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do you have any recommendations for good super junior blogs?

Hi anon!

Honestly, I don’t really keep track of which blogs I like and which blogs I don’t, because I just unfollow the ones that don’t post what I want to post. That being said, my Super Junior related Tumblr crushes are:

If I see an edit I like, I will check out the person’s blog who made it. Chances are, they post a lot of other edits of that group. Other times, they’re a general KPop blog. Either way, I usually follow them.

I also follow some roleplaying blogs for certain members. I follow some Donghae, Siwon, Kangin, ZhouMi, Henry, and a few others. Other than roleplaying they usually reblog pictures and gifs of their character. And if they don’t, I unfollow them (I usually check to see if they have a personal blog as well in order to see if they post what I like).

I don’t do this, but another thing would be to reblog an edit or picture or something that you like, and then check the notes for people who reblog and/or like it and check their blog out and maybe follow them.

You could also post an edit that you made yourself, and check the blogs that like or reblog it from you!

Also, you could follow the blogs I reblog Super Junior from. The majority of them post mostly Super Junior (or course, that’s up to you to decide if you want only Super Junior blogs to follow, or if you don’t mind other groups.)

Sorry I couldn’t be much help, but I hope I helped at least a little bit!

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(Sorry for english mistakes, english is not my native language~)

1 What’s your favourite show/series/movie starring Super Junior or one of the members?

Hmmm, Strong Heart <3

2 What is your favourite Super Junior music video?

Hard one…but my new obsession is Opera (even if the video isn’t out yet, I’m so in love with the video from the short version)

3 Are you a morning or an evening person?

I think evening person

4 What is your favourite food?

Well, I love pizza, but I also like kimchi <3

5 What was your first impression of Super Junior?

„Wow! They are cool”

6 How did you discover kpop?

Before liking kpop I was in love with k-dramas (we had kdramas on TV in my country) and I was whatching them like…all the day…this is how I heard about kpop…from kdramas

7 Where would you want to live? (Besides Korea~)

France… I like this country a lot…if I would live in France I wouldn not choose to live in Paris because is full with tourits and is too big, but I think it will be nice to live in another city<3

8 What’s your favourite Super Junior album?

Favorite album…is Mr. Simple <3

9 3 random facts about yourself?

I love singing.

I love Sims

I’m friendly

10 Do you have animals? If so, what are their names?

Nope, I don’t have, but I really want a dog <3

11 If you could switch places with someone for one day, who would it be? 

One of the dancers that are always with Super Junior haha.



1. How many years have you been a kpop fan?

2. Your favorite kpop girl group?

3. The most happiest moment in your life.

4. Do you like other Asian countries or just Korea? If yes, then what countries?

5. Your ultimate bias is…?

6. Favorite kpop song (besides Super Junior’s)?

7. What person do you think I am?

8. Would you want to become a kpop idol?

9. Do you have brothers and sisters?

10. Who has the most powerfull voice in kpop?

11. Can you live without Tumblr?