Here’s the condensed version of my favorite nonfiction comics of 2013 list.

The Heroines issue in Symbolia

Josh Neufeld’s story in The Nib

The comics journalism issue of inkt|art

The comics journalism series in truthout

Art Hondros in The Washington Post

Susie Cagle in The Grist

Emi Gennis in Bitch Magazine

Andy Warner in Slate and elsewhere

Gabby Schulz with this piece 

Mike Freiheit’s comic Monkey Mind

When I was about 7 I got a tick in my scalp from a trip in the woods. My parents “heated” it out, which was gross as it is, but wasn’t helped by me screaming that they were going to set my hair on fire.

“Gordon Smalls Endures the Wasteland” by Gabby Schulz on What Things Do! Finally! I talked to Schulz for Filling Spaces (my podcast that I’ve only done one episode for because I’m the worst and don’t have time anymore except time to sit on here and read comics? Please don’t be angry with me.) and I’m happy I did because since then, I’ve seen more and more and more of his beautifully done stuff. I love his controlled mania. It’s as if his emotions live in his hand and his brain keeps a check on it so it doesn’t just fly all over the page, but wanders until it’s an inch from breaking.

Above: Arthur No. 33—Buckminster approves. Photo: Brooke S.

Thurs Jan 3, 6-10pm Portland, Ore.: ARTHUR RE-LAUNCH PARTY at Floating World Comics

WHO: Arthur No. 33
WHAT: Magazine release party and art exhibit
WHEN: Thursday, January 3, 6-10pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

Come celebrate the release of Arthur’s first new issue in four years at a free party on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at Floating World Comics, Arthur’s new co-publisher. We’ll have original comic art on display from contributors Rick Veitch and Gabby Schulz. FWC honcho/Arthur co-publisher Jason Leivian will be there, and Arthur Art Director Yasmin Khan is rumored to be stopping by. Plus: Betel nuts, and other surprises.

If you can’t make it, order a copy online—$5, pretty cheap. Info here.

Pay Attention To This: Gabby Schulz

By Juan Fernandez

“I guess I’m still really attracted to that autobiographical stuff – dirty secrets, gossip, voyeurism; getting a peek underneath the veneer of someone’s public persona to the really awful and disarming and pure, lovely, human mess that convention and sanity can’t expose. All the things that civilization is designed to snuff out, diminish or regulate, basically – the urges, vulnerabilities, fears, and dreams that hinder the smooth gear work of hierarchy, convenience, and tepid industrial business-as-usual.” - Schulz in a 2007 interview with Steve Bissette

Gabby Schulz/(pen name: Ken Dahl) is a gifted story teller whose cartooning work is jarringly incisive. It’s a real shame that not that many people know his work. 

Here’s your chance to learn more.

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