What needs to be fixed in the COP (Part 1/): Rewarding more difficult and unique connections

Every connection shown in this gif set gets 0.2 CV even though the connections on the left are clearly more difficult than those on the right. F+D (or higher) should be rewarded 0.3 CV on uneven bars. Direct C+E (or higher) and indirect D+E (or higher) tumbling passes should be rewarded 0.3 CV on floor exercise.

Press Centre (Week 49)

(robron are not mentioned.)

Monday December 5th

Belle finds an unexpected ally. Nicola is shocked by Jimmy’s decision. Finn is left distraught.

Tuesday December 6th

The Dingles put a plan into action. Finn gets a surprise. Laurel is frustrated with Gabby.

Wednesday December 7th

Finn prepares to come clean. Belle says an emotional goodbye. Gabby takes Laurel’s advice.

Thursday December 8th — 7pm

Gabby bites off more than she can chew. Pete tries to reason with Finn. Rhona plays cupid.

Thursday December 8th — 8pm

Laurel struggles with Ashley’s actions. Liv worries she has gone too far. Finn hopes for a second chance.

Friday December 9th

Laurel takes desperate action. Gabby’s problems worsen. Zak grows suspicious of Emma.