gabby giffords shot

Reason doesn't work:

If you ever wonder why Congress won’t act in gun control after tragedies, remember this:

–one of their own, Gabby Giffords, was shot doing an event just like most congresspeople do … And they passed no law

–their personal saint, Ronald Reagan, was shot while defended by the best personal security personnel in the world … And they passed nothing.

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anonymous asked:

I am totally convinced Beth is alive by all the evidence we've got, but I keep going back to how she got shot in the head and the blood like sprayed and stuff and I don't know. What do you think about the medical part of the survival?

If something hits you that close with that much impact, blood is likely to spray. That doesn’t mean anything one way or another. Let me tell you a thing. People survive crazy things all the time. Hell, my mother’s cousin just got out of the hospital with 5 staples to the back of his head where he fell and got a pole lodged in his skull. Look at all the people who have survived GSWs to the head or any kind of blunt force head trauma. Look at Malala Yousafzai. Shot in the head. Lived. Look at Gabby Giffords. Shot in the head. Lived. Look at Rachel Barezinsky. Look at Patrick Ireland. 

Sure, those are all with modern medical care but there’s a reason the setting was a working hospital with an actual medical professional with tools at his disposal. I wouldn’t say Grady is the top hospital for GSW care but Atlanta is a big city and I expect he would have enough to do surgery. Stranger things have happened on television and in real life. Even “realistically”. It’s not a far cry. The mortality rate on gunshot wounds to the head is 90%, something like that. But still, that’s 10% of what ifs and imaginative possibility for a television show.