gabby's prose

Your blood is dark, black, as it pulses out between my fingers and maybe that’s why they call you a night child. And all I can see is the way the sun had lit up your skin and the bravery in your, “That’s why I L…” But you didn’t say it, maybe I’m glad that you didn’t, I’ve never seen shadows pour out of someone’s mouth like that.

“That’s why you’re you.” You said instead and maybe that means more.

And I’ve never been a believer in anything but you’re changing me now, and even if you believe that there’s a spirit inside of you that makes you who you are, I know differently. You were you before you were what you became, you were always strong and merciful and I never wanted a commander, I wanted you. Your blood is darker than your eyes and I can’t push it all back in, no matter how hard I try because life is about more than just surviving.

We were from different lands but we’re the same, even if no one else can see that, and I may have fallen from the sky but the earth has bred more angels than the stars ever did.

—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #95
Loving you,
was like a hot Italian summer
you are Venice
and I am the bucket list tourist
ready to travel and explore this
newfound magic and lust you’ve
put into my heart
fact: I thought we’d have forever
fact: venice is sinking 2 millimeters a year
You are Venice
A beautiful city,
bridges built over waterways
paved with love and were stronger
than we could have ever been anyways
an enchanting getaway
with a death sentence,
waters rising up far too high
for the ever floating city to survive
I chose to ignore the impending shipwreck because I thought
we’d have more time
but you started giving up on me
before my plane ride had even ended
too quickly you were taken under
you were disappearing and
I refused not to reach my destination-
I love you
I run through flooded streets
bare ankles bathing in
everything we used to be-
I love you
I am sorry that I took you for granted
I mean, I knew you were sinking
but I don’t know how to swim
and I just thought
that we’d have more time-
I love you
I am now up to my neck in the water
but I’m here now, I finally came and
I just wanted to let you know that-
I love you
fact: in less than 96 years Venice will be completely underwater
we will both be long dead and gone
by then
because we will have not had
any more time
loving you, was like a hot Italian summer
You were Venice,
and I was drowning.
—  Venice