gabby why are you not here


Bellona: Zelda, the cupboard is looking at me.

Zelda: No, Bellona, it isn’t.

Gabby: I don’t like this house.

Laura: I felt the same way when I first came here, Gabby.

Gabby: Why is it only raining if I look out of this window?

Laura: I have no idea.

Bellona: That cupboard just winked at me. It doesn’t have a face. But I know it winked at me.

Inanimate objects shouldn’t wink.

Doctor Strange: That’s a restrictive rule.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I just had to exorcise something.

Gabby: That’s a pretty weird sentence.

Doctor Strange: Not in this house.

There was a lot I loved about All-New Wolverine #4, but this exchange might be my favorite. Laura has taken Zelda, Bellona and Gabby to see Doctor Strange, and they’re all pretty weirded out by his house.

Script by Tom Taylor, art by David Lopez, David Navarrot and Nathan Fairbairn, lettering by Cory Petit, production design by Manny Mederos, edited by Christina Harrington, Darren Shan, and Mark Paniccia

Life Changing News

Chapter 1: Plethora of Changes

Sylvie Brett is currently sitting on the floor of her bathroom staring at the timer on her phone. She was pretty positive of what would proceed the alarm after it went off. What she wasn’t sure of is what the rest of her life would look like after this. It wasn’t just her life that this would change either. It would change the life of someone who didn’t need another complication at the moment but he would take this one anyway. The alarm on her made her stand up and take the four white sticks off her bathroom counter. They all said the same thing.

Pregnant (5-6 weeks)

Sylvie took a calming breath, trying not to panic. The knock on her bedroom door made her jump and she cleared her throat. “You can come in, Gabby.” Her partner and child Aunt stood in the doorway of her bathroom.

Gabby came up behind Sylvie and peered over her shoulder. “Oh my god, Sylvie.”

Sylvie shook her head and stepped out of the bathroom. “I made an appointment at med.”

Gabby followed her partner. “Before you took the test?”

Sylvie threw herself onto her bed. “I wasn’t going to take any test before the blood test, but I couldn’t wait.”

“Let’s get going.” Gabby drove while Sylvie sat completely still in the passenger’s seat. There is no way anyone was going to take this well. She already knew what the blood test results would say. She had zero misconceptions. Gabby pulled into Med and led Sylvie into the hospital where they found Anna waiting for them. Sylvie wanted it to be someone she was comfortable with and she fit the bill.

“How long will this take?” Sylvie asked as Anna drew her blood.

Anna pulled the needle out of her arm and put the vial of her blood into a bag. “The result usually come back within twenty-four hours. I’ll put a rush on it, okay?”

Sylvie nodded, putting her coat back on and grabbing her keys. “Thank you, Anna.”

“Anytime, Sylvie.” Sylvie stepped out the exam room and met back up with Gabby.

The two women got back into Gabby’s car and drove towards the firehouse. Their shift started soon and thankfully Med wasn’t far from the house. The pulled in only a few minutes early.

“Hey ladies,” Stella said coming into the locker room. “Half of on drinks at Molly’s tonight.”

“What’s the occasion?” Sylvie asked pulling her uniform on.

“I don’t know but Herman’s orders.” The women left the locker room as the men entered to change. They sat down at one of the tables and passed around boxes of cereal as no one was in the mood to cook. Just as everyone began to file in a familiar tone was heard overhead.

Ambulance 61, assist, multiple persons injured, 32 Washington St.

Sylvie sighed tossing her spoon back into the bowl. Both women ran to the ambo, letting Gabby drove Sylvie got into the passenger’s seat. “Washington is only a few blocks from here. Why was another house called to the scene?”

Gabby looked over at her partner. “So, someone messed up.” We turned onto Washington and saw at least nine cars involved in a collision.

“Yeah, well someone’s screw up may have just gotten people killed,” Sylvie said getting out of the ambulance and grabbing her medical bag. Sylvie and Gabby had to split up to make sure that the all the victims. Under the instruction of their acting chief, they took the injured people on the ground along with two other paramedics.

“Sylvie, is there triage?”

Sylvie looked up from the leg she was dressing. “There should be with this many victims, why?”

Gabby moved away from her victim. “I’m just checking.” She dropped down next to Sylvie and grabbed the man’s leg to hold it still. “Some of the people have tags and some don’t.”

“Maybe they haven’t gotten to the rest.” Sylvie sighed as the man leg continued to bleed. “We have to take him to med before he loses his leg.” They lifted him onto the gurney and Sylvie paused looking back at the other victims. Gabby was right they should all be tagged.

“Hey, Brett.” Gabby snapped her back into action. “We are just assisting. We have no authority here. Let’s go.” Sylvie nodded and followed her partner, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d been the ones that messed up.


Antonio Dawson walked into the office and saw a flurry of movement. He dropped his stuff off at his desk and raised his eyebrows at Nagel. She came over to his desk and lowered her voice. “Get this, three families of car accident victims want to sue some paramedics from the CFD.”

Antonio looked up at her shocked. “For what?”

“Apparently they didn’t follow protocol,” Nagel said leaning up against his desk. “First the wrong firehouse responded to the scene and the none of the paramedics set up a proper triage at the scene. Victims were tagged, but there wasn’t triage and not one paramedic questioned it. Three people died after paramedics had been on the scene for three hours. They weren’t properly treated because of the triage screw up and improper tagging.”

Antonio dropped into his seat. “Where is Stone?”

Nagel nodded her head in the direction of his office. “Stone and Valdez are in his office with the families right now. As if on cue Stone’s office door opened and the two Investigators turned around so that they weren’t aware they had been staring.

Valdez came over to Antonio’s desk and handed him three files. “We are taking the case. We are bringing in the paramedics from the scene for questioning.” She handed Nagel the list of guilty paramedics.

She looked over the list and sighed. “Antonio, you’re sister is on this list.” He shot up and took the list from her and sure enough under firehouse 51 were the two names he didn’t want to see. He grabbed his Jacket knowing that this wouldn’t go over well.

“Is this going to be a conflict of interest?” Valdez asked him.

“No, if you can work this case with your sister being on the incrimination list Valdez, so can Antonio.” Stone’s voice came from behind them. He was leaning against the door frame watching his team. “Nagel you are the only one to have interaction with the girls from fifty-one.”

“Of course.”

“Good.” Stone nodded at the two of them. “Get it done.”


Sylvie had to admit that the only downside to working at a firehouse was the twenty-four-hour shifts and the fact that she would have to sleep the day away. She grabbed her bag out of her locker with her work clothes in it and met Gabby at Truck 81.

“Are you going to Molly’s tonight?” Gabby asked her partner.

Sylvie nodded. “Yeah, I plan to sleep for the day so that I can party tonight.” The two girls had been on runs all day, this was the first time they’d been at the firehouse for more than five minutes. Sylvie turned on her phone and saw she had a voicemail and text from Anna. She didn’t bother with the voicemail as the text message was a picture of her blood work. It said exactly what she expected it to. She’s pregnant.

“What is it?” Gabby asked. Sylvie handed over her phone and Gabby gasped. “You have to tell him.”

“I will.” Matt walked over to the girls which promptly ended the conversation. He kissed his wife’s head before looking past the girls confused.

“Why are Antonio and his partner here?” Both women turned to see Investigator Nagel standing before them. Antonio was waiting at the car.

“Can I help you?” Sylvie asked.

“Are you Sylvie Brett and Gabriella Dawson?” Nagel asked.

“Yes.” They both answered exchanging worried looks. Sylvie already had an idea why she was here. The call from this morning on Washington.

“You are both under arrest for negligence and murder,” Nagel said pulling out two sets of handcuffs.

Both Sylvie and Gabby gawked at her. “What!” Casey shouted trying to get between Nagel and the paramedics.

“Matt don’t,” Gabby ordered letting Nagel cuff her. “Just get Mouch and the Chief and meet us at the Attorney’s office with a Lawyer.” Matt took off into the firehouse and Sylvie turned around and let herself get cuffed. Nagel escorted both paramedics back to the car where Antonio held open the door. Neither Gabby or Sylvie so much as looked at him. The car ride back to the DA’s office was torturously awkward. The silence was deafening and Gabby began to shift nervously. When the car pulled up Antonio got out and walked into the building. Gabby scoffed and rolled her eyes. Nagel took them both to booking and left them in a holding cell.

Sylvie sat on the bench while Gabby paced back and forth in front of her. “He didn’t say a word. He just sat there.”

“He’s doing his job, Gabby,” Sylvie reassured her. “He’s your brother and my ex. Any interaction with us jeopardizes his credibility.”

Gabby turned towards her partner and glared. “Screw his credibility, I’m his sister and I’m about to go down for murder!”

“You’re not going down for murder,” Sylvie told her calmly. Footsteps approaching made Sylvie shoot up and got to the bars. The Chief and a man she assumed to be a lawyer came up to the cell.

The cell door opened and the woman gestured for them to exit. “I’m Cassandra Reid, your lawyer.” She shook each of their hands. “Come with me, they’ve got a private place for us to talk.” They three of them followed her out of booking and past the desks and Nagel and Antonio and into what looked like a conference room. They sat around the table. “Do you know why they are trying to charge you with these crimes?”

“No,” Gabby said before Sylvie could respond.

“There was a triage failure during the accident on Washington. Three people were not treated because of it and they died. All paramedics that worked the scene have been brought in.” Sylvie slumped back into her seat. She knew it. They both knew something was wrong at the scene this morning.

Sylvie cleared her throat. “So, what do we do?”

Ms. Reid cleared her throat. “I have one rule. Don’t lie to me.” She told them making them exchange looks. “Is there anything I need to know? Personal or professional, I need everything.”

Gabby cleared her throat. “The Chief Investigator Antonio Dawson is my brother.” She looked at Sylvie. “He’s also Sylvie’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby.”

“Assistant District Attorney Valdez is my younger sister.” Sylvie finished. T

The chief stepped forward glaring at Sylvie. “You’re pregnant?” Sylvie simply nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t find out until after shift.” Sylvie lied.

Ms. Reid coughed drawing all attention back to her. She closed the folder in her hands shaking her head. “Ms. Brett, do you have any proof of your pregnancy.”

“Call Chicago Med and get my results,” I told her. She nodded and pulled out her cell phone.  


Antonio sat with Nagel, Valdez, and Stone in his office trying to find charges to stick to one of the six paramedics who were on scene that day. It was about twenty minutes of silence before Anna stood up and went over to her partner. Stone gave her a confused look. “What if it’s not the paramedics on the scene that we should be bringing in. Maybe this should be a case against the CFD.” Anna passed him the folder. “Look at the this. The accident happened just a few blocks from firehouse 51 which is one of the best firehouses in the city for mass disasters but firehouse 27 was sent to the scene. They’ve handled on mass trauma in the last 8 years.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that paramedics from 51, one the supposed best houses for traumas was there and yet they didn’t speak up about anything wrong.” Stone said. “We can’t just let that go.”

“They were there for an assist,” Nagel argued. “Their job is to grab the first critical patient and take them to the hospital. They aren’t supposed to assess the scene.”

Stone stared at into the distance, debating on it. “So, we let the paramedics go and hand serve the CFD with a lawsuit.” The door swung open and Stone stood up at the sight of his ex-girlfriend. The room took his lead and stood up as well.

“Who are you?” Valdez asked.

“Who are you?” Cassandra shot back.

“ADA Anna Valdez.” The two women glared at each other. “Can I help you?”

Cassandra stepped in and shut the door behind her. “I thought you were a better lawyer than this Peter. How do you not see a conflict of interest in the fact that two of your people are siblings to my clients? Gabriella Dawson and Antonio Dawson. Sylvie Brett and Anna Valdez. Let’s not mention the fact the Ms. Brett is pregnant with Investigator Dawson’s child.” Antonio stared at the lawyer in shock. Sylvie’s pregnant? Why hadn’t she told him about this? He’s going to be a father again and she hadn’t told him. He didn’t understand why Sylvie wouldn’t tell him that she was pregnant. There was no way she was going to keep this baby from him.

Antonio turned to look at Stone and shook his head. “I didn’t know or I would have stepped away.”

Peter slapped Antonio on the back. “It doesn’t matter your clients are free to go,” Stone told her taking the file nonetheless. “We are dropping the charges.” Cassandra nodded and went to tell Gabby and Sylvie. Valdez and Nagel left, giving Antonio a minute to process the new information. Peter gave Antonio the file. “Just in case you need to see it with your own eyes.”

“Thanks, man.” Antonio took the file and opened it. Sylvie’s medical files didn’t lie. She was pregnant. Antonio threw the file down and swung the office door open. He walked to the conference room to see Gabby and Sylvie gathering their things. Sylvie from when she saw him, her eyes widening. “Gabby, can you give us a minute?” Gabby left the room keeping her head down. Antonio closed the door behind his sister and locked it.

Sylvie set her stuff back onto the table. “You know.”

“Yeah, your lawyer told me.” Antonio stepped closer to the woman carrying his child, trying to keep his anger in check. “You should have told me. I have had enough of lawyers talking to me about my children.”

Sylvie stepped forward putting her hands his chest. “I didn’t plan to keep this from you, Antonio. I’ve only known for a day. Cassandra only knows because she said that she needed to know everything and I was facing murder charges. I promise that I was going to tell you.”

Antonio ran his hands over his face and dropped into the nearest chair. “I can’t believe that you’re pregnant.” Sylvie sat down next to him. “All my problem with custody and Laura. Now you’re-”

“Antonio, I’m nothing like Laura.” Sylvie scoffed. “I will not keep this baby from you. You can be as involved as you want.”

Antonio looked up at her just in time to see her yawn. She looked absolutely exhausted. He felt like such as idiot. She had just gotten off shift when they picked her up, she needs sleep. “Let me take you home. You need sleep.”

Sylvie looked taken aback by his request. “But-”

Antonio interrupted her. “I know we have a lot to talk about Sylvie, but right now we need to talk care of you and you’ve had a long day.” Antonio stood and pulled her into a hug. “Just know that I’m here. For whatever you both need. This is my baby too.”

“Thank you, Antonio.”  

Love Conquers All

okay here’s the jealous!Antonio fic…… :-) hope you all enjoy!!!! 😄 i don’t own anything!!
Ever since Antonio had switched jobs, he has been out of the loop of hearing the regular gossip of both the Intelligence Unit and Firehouse 51. He didn’t really mind, as he was old enough to not care about the drama. But then he and Sylvie broke up, making him become interested in the gossip for the first time. Yes, he could just ask his sister, but since she was so close to Sylvie, he felt uncomfortable asking, to put her in that position.

Which was half the reason he went out for drinks on a Friday night, specifically hanging out with Ruzek, Burgess, Lindsay, and Halstead. He was aware that he was the fifth wheel in the group, but all he wanted was to hear the latest scoop on Sylvie.

If they knew the actual reason why he was here, they didn’t mention it. Even when they brought up Sylvie, they didn’t give him a second glance.

“Sucks for Sylvie, her landlord is such an ass.” Kim says, to which the other three wholeheartedly agreed with her. Antonio bit his tongue to prevent himself from asking multiple questions.

He couldn’t hold himself back. “Where is she staying then?”

Erin gave him a look, one eyebrow raised. “Why do you want to know?”

“Just curious.” He tried to play it off, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah, okay.” She didn’t believe him. “She hasn’t even moved yet, I don’t think she has a place to go….” She gave another look, one that Antonio could easily understand what it meant.

“I’m not going to offer her to move in with me, Lindsay.” He shook his head, before taking a sip of his beer. “I bet she’ll move in with Stella. If it comes down to it, that she has no other options, then sure. I won’t let her live on the streets.”

“I wish she had no options.” Kim muttered to Ruzek, but Antonio could easily hear her. “I could win 50 bucks if they get back together this week—”

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait.” He rose his hands to silence the table, getting all of their attention. “You guys have a bet going about Sylvie and me!?” He asked, incredulous. He was surprised to hear that his old colleagues were that invested in their previous relationship, as they really didn’t spend their time when they were together around them much. He thought they were pretty much neutral on the whole thing.

All of them at least looked guilty. Then Kim began to speak. “You know…..if you two get back together before Saturday rolls around…that would be great.” She said, giving him an awkward thumbs up and a hesitant grin.

“I cannot believe—”

“Come on, Antonio.” Jay interrupted him with a firm voice. “You can’t really believe that you two are done, right?” He began to lean in, if that possibly could convince Antonio more. “You two are both miserable—”

“He’s just saying that because he bet you two would be back together by tomorrow!” Adam butted in. “I, on the other hand, am a firm believer of distance makes the heart grow fonder….”

“Yeah, right. I bet you’re only saying that because you bet another couple weeks.” Antonio dryly said, and his guess was confirmed by Adam’s face beginning to turn red.

“You guys are unbelievable.” He groaned, placing his head in his hands. “Focus on your own relationships, because others are none of your business. Also, if Sylvie and I get back together or not, it won’t be because of any of you. So stop the word games.”

Adam rose his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. We get it.” The others nodded in agreement.

Antonio sighed again. “Can we talk about something else please?” He asked, wanting to actually enjoy this night out with his friends. He didn’t see them everyday anymore, so he wanted to get something out of this hangout. Yes, his original reason for coming was to learn more information about his ex, but when it was revealed that everyone was betting on when they were getting back together, it made him feel uncomfortable.

“We can talk about I caught Atwater and Virginia making out behind Molly’s last week.” Kim said with a devilish smile, as everyone else’s mouths dropped.

“What the—”


“Oh man I can’t wait to tease him about this—”

Antonio just let out a sigh of relief, grateful the attention was off of him. And listened to Kim say more details about the information she had revealed, it was even better that it was actually interesting.


It was another week before Antonio was able to meet up with Gabby. Usually it was never this bad to try to see each other, but unfortunately their work schedules just didn’t work out that week.

“Why were you so persistent to seeing me?” Gabby asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “I would be flattered, but I need to hear the reason first.”

Now he was wondering if it was a good idea to come to his sister for information on Sylvie. She could easily refuse, call him a creep, and then go tell Sylvie all about it. “Well, first, I was missing my beautiful baby sister—”

“Shut up, Tonio.” She rolled her eyes. Yeah, he should expected she would have called him out on his bullshit. “Why are you here?” She asked again. “Please don’t tell me you murdered someone and you need me to help you hide the body—”

“What?! Gabby, I’m a fucking cop—” He stopped when he realized she was laughing. “Ha. Very funny, sis.”

“I need to have my fun if you are just going to dance around and not talk about why you’re here!” She exclaimed. “You’ve been trying to see me for the past week, so get on with it!”

“Okay, okay.” He relented, taking a deep sigh. He couldn’t stall for any longer. “I’m here to ask you about Sylvie.”

Gabby groaned once he mentioned Sylvie’s name. “God, Antonio. If you want to get back together with her, then go talk to her yourself. I’m not playing matchmaker—”

“No, I’m not here to get back together with her!” He interrupted, not wanting Gabby to get any wrong ideas. “I just….want to know how she’s doing.”

“She’s doing good, I guess.” She still seemed skeptical about his intentions. “Finally moved out of her apartment, her landlord was a major dick.”

That was the information he came here for. “So where is she living now?” He asked, keeping his voice casual.

“…..You aren’t going to start stalking her, are you?”

“What the hell, Gabby?? What kind of guy do you think I am—”

“Calm down, I’m just messing with you.” She took a big gulp of her coffee. “You seem more on edge than you usually are. Did you have a big case this week?”

“There always seems to be big cases.” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. “Just like when I was in Intelligence, these jobs are always stressful. You know that even over at 51.”

Gabby nodded in agreement. “And to answer your question, Sylvie’s living with Cruz and Otis now.” She told him. “Works out perfectly, huh?”


“Don’t make that face, Antonio.” She groaned. “You know Otis and Cruz well, they’re great guys. Really no one better.”

He was trying to tell himself that, but the pit in his stomach was not going away. “I thought she would be moving in with Stella….” He trailed off, making himself even more disturbed by the thought of Sylvie just waking up, barely clothed in her pajamas…. Cruz and Otis getting a full show. He scowled.

“Oh, God!” Gabby exclaimed, leaning in closer as she made the realization. “You’re jealous!”

“I am not jealous!” He defended himself. He was lying, though. He was extremely jealous. Yes, he knew Otis and Cruz well. They were great, dependable guys. “I’m glad that she found a place.”

“That doesn’t mean that you can’t be jealous.” She pointed out. “Anyways, just because Sylvie and Cruz dated—”


“—And Otis had a crush on Sylvie for a long time—”


“—doesn’t mean anything is going to happen! She just views them as friends, I promise you.”

“How sure are you of that?” Antonio pressed for more information. He typically wasn’t this type of guy. He’s never been the jealous type. But for some reason, when it came to Sylvie, he couldn’t let go of these feelings, of only wanting to keep certain parts of Sylvie to himself. And imagining Otis and Cruz getting to see how she was like at home was driving him insane.

“I’m pretty sure, Antonio.” Gabby rose her eyebrows at him. “She specifically said to me that she thought being roommates with them was going to be a perfect fit because she had absolutely zero feelings for them.”


“But I know no matter what I tell you, you’re still going to be jealous.” She sighed, getting up out of her chair to place her empty coffee mug in the sink. “Honestly, Antonio. You should just talk to Sylvie before you do something stupid.”

“Why do you think I’m going to do something stupid?” He questioned.

“You’ll let your feelings take over, it’s what is Dawson’s do.” She explained. “Just…..remember your effect on people.”

“My effect on people?” He echoed her, becoming confused. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Even if I think it’s slightly ridiculous…people think of you as a badass, a big rough cop. So if you say something that might mean no harm, has no intentions, others might take a different meaning.”

“I get it.” Antonio nodded his head. But his mind was still on Sylvie, and how she was now living with two men who at one time both had romantic feelings for her. “I’ll be aware.”

“So are you going to talk to Sylvie?” Gabby asked, a hopeful expression on her face. When he shook his head, she began to protest. “Come on, Antonio. It’s obvious that the two of you still have feelings for each other. You two need to talk to each other—”

“Why is everyone saying that?” Antonio was beginning to get frustrated. “Yeah, sure. We still have feelings for each other. Maybe we could even be in love with each other, I don’t know. But our feelings don’t fix everything else. I got a shit load of baggage that she doesn’t need. She’s young, she has loads of guys to pick from. It’s just better this way, Gabby.” He got up from his chair, grabbing his coat from the back of it. “Thanks for talking.” He grumbled, heading towards the door.

“You’re a stubborn idiot!” She yelled as he left the house. “What happened to love can conquer all?”


“You’ve been acting weird.” Nagel commented, giving him a weird look. “What’s up your ass?”

“Nothing’s up my ass.” Antonio muttered, flipping through the paperwork on his desk. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Why did his partner have to been so damn intuitive? Ever since he found out from Gabby that Sylvie was living with Cruz and Otis, he has been feeling stressed out, unable to get his mind off of his ex. He toyed with the option of just talking to Sylvie, letting him know how he was feeling, but he pushed that idea away. He could deal with this dilemma by himself, there was no need to get others involved.

“You are such a liar.” Nagel didn’t believe him. “So what’s up? I’m your partner, you’re supposed to trust me, you know.”

“That’s with work related things,” Antonio pointed out. “Not with my personal life.”

“Our relationship could be even stronger if you trusted me with your personal shit.”

“See, when you call my personal life shit, I don’t think I should confide in you.” Antonio rolled his eyes, stacking the papers in front of him. “Plus you’re just bored and want to hear something interesting.”

“You got me. Today has been so fucking boring.” She groaned, beginning to twirl around in her chair. “Also, talking about what’s on your mind can be very beneficial.”

“Fine, fine.” Antonio gave in, pushing his papers to the side. At this confirmation, Nagel stopped spinning, facing him with an eager look on her face. “My ex girlfriend moved in with guy roommates.” He admitted his problem with a sigh. “God, this is something that teenagers freak out about! I usually don’t concern myself with this type of shit but—”

“You love this girl.” She said bluntly, causing him to stop talking. “Plain and simple. So stop being a wuss and go talk to her.”

“I wish it was that simple, Nagel.” He groaned. “Don’t we all wish it was that simple?” He asked her. “That all it would take to having and maintaining a relationship would be loving each other?”

She became silent. Knowing that he hit a cord, he continued talking. “Yeah, I love Sylvie. And she probably loves me back. But there’s more to it. So, I’m just going to be the jealous ex boyfriend and hope I get over it soon.”

“You’re an idiot.” Nagel says the same insult that Gabby called him days prior. “Clearly you won’t be getting over her anytime soon. The only logical solution would be to talk to her about it.”

“Or I could ignore—”

“Obviously what you do is none of my business, but that’s the wrong decision.”

“My sister told me the same thing.” Antonio sighed.

“Good to know that there is one smart Dawson.” Nagel said with a smile.

“Ha, ha. Hilarious.” He looked up at the clock. It was almost nine thirty. “I’m heading to Molly’s.” He said as he began to put his coat on.

“Please don’t get drunk and go to your ex girlfriend and profess your love to her. Or beat up her roommates.” She laughed, but he could tell that she was serious.

“Do you have any faith in me?” Antonio asked, feeling exasperated.

She made the hand motion of locking her mouth and throwing away the key. She then shrugged her shoulders.

God, she was a menace. “I’ll see you later, Nagel.” He muttered as he finally left the room. He needed a drink.


“Your usual, Antonio?” Herrmann asked as he was cleaning a spill off of the counter.

“Yeah, that would be great, thanks.” Antonio responded, spotting Otis behind the bar as well. He couldn’t help but feel uneasy as he began to think of him going home and Sylvie being there. Maybe he shouldn’t have came here.

“Something up?” Herrmann asked as he came back with a beer. He seemed concerned, and Antonio was almost tempted to confide in the man.

“Just a long day.” He shrugged his shoulders, taking a sip of the beer. “Thanks again, Herrmann.”

“Anytime.” He responded, heading to tend to another patron.

Antonio quietly drank his beer, trying to ignore Otis. But when he walked past him, he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

“Hey!” He called out to him.

Otis seemed surprised, and Antonio couldn’t blame him. They are barely acquaintances, only having a few conversations before.

“Oh, hey, Antonio.” Otis said, leaning against the countertop. “Do you need anything?”

“No, not really..” He began tapping his fingers against the wood, trying to figure out how to word his interest in how Sylvie was doing without sounding….well, creepy.

The firefighter understood what he was trying to get at. “Are you here to talk about Sylvie?” He questioned.


“You should just talk to her, man.” Otis told him, letting his elbows rest on the counter. “I don’t really know why you are talking to me about it.”

“I just want to know how she’s doing, how she’s settling with you and Cruz.” Antonio said sincerely, which was the actual truth. Yes, he was jealous, but he mostly wanted to know that she was doing well.

“Or you want to know if she’s sleeping with one of us.”

He was not expecting those blunt words out of Otis’ mouth. “What the—” He began to splutter, caught completely off guard. “I cannot believe—”

“I’m not stupid, Antonio.” Otis sighed. “A blind man could tell how bothered you are by this living situation.”

“I shouldn’t have talked to you.” Antonio began shaking his head, feeling foolish. He was really tearing himself apart over this. “Please don’t tell Sylvie about this.”

“Don’t worry, it’s something you should talk about with her.” Otis assured him. “She’s still crazy about you, you know. I can tell, we all can. And it’s obvious that you are too. So I don’t know what the hell you two are doing.”

“Obviously I don’t know either.” Antonio mumbled into his drink. He sighed as he got up out of the stool. “Sorry for bothering you.” He said as he placed money down. “Tell Sylvie I said hello.”

“Will do.” Otis responded, as Antonio left the bar.

Antonio couldn’t hold back a yawn as he finally reached his apartment floor. Even though he had a low key day at work, this internal dilemma he was having regarding his feelings with Sylvie made him mentally exhausted.

But what he saw waiting in front of his door shocked him completely.

“Sylvie?” He took a few steps forward, not believing what was in front of him. But indeed, Sylvie Brett was standing outside his door, looking pretty determined. However, the current dress she was in had him even more surprised. “Why the hell are you in your pajamas? It’s still winter—”

“Why are you going around asking about me?” She interrupted him, looking confused. “Do you know how this is messing with me? I’m trying to forget about you, damn it!”

“I—” Antonio was speechless. He had unfortunately assumed the people he confided in didn’t open their mouths to Sylvie, but he was wrong. “I’m sorry, Sylvie. But God, I can’t tell you how much this is messing with me too—”

“Why?” She shortened the distance between them. “Why the hell is it bothering you that I am living with Otis and Cruz?”

He sighed, feeling like he had been explaining to everyone lately. “You have to know why, Sylvie.”

“Okay, so you’re jealous. Whatever.” She was beginning to become visibly emotional, her hands moving around wildly with every word expressed. “Then keep it inside, don’t get me involved. Because we both know the best way to get over our feelings is to ignore it! And if I keep on hearing how concerned and jealous and crazy you are over me, that isn’t helping me at all, Antonio!” She was now crying.

“Shit, Sylvie. I didn’t mean for—”

“I know! Fuck! I know!” Her voice was getting louder and louder.

Antonio hurriedly approached his door and unlocked it, pulling Sylvie inside. He didn’t want his neighbors to complain about the disturbance.

Sylvie didn’t seem affected by the interruption, as she continued to yell. “You’re a good man, Antonio. Hell, the best man I know. So obviously I know that you didn’t mean for me to get hurt by all of this. But I did.” She started to pace back and forth, unable to calm herself down. She was also rubbing her arms, her loose t-shirt clearly not giving her a lot of warmth.

He started to shrug off his jacket, concerned. “Here, take this, you’re freezing—”

But she backed up, now even more fired up. “See! See, this is what I don’t even know why I came over here.” She then went off on a tangent, sputtering words out of her mouth. “Even though I am incredibly pissed off at you, you are displaying a million reasons why I shouldn’t be! And then I’m getting upset at myself for being a bitch! So yell at me, please! Scream, whatever! Get mad at me for verbally attacking you!”

“Sylvie, you’re scaring me.” Antonio reached for her, grabbing onto her shoulders. “Calm. Down.” He told her firmly, not letting go until she started to let go of the tension that was controlling her entire body.

He took out his phone, planning on calling Gabby to pick Sylvie up. It was clear that she wasn’t in the state of mind to be able to drive.

Before he hit the call button, he heard sniffing. Looking up, he saw Sylvie beginning to cry. Without a second thought, he placed his phone down, his attention now on her. “Do you want me to get you some water….?” He asked, not knowing exactly how he should comfort her. Everything becomes complicated once you break up, you don’t know how you are supposed to react to the other person.

She shook her head. “No.” She began to cover her face, not wanting Antonio to see her cry. “Please stop talking.”

Her bluntness irritated him. He knew he had upset her, that was understandable, but he had been nothing but kind to her since he found her waiting outside his door. “Sylvie, I’m just offering—”

“Antonio, if you continue talking, I’m going to end up kissing you. So please shut up.” Sylvie begged, moving her fingers enough to allow her eye to peek through.

At that very vulnerable confession, Antonio was speechless, which Sylvie was probably very glad about. But he was damn sure not going to be silent for long. They had been skirting around for too long, avoiding their issues and feelings for each other. It was clear none of their tactics of ignoring each other and stuffing their feelings down were working.

“What if I want you to kiss me?” He broke the silence, raising an eyebrow at Sylvie. She dropped her hands in shock.

“A-Antonio!” She stammered out. “We can’t! Don’t you remember the reasons why we broke up? We clearly can’t be together—”

“Why not?” He stepped closer to her, only inches between them. “Our feelings for each other are still just as strong, I’ve settled more into my job, and realized how I need to handle everything better.” He listed off reasons. “Yeah, I still stand by my belief that you could do better, a lot better. There are a lot of guys who don’t have a demanding job like me, kids, or a crazy ex wife.” He took a deep breath before finishing his mini speech. “But I guess I’m selfish, and I want you back, Sylvie.”

Sylvie didn’t reply with words, instead wrapping her arms around his neck and yanking his head down to meet her lips. He made a noise of surprise, but complied, moving his hands up to cradle her face. He could only wonder why the hell he took so long to getting back together with her. Hell, why he had even let her go.

They finally separated. “I said if you kept on talking I was going to end up kissing you.” She breathed out, panting loudly. Once Antonio was sure she had caught her breath, he picked her up, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist, and carried her to his bedroom, lips attached to each other once more.

Illya Request

Yay!! So my imagine is where the reader is a CIA agent and she is also friends with Napoleon so when Waverly introduces her to the team Napoleon immediately recognizes her and he also recognizes the Illya is looking at her like she hung the stars. Then a few months later Gabby starts to tease the reader about her crush on Illya while Napoleon is doing that same to him about the reader. Then we get to now where the reader is seriously hurt and just as Illya finds her she passes out. Then while she is in a coma she hears Illya tell her that he loves her, then like a day later or something she wakes up and tell him that she loves him to.

*6 months ago*

“Agent Y/L/N,” you looked away from the agents who were telling you how they were combing the site.

“Yes,” you looked the man up and down. “How can I help you?”

“My name is Waverly. I have a proposition for you. Can we talk somewhere in private?”

“Come find me if we find the records of his international sales,” you told an agent near you. “How can I help you Mr. Waverly?”

“You graduated top of your class in the academy. Got picked up by the CIA right out of the academy and quickly rose in their ranks. You’re one of the best, possibly the best, in the CIA. To be frank, I need you on my team.”

“Your team?” You two stood in the corner away from your agents as the combed the place and spoke about his team. “You have yourself a deal Mr. Waverly.”


“Welcome Team,” Waverly greeted the room of his agents as he walked into the hotel conference room, “I have some exciting news,” he spoke in a monotone voice. “We are adding a new member on the team.”

“Where is this new member,” Gabby spoke up.

“She will be here any second.” As soon as Waverly spoke you opened the door to the conference room. “Ah, here she is. Team, this is Agent-”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” Napoleon finished and stood up. “Long time no see. How are you,” he shook your hand and gave you a quick hug.

“Did Solo just hug someone,” Gabby whispered to Illya.

“Wait, you’re on the team now,” Solo asked and you nodded.

“Solo, Y/L/N, I see you are previously acquainted,” Waverly asked.

“Unfortunately,” you joked. As you took your seat and were introduced to the rest of the team Solo noticed Illya’s stare at you. He looked at you like he was looking at the stars in the sky.

*4 months ago*

“Y/N, tell me, when are you going to tell Illya about your infatuation with him,” Gabby nonchalantly asked.

You laughed it off, “What are you talking about Gabby?”

“Please, I’m a master liar too I know when you lie. It’s obvious that you like him. Man up and ask him out already!”’

In the next room Napoleon and Illya were having a similar conversation.

“Peril,” Solo took a drink from his whiskey, “I’ve been thinking…”

“Do I want to know?”

Solo rolled his eyes, “I’ve been thinking about what kind of date you should take Y/N on. I know she likes Chinese, her favorite flower is a sunflower and-”

“What, no. What date are you talking about,” Illya stopped him.

“Modern day Russian Romance. The Peril and the top CIA agent.”

“I do not know what you mean.”

“I’ve seen how you’ve looked at her since the day she joined the team. Just get it over with and tell her like you feel.”


“I need help,” you yelled into your com. “I’ve got a wave of 5 agents coming at me and I have two bullets left.”

“I’m coming Y/N. Sit tight!” You heard Illya yell. You couldn’t stay in your spot though. The agents came in hot and you had to spring into action. You fought and killed two of the agents, have one knocked out, but there were still two left with plenty of bullets. You hit the gun from one of the men’s hands but a stabbing pain in the stomach stopped you. You looked down and saw blood pooling out of your stomach. You collapsed and saw the two men standing over you. The one with the gun raised his pistol to your head. You looked down the barrel but nothing came even though you heard a bang ring out. Another one followed and the two men crumpled where they stood.

“Y/N,” the voice was muffled. “Y/N, stay with me.” But your eyes closed and all you saw and felt was darkness.

“She lost a lot of blood, Peril,” you could make out Solo’s voice. “Doctor said she flatlines on the table but that she’s stabilized now. She’s in a coma and they aren’t sure when she’ll wake up.”

“Why don’t you and Gabby go back to the hotel. I think I will stay here.”

“You’ve haven’t left since she was admitted. Why don’t you take a night off?”

“No. I will stay here with Y/N.” You could hear the faint sound of a door closing. “You have to wake up, Y/N. I love you. Please wake up.” Everything faded again.

You felt your senses hit you at once. You slowly opened your eyes and shut them quickly as the light hit your eyes. Once they adjusted you looked around the room you were in and the IV’s that were in your arms. You tried to move and felt a pain shoot through your abdomen, your instinct was to gasp. The mass in the chair next to you jolted forward and mumbled something in Russian. “Y/N,” you saw it was Illya. He sat forward in his chair. “Are you ok? I’ll get a nurse,” he opened the door and yelled for a nurse before you could reply.

A nurse came in and checked you before she left saying she’d get your doctor. “What’s the last thing you remember,” Illya asked you.

“Looking down the barrel of a gun. And, you. I remember hearing your voice. You said…” you stopped not knowing if you had imagined it or not.

“What did you hear me say?”

“I heard you say you loved me.” You looked at his face and it told you that you hadn’t imagined it. You reached and took his hand in yours. “I love you to, Illya.”

“Really?” You nodded your head. “After you get out of this hospital I would like to take you to restraunt.”

“I’d like that.” You looked at your nightstand and saw a vase of sunflowers sitting right by you. “These are beautiful. Sunflowers are my favorite,” you told him.

“I know,” he smiled at you and the twinkle in your eyes as you looked at them.

Dr. Negan

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Negan x Wives
Word count: 1,011
Warnings: Swearing

Part 12 of Runaway

It was two days before you woke up. Two days of Gabby asking Negan for you, of going between Jack and himself because no one else was trusted enough with his little girl. When he wasn’t with Gabby, or making his rounds, he was in a chair by your side. You’d been cleaned up, and changed. You were laying in his bed, in one of his shirts. It was the middle of the night, him sleeping in the chair. His head was back, his feet up on the side of the bed.

You shifted slightly, opening your eyes. Your mouth was dry, and your whole body hurt. Moving to sit up, you cried out in pain.

Negan heard you and jerked awake. Your eyes went over to see the disheveled man. He quickly moved to the side of the bed. “Hey, sweetheart.” His voice was still thick with sleep.

“What happened?” Your voice was hoarse, and barely above a whisper.

“Dwight and a few of the wives nearly killed you.” He had his jaw clenched. “Had you tied up out back. I brought you in here, you’ve been out for two days. Got you stitched up, bandaged, and cleaned up.”

Fear flashed through your eyes. “Gabby!” You gasped, your eyes watering between the worry, and pain.

Negan gave you a small smile. “She’s fine. Jack’s been sleeping on the floor in her room. When she’s not with him, she’s with me. No one else is alone with her. I promise.” He watched you visibly relax at that. “You, not so much. Aside from the cuts, and bruising, you have two broken ribs.”

“That explains the pain.” You sighed, looking around. “Why am I in your room?”

“Where else would I bring you?”

“…My room?”

He shook his head and sighed. “You nearly died. The first place I wanted you was here.” He told you firmly. “I thought I’d lost you.”

You weren’t sure how to reply to that. “And Dwight? The wives?” Part of you was afraid that Negan would have sided with them. You’d ran out on him when you were pregnant, and were nothing more than his ex.

“The wives are working for points.” He didn’t miss the way your eyes seemed to brighten a little at that. “As for Dwight, I beat him pretty good. Didn’t take much. Just a few kicks, and Lucille to the ribs before tossing him in with the walkers.” Negan chuckled at how shocked you looked. “Told the others anyone messes with either of you that what I did to Dwight would look like child’s play.”

You were trying to process all this when your stomach grumbled, making you blush. “Guess I’m hungry.” You tried not to chuckle.

Negan smiled, a real smile. Not that cocky bullshit that he usually did. “I’ll get you something to eat, and then I’ll go get our girl.”

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anleor  asked:

why I followed you and stayed: God I don't have enough room in this ask to cover the entirety of why I clicked follow and STAYED. Simply put, you are one phenomenal writer. Regardless of who you play, and regardless of what you personally think - you are outstanding. Your genius far surpasses my own and the ideas and colorful worlds you bring to life inspire me. We've had the best adventures. Our characters always develops the best chemistry, and you're my older sister from another mister. I🖤u

Tell me why you followed me and what made you stay.

Good lord Gabby, just make me all kinds of emotional, will you? 
I don’t even have the words to explain how this makes me feel right now!
I just love you and all your muses lots, and entirely blame you for me even being into tumblr RP, okay?
You’re my HLM, and I’m so glad you and I always manage to end up coming back to each other to play here! No matter how many remade blogs, hiatuses, or regardless of muses/fandoms. <3

Illya- Part 2

hello dear! could you please write a part two of that Illya imagine where they kiss when they’re undercover? it was lovely! 💕

Part 1

*5 month later*

“How do you feel about bars, girls?” You and Gabby looked up as Solo from the table.

“Depends? Do I have to by myself drinks,” Gabby retorted.

“We’ve got a potential break in gathering intel for a possible target. We just got word that one of most trusted security guards for Eric Izallis, named Howard Slate, has a bit of a drinking problem.”

“Izallis, the weapons dealer,” Illya asked.

“That’s the one. It seems, from the intel we have from his late night drinking excursions, that he also has a thing for the ladies. That’s where you two come in.”

“Free drinks, I’m in,” Gabby said emotionlessly.

“I agree,” you went back to reading the paper.

“You two will go out tonight then and see what information you can coerce, if you will, from Mr. Slate.”


“So how do you planning on coercing this man tonight,” Illya asked from the chair in your room, yelling into the bathroom where you were getting ready.

“I guess I’ll just have to use my charm,” you yelled back. “Don’t worry, Illya, you and Solo will only be a few blocks away if my charm doesn’t work,” you laughed. “Ok, how do I look.” You opened the bathroom door and walked out and took in Illya’s growing eyes.

“I thought you were using your charm to lure him in,” he looked you up and down. “Are you sure you don’t want jacket?”

“Thanks, but I think I’m good. Don’t worry,” you pulled him off the chair, “I won’t go too far to get information out of him. I’ll leave that for Gabby,” you chuckled and kissed his lips. “Speaking of, let’s go make sure she’s ready.”

“How do I look,” she said when you entered her room.

“Perfect. He’ll eat you alive. Let’s get going.” Solo and Illya dropped you two off at the bar and drop 4 blocks away where they’d be listening through ear pieces you and Gabby were wearing. “How should we get his attention?”

“Bartender,” you called taking a seat a few chairs away from Slate, “can we get four shots please?” He left to get your drinks. “What better way to get a drunk mans attention then pretending to be drunk girls?”

“I’m a German chopshop girl…I can’t really get drunk,” she whispered.

“Neither can I. But he doesn’t know that,” you laughed and threw back the first shot that the bartender had poured. Gabby shrug and drank hers. “Another round,” you happily yelled to the man behind the bar. After making sure Slate saw you both drink those other shots you both ordered your own favorite drinks and slowly approached him acting buzzed.

“Well, hello there handsome,” Gabby cooed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Why is a guy like you here alone,” you followed up.


“How does it feel to hear your girlfriend flirting with another man,” Solo laughed at Illya.

“How does it feel to not have girlfriend,” Illya narrowed his eyes. He ignored whatever comment Solo shot at him and focused on you talking. You and Gabby were getting Slate to talk.

“The building is huge,” Slate tried to impress you. “Guards every 20 feet. A huge lookout on each corner of the building.” You two had managed to get Slate completely trashed.

“Please,” you were pretending to be drunk very well and leaned forwards towards him, “just because it’s a big building doesn’t mean someone can’t get it. I’ve seen the movies,” you slurred, “there’s always a secret way in.”

“Like through a sewer system or something,” Gabby ‘drunkenly’ shouted.

Slate leaned forward, “The only way you can get in is through the front door…unless you find the bunker exit on the property,” Slate drunkenly smiled.

“That’s what we needed,” Solo grinned. “Ladies,” he said to your earpieces, “you’re good to go.”

“I think it’s time we get home Gabby,” you pretended to fall a little as you got out of the booth you all had relocated too.

“You guys want to get out of here,” Slate said coyly.

“Why don’t we help you get a cab,” Gabby offered. Illya and Solo got ready to meet you two blocks away where you agreed to meet. They were packing everything up in the car when they stopped, hearing gunshots.

Illya got out of the car and ran as fast as he could to the of the bar. He came around the corner and saw standing with blood all over your shirt. “It’s not mine, Illya,” you ran over to comfort his worried face. “It’s not mine. It’s Slate’s.” Illya tore his eyes from you to Slate’s body that was slumped on the concrete.

Solo drove up and stopped along the curb, “What happened?”

“Some of his men were waiting outside the bar. I saw one in there; probably had enough of Slate being a liability,” Gabby said. “I don’t think they knew he told us.”


You came out of the long hot shower and changed into one of Illya’s huge shirt, which you had stolen, and some comfy sweats. “What are you doing in here,” you were surprised to see Illya lounging on your bed.

“Thought, maybe, I could sleep in here tonight.” You pulled the covered back and nustled next to him. “I was so nervous when I heard those shots. And then, seeing you in all that blood…”

“But I’m fine. This is our job Illya and with it being so dangerous worrying about each other is part of this relationship. We’re both to stubborn to quit.”

“That is true.” He pulled you closer and turned off the lamp. “Good night, Y/N.”

“Goodnight Illya,” you snuggled into him and the bed. “I love you.”

“I love you too.

The Lucky One

Title:  The Lucky One

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: When mother nature comes a little early, Tom knows just how to take care of Gabby

Warnings: Period talk, including blood. Is that a warning? I have no idea.

Author Note: Because who doesn’t want to be taken care of sometimes?

“Shit shit shit.”

Tom groaned, his arm flying over his face as he fought to slip back into the haze. But the whispered voice from the bathroom was growing louder when all he wanted was to roll over, grab Gabby by the waist, and curl himself around her warm body. Instead, the bed felt empty and alone without her taking up more than half of it, the covers all wound up at the bottom of where her feet should be. Sighing, Tom lifted the arm from his face and blinked open his eyes.

It took him a moment to adjust to the dimly lit room, light seeping out from the partially closed bathroom. He raised an eyebrow, lifting up onto his elbows and licking his dry lips as he listened to her panicked murmurs.

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brandonsflower  asked:

How was the show?

(This is gonna be long, sorry) Thanks for asking Gabby and sorry I took a while to answer but my computer got a virus and I’m on mobile trying to write. (Also sorry to everyone else because I can’t put the keep reading thing) I arrived very early, like at seven, and took a lot of pictures at the entrance lol. I saw Sigala, The Offspring, Fito Páez, Placebo, M.I.A and a mexican dude that’s kind of famous here but I hate most mexican music lmao, I don’t even know his name. From The Offspring I only knew the song Why Don’t You Get A Job? and they really surprised me. I thought of them as a punk junky kind of group when they came up but they play really good and have some real bops. I died when Placebo came upstage, they’re like my fourth fave band (fyi after tk, keane and saint motel lmao) and I thought I wouldn’t get to see them because they were going to close when the killers opened and they would play at different stages but I could see both stages from where I was. They opened with Pure Morning, one of my faves and they played my top Placebo song, The Bitter End. They also played others that kill me every time I hear them like Loud Like Love, Running Up That Hill, Special Needs, Protect Me From What I Want, Song to Say Goodbye and Special K. People near the stage seemed really turned up and were rocking to every song. After that I felt a little bit down ‘cause I felt people were looking at me and judging because I was one of the youngest folks around, I have issues with my age because I’m the smallest person pretty much everywhere and I hate it so it kinda affected me when the killers was about to start. NOW, The Show: the only thing you asked about lmao, I gotta say I expected a stronger start with a killer intro but they played the instrumental of a classic song that for some reason I couldn’t catch the title, but then they played a part of a fucking circus song and I was like, what? I wanted a sort of powerful battle born intro but instead I got a circus song ok. Anyway, they opened with human and Brandon’s voice sounded to me as if he had inhaled a whole helium balloon, I don’t know if it was because of the sound system or if he was nervous but I couldn’t help it and I laughed a little bit but after the first verse it went back to normal. They also played a part of human in piano and many people thought they were going to play sam’s town when Brandon went up there and I was like Ha! I wish! You know when was the last time they did it if they ever have? Poor peeps they got their hopes too high. I remember that they played Spaceman, Shadowplay, Glamurous, Jenny, The Way it Was (they did the thing), Bones (ah, but don’t you want to feel my boneeeh. Its only natural), All these things (green white and red confetti), For Reasons (they also did the thing), Runaways, Dustland Fairytale (b and d did the slow guitar thing, guess dave wasn’t cold here lmao), Somebody Told Me, Mr. Brightside, Bling and Smile. I was a little bit sad because they didn’t play any cover and I was so ready to hear Can’t Help Falling. Also because they played the same songs as in corona and like 4 songs less. The sound was also not so good because like the mic wasn’t working right at first and it lowered Brandon’s voice, also the drums sounded late and the bass too low. Also do you remember that I told you a girls at Corona were in their phones checking snapchat and stuff? Well, now this was the case of almost every person surrounding me. They were on their phones, talking, some people SAT DOWN! And I saw many people leaving like at the fourth song probably because they didn’t know the words to any of them. And I was so pissed because some tall dudes that were some steps in front of me didn’t let me see and were making calls and answering freaking whatsapp! I felt in some way that tk saw that not so many people knew the words and that they were leaving and sitTING DOWN (omg I can’t take it! there was no one else after the killers on that stage so its not like they were waiting for another band they just said fuck it I don’t know these dudes, let’s sit the fuck down) and that kind of made that they would not play with as much energy and passion as in other gigs where people will rock every tune and where a lot of victims were present. Anyway, all in all I think they did a great effort and gave their best (as dave promised me omg), it had its surprises like the confetti and the eyeliner so I’m happy I went and saw them for a second time. Thanks again for asking :)


I got prompt 137 and so here it is! very fun to write! I don’t own anything except irene:-)
“This is so unfair.” Sylvie complained as she helped her sister-in-law hang up the blue and pink streamers. “You trusted Stella with keeping the gender a secret, but not me?”

Today was Gabby’s gender reveal party, a very special occasion for both her and Matt. With first the miscarriage and losing Louie, they deserved all of the happiness in the world. Sylvie was fine with not knowing the gender until the party, despite her hating secrets. If everyone else was in the dark too. But then Gabby spilled that Stella was the only one in on the gender as well. Which Sylvie couldn’t help be slightly irritated by. Why would Stella be told over her? She has known Gabby longer, is partners with her on ambo, and is her sister-in-law! And Irene’s godmother! That all counted for something.

“I literally told her yesterday, Sylvie.” Gabby sighed as she handed up some balloons she had blown up. She originally was on the ladder, but Sylvie had freaked when she walked in and saw her five month pregnant friend hanging decorations. So she was given the job of handing things up to Sylvie to hang. “You’ll find out in 30 minutes. I think you can handle that.”

Sylvie opened her mouth to rebuttal, but a baby’s cry interrupted her. Her eyes immediately followed the sound, landing on the car seat she had brought in. Eight month old Irene, who was fast asleep previously, was now awake. Ignoring the balloon Gabby was trying to pass to her, Sylvie climbed off of the ladder, heading towards her daughter.

Irene’s distressed cries quietened once she saw Sylvie’s face. Recently she has developed a bit of separation anxiety, especially with Sylvie. Even though, the other day when Antonio left for work, she was pretty upset.

“I’m here, I’m here.” She picked up Irene, holding her against her hip. Irene’s hand immediately grabbed onto Sylvie’s shirt, with a toothy smile on her face. A very different mood than just a minute ago.

“I was just helping Aunt Gabby with setting up for the party—Ah!” A noise of surprise escaped her lips when she noticed Gabby trying to lift the ladder out of the bar. “Gabby Dawson! What the hell are you doing?!”

“I’m fine.” She grunted, clearly struggling. “You tend to Irene—”

Before Sylvie could place Irene back in her car seat to go help Gabby, Antonio and his kids luckily appeared. Diego and Antonio caught the ladder before it could fall on Gabby.

“Are you crazy??” Antonio scolded his sister, handing the ladder to Eva and Diego for them to carry to the back of the bar. “You could have injured yourself, sis!”

“I’m fine.” She repeated, ignoring how she had almost had a ladder fall on top of her. The Dawsons were incredibly stubborn. Well, technically Sylvie was a Dawson now too, but she could not compare to both Gabby and Antonio.

“You should have seen her earlier, Antonio,” Sylvie approached the siblings, keeping a study grip on Irene. Gabby gave her an irritated look, but Sylvie ignored it. After all, she didn’t trust the secret of her baby’s gender with her closest girlfriend. “She was on the ladder! I had to shoo her off.”

“Betrayal.” Gabby stuck her tongue out at Sylvie. Antonio, finally noticing his wife’s presence, wrapped his arm around Sylvie’s waist. She switched Irene to her other side so Antonio could properly greet her. As he pressed a gentle kiss on an excited Irene’s forehead, Sylvie’s heart melted.

Sylvie leaned into Antonio’s shoulder, while moving Irene slightly over so she wouldn’t squish her, feeling her own mood beginning to lift. She last saw him early this morning, as she came to Molly’s to help Gabby get ready for the party. “I don’t keep secrets from my husband.” She laughed at the sight of Gabby’s slightly annoyed expression. “I won’t say a peep to Matt, though.” She added, which made Gabby’s face lighten.

“Speaking of Matt…” Antonio pointed to the front door. Along with Herrmann and Severide, Matt and the two firefighters were entering with boxes of pizza. Behind them, was everyone else they had invited.

“Holy shit, Gabby!” Sylvie spluttered out, eyes widening at the sight. “I thought this was a small gathering?”

“…..My mom went a little overboard.” She admitted, scratching her head. Her face lightened up with recognition. “There she is! I have to talk to her about something.” She scurried off towards her.

Sylvie was able to spot Camilla Dawson right away, but the person next to her surprised her. It was Stella, who was holding a pastry box. Gabby pulled them away, heading off to a corner for privacy.

“You look grumpy.” Antonio whispered into her ear.

Sylvie sighed, not realizing that she was pouting. She prided himself in being a usually optimistic person, not letting negativity control her. But this jealously was hard to wash away. “Stella knows.” She admitted to him, adjusting her hold on Irene. “I just thought if she wanted someone to help, it would have been me.”

“I bet she wants you to be surprised.” Antonio told her. “You’re the one she’s been going to for baby and pregnancy advice, more than our own mom.” He reminded her.

“You’re probably right.” Sylvie sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. “Thanks for making me see logic.”

“That’s why I’m here, right?” Antonio asked, which made Sylvie roll her eyes.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” She dryly replied, picking her head back up when Gabby came back with Camilla and Stella by her side. She watched as Stella carefully placed the box on the bar counter, opening it while Gabby called over Matt.

“We were going to save this until the end, but I can’t wait anymore.” Gabby said with an apologetic smile. No one seemed to care though, eyeing the box that held the dessert with eager eyes. Sylvie wasn’t aware of her own anticipation until Antonio let out a noise of pain due to how tight she was gripping his arm.

“Sorry.” She whispered, watching as Gabby removed a small cupcake from the box and held it up to Matt’s mouth. With a big smile, Matt took a bite out of the chocolate cupcake.

When he pulled away, distinct bright blue frosting was easily seen, as the crowd erupted into cheers.

A boy! A nephew! Sylvie resisted her urge to step forward and pull Gabby into a hug, as the future parents were having their own moment. Instead she threw one of her arms around Antonio, keeping the other securely holding Irene. After exchanging a kiss with Antonio, Sylvie pressed one on her daughter’s forehead as well.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as Gabby pulled another cupcake out of the box. She tugged on Antonio’s shirt, but he had already noticed.

Gabby took a bite out of the cupcake and held the half eaten cupcake high, showcasing another blue frosting filled cupcake.

“Twins? We’re….we’re having twins?” Matt, overcome with shock, had dropped the cupcake he was holding. Gabby leaned down to pick it up, with some difficultly since she was pregnant. With twins! Sylvie was trying to wrap her mind around this mind blowing surprise. In fact, the only one who didn’t seem to have any reaction was Irene, babbling away into Sylvie’s ear. And Camilla and Stella, both with smiles on their faces.

“Holy shit.” Sylvie finally spoke aloud. “Holy shit!” She said even louder, looking at Antonio in amazement.

“I think that was a good surprise, don’t you?” Antonio asked with a laugh, grinning ear to ear.

Sylvie eagerly nodded, handing Irene over to him as she began to walk towards Gabby and Matt. This wonderful news was worth the wait, she thought as she wrapped her arms tightly around the both of them.


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Imagine trying to tell Ruzek that you’re pregnant, but work keeps getting in the way, so you just blurt it out one night at Molly’s in front of everyone.

——— Request for anon ———

“You kids look like you need some shots,” Adam announces, coming to where you were sat beside Mouse and Jay. He sets down a shot glass in front of you with a smirk, offering it to you, “Baby.”

“I can’t drink,” you rush out, finally having enough of his running around and never being able to catch him for a single moment to tell him your news.

“Why not?” Adam questions, a question furrowing his brow.

Your announcement comes out louder and more rushed than you’d intended with your frustration, “Because I’m pregnant, Adam!”

“Hey!” Jay laughs loudly, a wide grin coming to both his and Mouse’s faces as Ruzek’s jaw drops. He waves over Gabby who was on bar tonight, announcing louder than you already had, “Let’s get a ginger ale over here for the pregnant lady!”

ok so it’s 2017!!! a lot of stuff happened in 2016 like seeing my favourite band live, becoming a slam poet, writing a book, getting a job and working for shadowhunters and on top of all of this, making lots of new and amazing friends!

here’s a lil’ list of people who made last year bearable! and sorry it’s a bit late, I didn’t have wifi until now! 🌤

@amazedphill - ?! you’re so adorable and nice and thank you for being super funny and making me happier 💐

@badbandart - Serena ily thank u for being so kind and funny and talking to me about the panic! blog 🎶

@catpal - you’re honestly so cute and you and iddy have the best friendship and I’m jealous of you both! I hope u have a good year!♥️

@colestellation - my babe & my irl best friend. thank you for sticking with me through a bad year that had good moments!

@emopunk - mills ilysm I miss u loads and I also miss everyone in our old gc! You’re incredibly adorable and I hope we talk soon 🌷

@fade-into-fandoms - Emily! I miss u ! I know I saw you like a week ago and I’ll see u at school but we need to go shopping together and get food soon!

@fireflyphil - I talked you you twice this year maybe? But I remember being very happy when I did talk to you!

@glowinghowell - amazing and good and wow u and Kendra are the cutest and my anxiety has always stopped me from saying hi but heya !

@heartiful - my platonic husband I love u so much ?! you’re the most amazing and beautiful person I’ve ever known, you make me the happiest by just being there for me and I can’t wait to see you in person this year wtf??

@holidaysphil - elodie my fave I didn’t realise you changed urls for the festive season but I love it! I hope you’re doing well and I’ll talk to you soon !

@hotlinehowell - ! you always asked me if I was okay which meant the world to me and you’re super duper amazing thank you ☀️

@internetcultleader - sherry ! I can’t believe we met in 2016 it was a wild time but I’m so happy we saw tatinof together!! I miss you loads and we gotta hang out soon?!

@jash-dun - wow I can’t believe we followed eachother before you transferred to my school but now you switched and I miss u more than ever

@nicolumbia - !!! you’re probably the cutest ever I scream ?! especially when I was reading to u and cole today !!! I rlly hope u have a good year friendo!

@pheppermint - Kendra! You’re super cute and we’ve legit only talked once but you’re a dork and iddy and I cry over kemily together xoxo

@ripdan - !! why are you always so nice to me?!?! I don’t understand you’re so good Charlie?! Tysm u deserve so much! ily!

@rosylester - super duper cute I s2g!? I randomly send things to u because I’m super awkward but I guess you understand the sentiment 💛

@silkseraph - kath! it’s been a while but ur literally so sweet and I love ur snapchat is super good and yeah! ty for a good year !

@themostfuniveverhad - gabby! It was so nice to meet you this year?!?! Your hair, as I always say, is super pretty and thank you for being a significant person for me in 2016!

also, here are some blogs I really like and/or am mutuals with ! :


thank you for making 2016 okay. it means so much! I hope everyone has a good 2017!

Chapter 4: Not everyone gets what they want


Shit was popping off on the corners. Niggas was getting caught being reckless and some Gangs was losing money. I needed to ensure that I stayed on top and that my money came consistently.

I pulled up to the tattoo parlor to meet up with Paul Beckon. He was the Chiefs of police in L.A. The reason I chose him was because police was heavy in L.A, and I needed to form a straight alliance. I just needed to make a deal with him. Just one deal. I knew this nigga could run the plan throughout Cali, he had mad connections. I just needed to be in his circle.

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The Opposites - Part 1

New Chaptered Fanfic


Plot: You move in with your big brother (JB) who really takes care of you, and enrol in a new school. The new face in a new place, you find yourself falling for the straightforward new guy (Jackson) seated beside you, that’s so different and unpredictable, only to find out that he’s had the biggest crush on you too

“Gabrielle! you’re gonna be so late!”
Your brother stood at the door, calling for you in a loud voice.

As he finished the last bite of his sandwich, you made a quick dash to check on your reflection in the mirror.

“Okay, okay….” you replied, brushing past an annoyed JB, your hair getting in his face, as you walked out the door.

It was the first day at a new school, and you decided to move out from home, into your older brother’s apartment just a week ago. It was a new country, and you were embarking on a new phase of your education.

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  • Aaron: Why are you destroying your shirts?
  • Liv: No, I'm not.
  • Aaron: Oi, that's mine.
  • Liv: Yeah, it's a crop top. Suits you. Oh, and I've cut you some shorts as well.
  • Aaron: What's got into you?
  • Liv: Go on, then.
  • Aaron: What?
  • Liv: Kick me out, see if I care.
  • Aaron: Why would I wanna do that?
  • Liv: Look, I really like it here, with you and Chas. Robert even. Gabby'S like my first real mate. I just thought maybe I found somewhere I actually belonged.
  • Aaron: Oi. You belong here.
  • Liv: That's not what you said this morning. Look, if you're gonna kick me out, do it. Why wait till christmas?
  • Aaron: Oh, Liv, I was joking.
  • Liv: You don't joke about kicking me out my own home. Who else wants me?
  • Aaron: Listen, you're my little sister. I'll always look after you.
  • Liv: Like you look after Charity?
  • Aaron: You're not Charity, are you? Honestly, you're going nowhere.
  • Liv: Even if I misbehave?
  • Aaron: You're pathologically incapable of behaving yourself. I worked that out a long time ago. Be as bad as you like, you're staying here with me.
  • Liv: Really?
  • Aaron: Really. You've made your point. Oh, that's a nice tank top, innit?
  • Liv: It's a jumper.
  • Aaron: Is it? Not any more, it's not.
  • Liv: Don't you dare!
  • Aaron: "Don't you dare!"
Sisters, STOP talking about Gabby Douglas' hair. Why is her hair such an imperative topic when she's out here bringing home GOLD medals?!?! It's distasteful and downright malicious to keep talking down on this young woman. Leave her alone. She's out her being one of the best Olympians in the world, and you're fixated on something as trivial as her edges?!?! Do better. Be better. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

AU Single dad Oliver, Felicity as his daughter teacher.

“Gabby princess please hurry up.” Oliver said as he was walking with his five year old daughter to her kindergarten.

“I’m going daddy.” She said hoofing as quickly as possible but her father’s steps were so long and fast she couldn’t keep up.

Oliver looked down at his little girl and sighed slowing down.

“I am sorry, just I am in rush.” He picked her up.

The little girl wrapped her hands around his neck.

“It’s okay daddy, still love you.” She smacked her lips against Oliver’s cheek making him laugh.

They made it into the building. 

“Alright let’s find your teacher…”

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#36 His Girlfriend Doesn’t Like You (ASHTON)

“Ash?” you called, stepping into his flat. Your bag dropped to the ground and you kicked off your shoes, listening for a response. His apartment was silent, so you assumed he was gone, making yourself comfortable on his couch. Grabbing the remote, you began flipping aimlessly through the channels, stopping on some gossip show, not really paying attention. You pulled out your phone and began scrolling through Twitter when the door slammed open followed by Gabriella’s screechy voice.

“No, Ashton! I don’t like how close you two are! It makes me feel uncomf- Well, why am I not surprised that she’s here?” Gabby crossed her arms and glared at you as you sat up slowly, completely confused as to what was going on.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Ashton asked softly, trying to keep his girlfriend calm.

“It’s Tuesday. Movie night?” you reminded, feeling awkward. Gabriella always hated your relationship with Ash, and now you were only making it worse. “Look, I see that it’s not a good time. So, uh, just text me or something later, ‘kay?” Cautiously, you stood up and grabbed your things, sending a reassuring smile towards Ashton as you walked past his fuming girlfriend.

You shut the door behind him, muffled screams becoming louder, but continued down the stairs and outside to your car. Your entire afternoon was now free, so you decided to call you best friend and headed over to her house.

“His girlfriend’s psycho. Seriously. Cra-zy.” Your best friend sat with her legs crossed, propped up with her back against her bed.

“I know! I think they should break up! And, no. Not because I like him or anything. Just, I don’t know, she’s not right for him,” you said, shrugging your shoulders.

“But if he happened to confess is undying love at the same time, it wouldn’t be that bad, right?”

“Well, yeah. I mean-” you began, getting cut off by your phone vibrating in your pocket. “Hold on,” you said to your friend, answering the phone.

“(Y/N)? Can we meet up?” It was Ashton and he sounded horrible. His voice was scratchy and sad and you immediately sat up and got your things mouthing ‘Ashton’ to (Y/F/N).

Quickly, you got in your car and drove to his apartment where he stood outside on the steps. “Hey, hey. What’s wrong? Are you and Gabby okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re fine. It’s just- I don’t really know how to say it, but, she, uh, doesn’t want me to see you anymore.”

“Well, you told her there’s nothing going on, right?” you asked, panic filling your body slightly. A sigh fell from his lips and he stared down at his feet, shifting his weight nervously.

“(Y/N), I love her. I don’t want to lose her. I’m sorry, but… I can’t see you anymore,” he said softly, and you heart shattered and you were left bleeding on the sidewalk as he rubbed your back softly before turning around to go back inside. It felt like you were shot and were about to pass out from blood loss. Just like that, your friendship was over.