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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Today during Daegu fansign, with the help of masternim ASiGoKi, the message of Gabbie (Youngjae’s fan who has passed away of leukemia) has been successfully delivered to Youngjae. Youngjae was sad hearing the news and wished her be in heaven as an angel. He also said he would sing for everyone forever. Youngjae was thankful for the support. You can read more on Gabbie’s story & her last request which sent by her mom below. I want to thank everyone especially IGOT7 who helped spread the message so the message can reach Youngjae. Thank you.

Don’t ever date someone with a mental illness if you’re not ready to work through it with them.

If the person you’re crushing on suffers from panic attacks- of any level- and you are there when they have one and you don’t want to “deal with it.”  Do them the favor and leave.  Because there will be days when they can’t breathe and if you won’t hold them or grab them a water or tell them its okay or whatever they need than you are not the one.  If you don’t take their attacks seriously, you are not the one.  This is a real illness.  It can ruin a persons life.  

If the person you’re starting to have feelings for suffers from anxiety, you need to expect that you’ll experience at least one, if not more, while you’re with them. These are not a joke.  We can not calm down.  And if we tell you we don’t know why were are anxious, we really don’t.  Were not lying.  We don’t know why our brain is like this but we can promise you that we are freaking the fuck out.  Ask us what we need.  Be there please.  If this is something you don’t want to “make time for” walk away from this now.

If the person you just started talking to suffers from depression, expect to hold them during breakdowns.  Sometimes we will be sad and cry a lot and not even know why. Certain days you might have to force us out of bed.  Other days you might find us sitting on the bathroom floor with a blank empty stare.  We feel empty.  We feel worthless.  We feel sad.  Pick us up, tell us were worthy, help us be a little bit better.  Don’t leave us anywhere alone, were really scared.  If you can’t handle this because its “too much pressure” please please don’t get involved with us, we don’t like feeling like were a burden.

If the person you’re thinking about dating deals with bipolar disorder, don’t just tell them to take medication.  Don’t tell us we have a problem when we’ve started an hour long fight over you saying a word wrong to us.  We want to stop yelling as well.  We don’t even know why were so mad, and now were crying, and you’re looking at us like were crazy.  Were not taking our medication because we want to be okay without it.  Just let us calm down then try and talk to us.  As hard as it seems for you, its even harder for us.  Were experiencing something because we think we want to but at the same time trying to stop it.  If we have a manic episode we will be very tired afterward and very upset.  Tell us you aren’t mad because what ever we said, we didn’t mean it, and we will overthink it forever.  We hate ourselves but don’t want you to hate us too.  If this is too crazy for you, we understand, just be our friend then.  We don’t want to take our shit out on you but we will, so if you are going to react really badly it’d be better to just not put yourself in the position. 


These aren’t the only illnesses but these are the ones that I live with and suffer from on a daily basis.  It is so important that you help people through these things and stand with them 110%. Spread awareness of these things.

Oh hey @justiceisanoncorrosivemetal and I have barely been around the last few weeks because we got a puppy! She is a 11½ week old tri-color pembroke welsh corgi and her name is Minion! (Named after the fish in a gorilla robot suit from Megamind, NOT the yellow twinkies!)

We got her at 8 weeks and it’s been crazy since, but the best news of all is that her and Gabby are playing and getting along fine! Gabby often just stands there while the puppy chews her face and I’m in continuous disbelief that it doesn’t hurt. o_o Minion’s favorite things ever are toys that make crinkly sounds and sticks from the yard. She’s also full of wiggles and difficult to get pictures of!

gabbie DID say that ricegum hit her. she didn’t say he slapped her. she didn’t say he punched her. she clarified later that he held her down and twisted her arm, & while she was trying to calm down from it happening she made a snap saying he hit her. if i were in her situation, where someone held me down, twisted my arm, broke my phone- i’d say they hit me too. 

 why would gabbie make this public if she was lying? why would she bring all this attention to herself over this if it wasn’t true? she was at a PARTY with witnesses, why would she lie about something happening when there were tons of people there who saw it? 

 why would ricegum have paid her $2200 for her phone if he didn’t actually get violent and BREAK HER PHONE? the fact that he sent her so much money to replace her phone is literally proof. all she did was make a JOKE. that’s what he does on his channel for a living– he calls people out, he makes jokes & makes fun of people. 

 don’t try to defend someone for getting violent over a fucking joke. like gabbie said, it’s not about how a man treated a woman. it’s about how a person treated another person. it’s not acceptable for anyone.

i love this picture of edgeworth like he doesn’t even look shocked or frightened that there’s an unknown intruder in his office he just looks mildly inconvenienced

‘ugh not this shit again’

'i’ll give you until the count of three to get the fuck out of here’

'i don’t have time for this’

'can you not’

The Signs as things my friends have said
  • Aries: Space is just a social construct
  • Taurus: I'm kink shaming my back, and I'd like you to assist
  • Gemini: Bread is duck gum
  • Cancer: You were able to tell what it was well enough to be disappointed in me
  • Leo: You can't be a good douche if you don't have a good douche flute
  • Virgo: Do y'all got mountains in Australia?
  • Libra: I think the earth is a cube
  • Scorpio: Birds lay eggs, crabs lay crabapples
  • Sagittarius: The platypus is a fucked animal. It's like God's mistake. God just looked at it and said 'yeah I guess so'
  • Capricorn: I'm just helpfully pelvic thrusting in your general direction
  • Aquarius: I feel like disney princes just have a bread-like quality
  • Pisces: I'm not denying that the Millennium Falcon is a freighter, I'm just saying it has tugboat qualities.

Hey, do me a favor? Please don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t blog about. I know it’s a tough time right now (when isn’t it) but telling people not to point stuff out that they find interesting is not your call.

We may very well arrive at different conclusions for what we’re seeing and that’s totally okay. Listen, I get that hearing certain conclusions people are drawing can be upsetting but rather than asking people to censor themselves, why don’t you tell us your POV instead? That’s the beauty of discourse! You may even change someone’s mind about a certain situation. I for one love to consider any and all possibilities and would love to hear your take on it.

We’re all doing the best we can in a shit situation with hardly any real information, guys. Don’t let it get the best of you.

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  1. from the dining room table - harry styles
  2. sign of the times - harry styles
  3. sober ii (melodrama) - lorde 
  4. writer in the dark - lorde 
  5. wish i knew you - the revivalists 
  6. my heart got caught on your sleeve - lucius 
  7. my love took me down to the river to silence me - little green cars 
  8. cold cold cold - cage the elephant 
  9. rivers and roads - the head and the heart 
  10. no lion (feat. Phox) - boom forest, phox 

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Taylor Swift Performs Exclusive DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night Concert – What to Know for Concert Goers

The event, co-hosted by Mark Cuban’s AXS TV, will take place on Saturday, February 4 at Club Nomadic in Houston, TX. This is the 12th annual DIRECTV event leading up to the biggest sporting event of the year, and the 1st time 10-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift will perform during the festivities.

WHO: Singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Taylor Swift, headlines, plus celebrity attendees Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback, Green Bay Packers), Adriana Lima (Model), Aly Raisman (Olympic Gymnast), Carson Palmer (Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals), Chris Evans (Actor), Chrissy Teigen (Model/TV Personality), David Irving (Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys), Drew Brees (Quarterback, New Orleans Saints), Eddie George (Former NFL Player), Erin Andrews (TV Personality), Gabby Douglas (Olympic Gymnast), Hailey Clauson (Model), Joe Buck (Sportscaster), John Legend (Actor/Musician), Jon Dorenbos (Long Snapper, Philadelphia Eagles), Kirk Cousins (Quarterback, Washington Redskins), Lea Michele (Actress/Musician), Mark Sanchez (Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys), Marshall Faulk (Former NFL Player), Michael Strahan (Former NFL Player/TV Host,Good Morning America), Peyton Manning (Former NFL Player), Ron Livingston (Actor, Search Party), Terry Bradshaw (Former NFL Player/Co-Host, FOX NFL Sunday), Tony Gonzalez (Former NFL Player), Victor Cruz (Wide Receiver, New York Giants), and more to be announced.

WHAT: Taylor Swift will perform at this year’s DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night concert* in Houston the night before the Big Game. This is the 12th annual DIRECTV event leading up to the biggest sporting event of the year, and the 1st time 10-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift will perform during the festivities. We’ll host the concert in a one-of-a-kind custom-made 62,500 square foot venue created especially for this event. Portions of this concert will air on Taylor Swift NOW, available on DIRECTV NOW, DIRECTV and U-verse, at a later date.

WHERE: Club Nomadic – 2121 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007

MORE: Super Saturday Night has become one of the most sought-after invitations during the Big Game weekend. Club Nomadic, the custom-designed venue, features state-of-the-art sound systems and unique artistic designs to set the stage for an unforgettable Taylor Swift performance. All ticket holders must be at least 18 years-old.


A government issued photo ID.


Prohibited Items:

No battery packs of any kind

Backpacks, purses and/or bags over 5” x 7” or Clear Bags that exceed 12”x12”

No signs larger than A4 or 8.5” x11”


Weapons of any kind

Illegal substances

Alcohol (will be sold inside the event)

Professional video/audio recording equipment

Professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens, tripods, zooms or commercial use rigs

Go Pro attachments like sticks & mono-pods

Aerosol cans

Bicycles inside event grounds

Skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles

Lawn furniture, tents or umbrellas

Fireworks and explosives

Musical instruments

Picnic baskets, large or hard-sided coolers

Pets (dogs trained to assist persons with disability are permitted)

Laser pointers

Glass or cans of any kind

Large chains or spiked jewelry

Weapons Policy:

No firearms

No knives

No peppers spray or any variation thereof

No nylon ties

No batons (collapsible or fixed)

No brass knuckles

No flashlights longer than 5 inches

Q: Will the concert be available to watch on DIRECTV and U-Verse?

A: Yes, portions of the concert will be made available at a later date. It will not be available for live stream, so follow AT&T and Taylor Nation for more information on when the concert will be available to AT&T’s U-Verse, DIRECTV, and DIRECTV NOW customers.

Q: Are you doing any other giveaways with Taylor Swift?

A: Our Houston concert is the first of many events and experiences we’re working on for her fans, including AT&T customers. Stay tuned.

Q: Can I meet Taylor Swift?

A: There are no meet & greets.

Q: What is the attire?

A: Party chic! We suggest comfortable shoes for a long evening of fun and check the weather before you leave your hotel. Taylor Swift shirts and athletic shoes and jeans are okay!

Q: Should I tip the shuttles?

A: No, you do not need to tip, we’re taking care of it.