gabby valdez

Learning Experience

hi guys! here is the shorter fic i have been working on :) i don’t own anything!
“God do we need these shots,” Antonio grumbled as Herrmann placed four glasses in front of him, Nagel, Stone, and Valdez. “Thanks.” He nodded to the firefighter, who was holding a sympathetic smile on his face. Obviously he had heard from the grapevine what had gone down in the courtroom earlier today.

“Total bullshit.” Herrmann began to rage. “That guy should have been thrown in jail, what the hell was wrong with that judge—”

Before Herrmann could continue, Stone swiftly cut in to stop him. Antonio assumed trash talking a judge wasn’t viewed highly in the attorney’s eyes, especially in a public place. “It’s done and over with, unfortunately.” He sighed, downing the shot in front of him. “One of worst people I’ve ever ran into though. No doubt he killed that girl.”

“So that’s it?” Valdez spoke up, giving Stone a puzzling look. “You’re not pushing for more for the bastard?”

“No evidence, apparently.” To Antonio’s amazement, Stone was seeming the least bothered of them all. “But I plan on going in other direction so this doesn’t happen again. At least in the aspect of getting justice.”

Antonio and Nagel exchanged looks of confusion, but Valdez knew exactly what he was talking about. “Good.” She nodded her head with approval.

“If we didn’t have work tomorrow I would be getting so drunk right now,” Nagel muttered into her glass, unlike Stone sipping it little by little. But when Herrmann returned with another round, she quickly grabbed ahold of one, as if someone else was going to take two.

“Did you hear about your sister?” Herrmann asked softly, the tone of his voice immediately catching Antonio’s attention. Usually Herrmann was blunt and straightforward, this side of him had him concerned. And of course, the question he asked did as well.

“No, I didn’t.” He pushed his drinks aside, leaning more over the bar counter. “Tell me what happened.” The question came out more like a demand, but he wasn’t in the mood for apologizing. Why didn’t Herrmann say something right when he came into the bar?

“You know that they had a trainee the other day, right?” Herrmann asked. Antonio quickly nodded, wanting the older man to continue. Gabby told him about having a trainee a few days ago, just a small piece of the conversation they had.

But Herrmann didn’t continue, instead shifting his eyes to his right. Antonio followed them, seeing his three co-workers not hiding their interest. He couldn’t blame them, he would be doing the same exact thing if he was in their shoes. He particularly didn’t want to keep thinking about Jackson Clark.

“It’s fine, go on.” He was more concerned with hearing about Gabby than having a private conversation.

“The trainee ended up trying to give someone CPR, cracked one of his ribs. Brett and Dawson ended up covering for him.” Herrmann took the empty shot glasses and placed them behind the bar. “They have to take retraining classes.”

“That’s it?” Antonio couldn’t hold back his surprise. By the sound of it, it seemed like Gabby was in some kind of distress.

“Oh, that’s not how Gabby views it.” Herrmann shook his head while getting a beer for another patron. “I bet you can guess how she’s taking all of this.”

“Not well.” Gabby was probably furious. He could imagine it perfectly, and the admittedly hilarious thought made one side of his lips curl upward.

“Speak of the devil…” Herrmann gestured with his chin to someone behind Antonio. Before he could turn around, an enraged Gabby plopped herself down in the stool next to him. He couldn’t help but notice the blonde hair of Sylvie Brett on her other side. How was she taking all of this, he couldn’t help but wonder. They broke up awhile ago, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Did she think about him too…?

His inner musings were interrupted by Gabby starting to complain. He quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts of Sylvie, giving his sister his attention.

“Did you hear?” She asked with a scowl. He opened his mouth to reply, but she didn’t give him any time to respond. During this time, he met Sylvie’s eyes. Unlike her partner, she didn’t seem as ticked off. They exchanged smiles, a silent greeting.

Gabby continued on ranting. “—it’s ridiculous! Quite insulting actually!”

Antonio decided to interrupt her, knowing that was the only way he was going to get a word in. “You could use it as a learning experience.” He offered, trying to give her some big brother wisdom. “You can become a better paramedic because of this—”

“I’m the best damn paramedic out there!” Gabby declared, slamming her hand on the bar counter in frustration. “I don’t need any stupid classes to teach me anything!” She glanced over at Sylvie, who looked simply amused. “No offense.”

“None taken.” She shrugged. Her easygoing demeanor made Antonio wonder why she wasn’t acting the same way as Gabby. She had to have a different perspective on retaking classes.

“You don’t seem to be too upset.” He decided to bring up, cocking his head at Sylvie. He ignored the face Gabby was making in between them. Just because she was already upset didn’t mean she had to throw a fit that her brother and her partner were talking to each other. She should be able to be more relaxed now that they have been broken up for awhile.

Antonio realized his mistake on assuming Gabby was bothered by them talking, as she revealed her true feelings when she began to speak. “She isn’t! She’s actually excited!” She exclaimed, gathering the attention of nearby patrons. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Stone, Valdez, and Nagel listening to their conversation. Normally, Gabby would lower her voice when she noticed others were listening, but she was not on that state of mind. She was on a rampage. “So it’s even harder to be going through this because I’m the only one complaining—”

“I’m sorry! I can’t help that I love to learn! And take any opportunity possible for me to become a better paramedic!” Sylvie interrupted, flushed with both embarrassment and frustration. To his own surprise, she extended her whole arm to grab his shot, swallowing it in one attempt.

“Was my drink good?” He couldn’t help but ask, one eyebrow raised.

His question flustered his ex even more, who he could tell was just now processing her action. “Sorry, I’ll buy you another one.” She brought her purse onto the counter, shuffling through for what Antonio presumed her wallet. “I just saw the drink and reacted—and yeah, it was pretty good.”

When she tried to hand over money, he shook his head, rejecting her offer. “No need.” He said as he rose his hand to wave Herrmann over. “I’ll get you two drinks, you had a rough day. Well, Gabby did.” He corrected himself. “Maybe I shouldn’t get you one then.”

“Hey, I’m not one to turn away free drinks.” She smiled at him, stuffing her money back into her wallet. “But I’m afraid that Gabby has ditched us.” She pointed to a table on the other side of the bar. His sister was in a booth, Matt Casey’s arm over her shoulder. Hardly a surprising sight. He couldn’t help but wish she had given him some type of warning that she was going to leave him alone with Sylvie, as he now felt slightly blindsided.

“More for me then.” He managed to get out the words, concealing his nerves. Luckily, Herrmann brought them two beers in a matter of seconds. Antonio quickly took a sip, the cold liquid going down his throat immediately soothing him.

“How was your day? Any retraining classes for you?” She said a light joke. Being reminded of his frustrating day made him make a face.

Her face fell, but it was her next action that surprised him more. She took Gabby’s empty bar stool, now shoulder to shoulder with him. “What happened?” She asked, throwing her hair back over her shoulder. Her familiar scent wafted towards him, and he couldn’t help but close his eyes as he tried to prolong the flowery smell.

“Antonio?” His eyes shot back open when she called his name. She was leaning closer to him, head tilted to the side. “Are you okay? We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to?”

“No, no, it’s fine.” He allowed himself to take another sip of his beer. “It was a frustrating case. Douchebag of a guy. Jury said he was guilty of murder, judge overturned it. Never like to see people like that get to walk free.”

“Antonio.” Stone had a warning tone in his voice. Antonio looked past Nagel to meet Stone’s eyes.

“That’s all I was going to say.” He argued with the attorney. “I know what you had just told Herrmann.”

When he returned his gaze back on Sylvie, she seemed uncomfortable. Apparently she hadn’t realized that his co-workers were on the other side of him. “I didn’t know that you had company,” She apologized, beginning to get out of her seat. “I can go—”

His hand shot out to grab her elbow before she could get away. “No, stay.” He said, before letting go of her, wanting to not seem so desperate. “I mean, I’ve been enjoying spending time with you, it’s been awhile.” He spoke truthfully, not wanting to skirt around the topic. It’s not like he expected or had a goal for them to get back into a relationship now, he simply wanted to talk to her again. And of course, let things go from there.

Sylvie’s face softened at his honesty. “I’ve been enjoying talking with you too.” She said, but still didn’t show any signs of staying, grabbing her beer from the counter. “But it’s obvious that you are here with them,” She gestured to the trio to Antonio’s right. “And I don’t want to intrude.”

She had to know that he prefers her company over his co-workers, who he sees everyday. There was no contest. Plus some feelings for Sylvie were obviously still there, so he definitely wanted to spend more time with her. “You aren’t intruding—” He tried to convince her.

But to no avail. She wasn’t backing down. “Text me later, or call. And if you forget or get busy, I’ll just do it.” She tucked a small strand of hair behind her ear, the only small sign of her nerves. “Point is, we will talk again soon, right?” She boldly reached out a hand to squeeze his shoulder, and then left to go to where Matt and Gabby were residing, not looking back. He privately wondered if she didn’t want to hear his answer.

There was no use of pondering, he thought as he swiveled around to face the bar again. Nagel rose her eyebrows at him, the only acknowledgement of his and Sylvie’s interaction, to Antonio’s relief, before turning her attention back to her phone. He presumed that she was texting her daughter, judging by the look on her face and how she was acting like the device in her hand was the most important thing in the world.

Antonio didn’t mind being ignored, he was slightly relieved, actually. He could enjoy his beer in silence and also be alone with his thoughts of Sylvie, looking forward to their next encounter.