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1. Okay so I met a real life gilderoy yesterday. So we're at this pride meeting and this dude is just led across the table later we get told by the people running the group that he's a dick and don't talk to him cus he turn everything into an argument. Anyway. So we've all gone around and introduced ourselves (name, preferred pronoun, sexuality (if we're comfortable) and cats or dogs). And the person running it goes gabby you may speak.

((OOC: OMG that is literally (get it?  Because #literalgod??) Gilderoy Lockhart.  That’s hilarious!))

Perfect Only Lasts So Long- Tyler Joseph Part Nineteen

Y/N’S P.O.V.

In the months you were gone you became more aware of how awful you had become. As soon as you found out about Jenna you broke. You were no longer the person you were trying to be. You weren’t a mother. You drank away your problems, became bitter towards Tyler and Gabby. She didn’t deserve that. You got so drunk the night before her fourth birthday party that you slept right through it. You don’t remember most days leading up to leaving Gabby with Tyler, nor the weeks after. You hit rock bottom when you landed yourself in the hospital somewhere in Michigan for drinking too much. You had to get your stomach pumped and that was your wake up call. You could have died and you would never get to see Gabby again. You missed her terribly, but the alcohol masked the pain. You weren’t even sure how you got to Michigan. Everything was all just a blur.

You had no job, no money, no home, no family. You knew this wasn’t the life you wanted, you were more than what you turned yourself into. You got yourself into a shelter where you sobered up, they helped you find a job, and you started your life again. It was hard knowing Gabby was somewhere with Tyler and Jenna, probably being a happy little family. You had no escape anymore. You had no choice but to face you consciences. How will Gabby ever forgive you. Yes she’s young, but you left her. You aren’t even sure if Tyler will let you see her if you come back. You know you had to fight and show that you were better and strong enough.

After spending the past 3 months in the shelter you had saved enough to get back to California. You hoped to god they were still there. All you wanted was to see Gabby and apologize to Tyler. You got back to California and went straight to Tyler’s house. When you saw the sold sign outside you felt like you couldn’t breath. They left. They packed up and moved. At that point you thought of just going and drinking again. Fall into your bad habits and start over just like they seemed to. What can one little sip do, but you fought the urge. You called up your old boss and she took you in for a week. You worked at the photography studio and made some money. You had to start saving if you were going to find Tyler and Gabby.

“Do you mind going and grabbing some coffee for me Y/N?” you boss asked you. She was asking you little things to do on top of photo shoots, just so you could make more money. She knew how badly you wanted to find Gabby.

You headed to the nearby coffee shop and ordered. While waiting for the drink you caught a glimpse of a familiar looking blonde.

“J- jenna?” you stuttered and she turned around.

“Oh Y/N. Oh my, uh this is awkward.” she started but you didn’t want to listen to anything she had to say.

“How’s Gabby?” you asked desperately but she only just looked at you.

“Last I knew she was doing okay, I mean the best you can when your mom doesn’t show up to your birthday. But I wouldn’t know. Tyler and I broke it off a few days after you left. It was clear who he loved.” she said.

You were starting to get emotional. You were a bit closer to finding out where they were than before.

“Do you know where they are?” you asked with tears in your eyes.

“No, they moved four months ago. I would check his hometown if I were you. He always said he felt at home on the mountains there. He’s really special. You’re lucky you have him, if he takes you back.” she told you and you knew exactly where he was. You didn’t even care about how she was being kind of bitchy. She was right, you were lucky, but you had to find him again.

“Thank you so much Jenna and I’m sorry that you guys broke up.” you said.

“I knew it wasn’t going to last. He was always in love with you and couldn’t get over you.” she said then left.

You went back to your job with the coffee with a smile and a little more hope than before.

“I’m leaving. Thank you so much but I have to go.” you said putting down the coffee before running out to your car.

You drove for 3 days before you finally got to Columbus. You went to Tyler’s childhood home and knocked on the door. You hoped his parents still lived there and you hoped they knew where Tyler was.

The door opened and you were met with a small body. Gabby. You both didn’t speak. You were in complete shock and she might have not known who you were. You had cut your hair short and lost about 40 pounds. You looked sick to be completely honest.

“Gabby who’s at the door?” a woman came up behind Gabby taking over.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“Uh, no. actually. I’m sorry.” you said then left.

You got in your car and drove away. You were just so close to your daughter and she didn’t even know who you were. You looked at your face in the mirror and saw tear running down your face. You didn’t even know you were crying. You didn’t know where you were going, but your car lead you to the place Tyler told you he loved you for the first time.

You weren’t planning on getting out of the car, but your feet dragged you out of the car and up the mountain. Each step you took you could swear you heard a voice getting louder. Each step made memories flood back. Some of your favorites came back of how much Tyler loved you. He would do anything for you and you never believed he loved you. You were so blind, your doubt didn’t let you see what Tyler would do for you or how much he adored you.

“One day I’ll hold you, you’ll hold your baby again. She’s starting school in about 5 months. She’s grown up so fast in the year I’ve been with her. In the five months you’ve been gone our little bean has changed. Those big brown eyes are sad now. She misses you terribly. She’s always asking about you and I can’t answer her questions.” you stopped in your tracks when you saw a man sitting on the rock talking. You were yet again in total shock, disbelief, and love.

“I love you Y/N. We both do and we need you. Desperately. Please come home.” you stood there for as long as you could before breaking down in tears.

“I’m sorry.” you in a whisper as the first tears raced out of your eyes, but it was enough for him to hear and turn his head.

You saw his face as your knees began to fall from underneath you. He didn’t even think twice before coming over to you and catching you before you fell. He sat down with you in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” you cried.

“Oh my god. It’s you. Y/N.” he kept whispering holding you and rocking you back and forth soothingly.


I feel so out of practice when it comes to writing so sorry if this sucks. I think it’s okay but you know, I could be wrong ha. I also didn’t do anything on my vacation so I’m trying to get to everything that I can before I start school again so please be patient! I’m trying to get the shorter stories out of the way so I can focus on my longer ones. As always, enjoy!


Feeling the sun shined on his face, Antonio opened his eyes and he smiled as he looked down at Sylvie sleeping in his arms.

His eyes then scanned over to the clock on the table. He knew they both had to be in work in an hour.

He took a deep breath as he leaned down and started to whispered in her ear. “Sylvie, wake up.”

He waited a few seconds to see if she would stirred, but not feeling any movements, he decided a different approach.

He moved his hands on her stomach and started tickling the side of her stomach.

In an instant, she jumped awake, hitting him instinctively. “What are you doing?”

Antonio couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, causing her to laugh. “Sorry. Damn, sorry. I was calling your name but you didn’t budge–”

She interrupted him. “So you thought tickling a person who was in a deep sleep was better?” She asked.

“I mean, it got you up.” He pointed out. “It may not have been the best idea but whatever works, right?”

Sylvie rolled her eyes as she laid back down on his chest. “I told you it was a bad idea last night for me to spend the night knowing we both had to work today.”

Antonio sighed. “Forgive me for wanting to spend time with my girlfriend.”

Sylvie laughed as she stroked his chest softly. “And you know I want to spend time with you too. But—” Her voice trailed off.

“But because no one knows we’re together, it’s hard.” He finished her sentence.

Sylvie nodded her head. “Yes, exactly.” She looked up at his face and noticed his sad expression. Every time they parted ways, she had to force herself not to look back because she couldn’t stand to look at his face; it always broke her heart. “I’m tired of being your secret.” She admitted. “I’m tired of seeing the sad look in your eyes when you know we’re about to leave each other for a few days, maybe even for a whole week.” She took a deep breath. “But I also love that this is our secret.”

Antonio listened to her and he sighed again. “It is hard.” He agreed. “I feel like if everyone knew our break up only lasted a month, they could break us up again.”

Sylvie raised her head to look into Antonio’s eyes. “Do you think our relationship is really that fragile?” She asked.

He shook his head. “Not anymore. But I also don’t want to find out.” He admitted as he leaned down and kissed her head. “I do know though that you’re my best kept secret I ever had.”

Sylvie laughed. “Those words are what every woman dreams of hearing.”

Antonio smiled softly and then a few seconds later his expression turned serious. “You know I would love to tell everyone that we’re back together. I hate keeping our relationship a secret when I want to tell everyone how happy I am with you and how lucky I am that you gave me another chance.”

Sylvie shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think anyone would blame me for getting back with you. You broke up with me so you could protect me in your own way. Besides, I don’t think we can really consider this a secret but more as wanting our privacy.” She admitted. “It isn’t like anyone asked me if I talked to you since our breakup.” She pointed out.

“And we know once people find out we’re back together, it’s like a jinx to our relationship.”

“No, no.” She shook her head.”But in any new relationship, it wouldn’t take much to break us up. Besides, I love keeping you to myself. It’s like I know when we’re inside your apartment, we’re in our own little bubble and no one can take that from us.”

“Hey, we’re much stronger than we were when we first started dating. Even now when we realized our love for each other was worth keeping this secret from everyone.” He leaned down and entwined their hands together. “But if you want, we can tell everyone soon. Maybe when everyone is at Molly’s?” He suggested.

She nodded her head. “And whatever happens, we don’t let them tear us apart again.”

Although she knew if she never offered to watch Diego and if Laura never came by acting like Sylvie was crossing a line by watching her boyfriend’s son, they would still be together. Gabby may have gotten a little freaked out by their relationship at times, she never tried breaking them up.

“Before we do though, I have to tell Gabby. If she founds out when everyone else does, she’d kill me.” He said with a laugh.

“You mean she’d kill us.” She corrected him. “Maybe I’d tell Gabby today. You have no idea how hard it is to work with her and not say anything.”

“What, you think it’s easy for me?” He asked. “I tell Gabby everything.” He shrugged his shoulders a few seconds later. “Well mostly everything.”

Sylvie smiled and she looked over at the clock. “I have to get ready to leave so I can stop by my apartment and get dressed.”

Antonio nodded his head and he leaned forward and started  trailing kisses along her neck towards her collarbone. “How about you take a shower here and I’d join you?” He asked as he moved his lips further down.

Sylvie almost lost sense of reality with Antonio placing soft delicate kisses on her. She bit down on her bottom lip, moaning softly. Luckily she was brought back to reality when she looked over at the time.

She pushed him off of her and she jolted out of the bed. “No!” She exclaimed. “If I’m late, it’s going to look suspicious. I have never been late and the times I was almost late, I was dating you.”

Antonio grinned, knowing she was right. “Okay. Let me get dressed real fast and I’ll drive you to your car.”

Because they both were worried about slipping up, Sylvie usually left her car a couple blocks away so no one would noticed her car in front of Antonio’s apartment. They knew they were being ridiculous but they were also trying to be careful.

“I just can’t wait until everyone knows we’re back together.” Sylvie admitted. “At least this way I won’t feel so anxious heading to work.”

As Antonio got ready for work, he realized they should have told everyone sooner, but he didn’t want to deal with Laura. Although now, he couldn’t understand why he cared. What was she going to do, take his kids away from him because he was happy? They were divorced and they have been for a while before he started this romance so in his eyes, their relationship was none of her business.

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Do you ever rec non-ya books? It's cool if you don't, i love the genre! But sometimes i wanna read something more intense like under the udala trees or here comes the sun that deal with larger social issues in a more intense way and I'm running low.

Yep, I do! Check out Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn, The Summer We Got Free by Mia McKenzie, Cottonmouths by Kelly J. Ford, and, though some do classify it as YA, Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera - it may have a teen protagonist but it very much deals with issues such as white feminism and it’s not from a YA publisher. If you’re not strictly attached to wlw, try Guapa by Saleem Haddad and God in Pink by Hasan Namir, too.

ETA: I’m such a space cadet - When We Speak of Nothing by Olumide Popoola is another good choice. We’ll have an exclusive excerpt from it on the site on July 11th!

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera 


Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland, Oregon. She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again. But Juliet has a plan, sort of, one that’s going to help her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing. She’s interning with the author of her favorite book: Harlowe Brisbane, the ultimate authority on feminism, women’s bodies, and other gay-sounding stuff.

Will Juliet be able to figure out her life over the course of one magical summer? Is that even possible? Or is she running away from all the problems that seem too big to handle?

With more questions than answers, Juliet takes on Portland, Harlowe, and most importantly, herself.


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