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no place to call home by suspendrs (21k)

“What are you smiling about, Harrison,” the boy spits, body language suddenly getting defensive. “I’ll have you know that I’m-”

“Harry,” Harry interrupts, giggling. “My name is Harry. And if you’re not called Peter, then what are you called?”

The boy tilts his chin up slightly, surveying Harry like he’s checking if he’s worthy of knowing something as important as his name. “Well, Herschel, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Louis.”

Or, Louis isn’t Peter Pan and Harry isn’t Wendy and Neverland is nothing like Harry thought it would be, but it’s perfect anyway.

(thank you to Gabby @loupsandhirry for the beautiful pictures in this post)

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Julian/Jaal+ "And now you're naked. Okay."

Enjoying The View

Julian Ryder x Jaal Ama Darav. Mass Effect Dual AU. 1,026 words. Includes @bxtgrl‘s Gabby Ryder. More under the cut. AO3. | Jaal Ama Darav Appreciation Week by @magicrobins.

This would have probs been smut if I could write smut but I can’t write smut so have some fluff instead. ╮(─▽─)╭

Also I thought you’d enjoy the background Rydam. (ノ・∀・)ノ

Julian wasn’t staring – or rather he was trying not to. He’d walked in with Gabby on whatever it was that Liam and Jaal had been doing. He registered that a conversation was going on, but the words didn’t reach his ears. He couldn’t focus, his face beat red, eyes wide. Liam was shirtless and looking rather attractive. Jaal was, well, he wore even less than Liam – so much less that he wore absolutely nothing, and Julian couldn’t help thinking that Jaal looked extremely attractive.

He was starting to think that being on a ship with handsome men wasn’t such a good idea.

He tried to keep his gaze up, focus it on a random point on the wall behind the two other men. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought Gabby looked flustered too. However whereas he was clearly flustered by both men, he suspected her focus was mostly – maybe not entirely but mostly – on Liam.

Then Jaal walked by them and Julian couldn’t stop his eyes from following. He registered a chuckle and Liam’s voice.

“Enjoying the view?”

His gaze snapped onto Liam, who was currently grinning at him as if he knew something the young Pathfinder did not. He opened his mouth to speak but found he couldn’t quite find his voice. His mind was still trying to catch up after the shock of walking in on… Whatever they had walked in on.

“You know you can follow him, if you want?” Liam asked, clearly amused by something Julian hadn’t figured out yet.

Julian’s voice practically became an embarrassed squeak. “Why would I want to follow him?” He wasn’t sure if his friend was implying he had something to do with a naked Jaal or not.

“You could talk to him?”

“About what?”


“He’s naked.”

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melly omg cheryl recycled gigi's lockscreen stunt :-I

NO, you don’t even UNDERSTAND. I go on one international flight and when I come off of it I find out Cheryl actually took a page from the Gigith Hadid playbook and and decided to walk around with a lockscreen photo of 2013 Liam that she got from Google image search? Is it possible to laugh so hard you die?

(THANK YOU @ziamgreatesthits for pointing out to me when I was like “why does that look like Liam from 2013″, she was like “Because it is, hit up the google webs”)

Side note, never before as a pap photo captured all of the faces I make regarding Cherliam so succinctly: