and life is different.

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