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hi!! you seem like a Love Live Expert™ so I thought I’d ask you about it! I’ve seen it all over tumblr and I was wondering if you think I’d enjoy it (I still have no idea what it’s about lol all I know is that the characters are all wicked adorable). thank u 💝💝💝

Hello! I screamed when I saw this ask ahhh I actually feel weirdly proud to be called a Love Live Expert™ ♡

Okay, so I’m going to use this ask as a catalyst and explain to anyone else who might be interested in learning about what Love Live is! I’m just going to go over the basic stuff because when it comes to Love Live! there is so much to it considering it’s a whole franchise and plus I get really passionate about it so this post would probably be super long post otherwise ^^;

Basics & Anime:

Alrighty so you probably noticed that there are quite a lot of girls with different looks and styles, but these girls each come from a different unit with 9 members each and don’t have anything to do with each other as far as the anime and game are concerned as they are considered to be two separate groups.

The first group which is pictured above is μ’s (pronounced Muse) they are the original group of girls and are the main characters in the first installment of the anime. Their anime is already over and has two seasons with a movie. The anime is super cute and completed with 24 episodes! It’s a pretty easy watch and is super inspirational and lighthearted. If you want to watch the anime of both units I would recommend watching this one first which is officially called Love Live! School Idol Project.

The second group of girls is called Aqours (pronounced Aqua) they are the second and newest group and are the main characters of the second installment of the anime called Love Live Sunshine. The anime is currently in its second season which started only a few days ago. I would recommend watching Sunshine second and School Idol Project first considering you'll get a grasp of the Love Live universe more easily.

I would also recommend watching the anime before starting the game if you are interested in playing it that way you already know who all the girls are and you’ll already have your best girl picked out ;3 

The Game aka Love Live! School Idol Festival: 

The game is a bit more complicated to explain because there is a lot to it and to the beginner it might be too overwhelming to read all at once so I’m just going to keep it simple and link a video which explains the game much better then I can! In a simple definition, the game is a highly addictive rhythm mobile game where you tap rhythm icons to different songs and collect cards of all the girls up above! ^^ 


In conclusion, I think that anyone would enjoy Love Live! It’s a very large fandom with a lot of stuff always actively happening. The game always has a lot of fun stuff happening and there is an active community on there as well! The songs are actually really catchy and if you like cute things and beautiful smol lesbians then Love Live is the place for you! ^^ ♡

Anecdote: My Story [long]

You ever have those moments when you accidentally come across a photo of your long-lost love and your heart stops?

Well, that happened to me today.

I was looking through an old internet account of mine, taking a good ol’ stroll down memory lane, when I found an old chat group several friends of mine had created. I opened it and the last message was from just under two years ago, sent by my former girlfriend Beth.

I froze, then quickly exited the chat-window and logged out of my old account, my heart seeming to get hot and threaten to burn up inside my throat.

I logged back into the account I now use on that site and as I logged back in I felt as if I was coming back to reality after a bad dream.

You see, Beth was my everything for almost three years. We met entirely on accident and became fast friends, then became closer and closer until I decided I was going to marry her.

One night I was finishing up a paper for my English class when I stumbled across an extra-credit short-story contest, in which the winner would be rewarded with 15 extra-credit points and anyone who sent in a good original story would receive 5. I figured why not and went to work.

I finished it and sent it in, then decided to post it on Wattpad, because why not? A story about an introverted teen who was a dragon in human form might attract some attention. Maybe someone would find it interesting. I pasted it into Wattpad and filled out the required details, than fired it off to be published in my profile’s list of original works.

The end of the week came around and my English instructor announced that I’d won the contest, bringing my grade up to a 109%, which elated me. I could hardly wait to tell my friends about it.

When I got home I posted to my social media that I’d won the contest. One of my friends, Jules (as we’ll call her), linked the story on her account and congratulated me, saying that she enjoyed the story and wondering if there’d be a sequel.

It turned out that Beth was friends with Jules and she read the story. Beth seemed to only like my poems in the past and I didn’t send the story to her because at one point the main character gets beat up by a group of bullies from his school before eventually losing it and taking his dragon form before giving the bitter jocks a taste of their own medicine. Beth didn’t like violence. I had even tagged it as slightly violent, but she’d read it anyway.

I got a phone call from Beth after she’d read it and told me point-blank that I’d hurt her by writing that story. That spelled the beginning of the end and three months later she said goodbye to me and requested that I forget her.

I was unsure of what to do with myself for a long time after that. I deleted all the pictures we had, the conversations in our messaging apps, unfollowed her on her social media, and basically door-slammed her.

Thing was, I had become so used to her being in my life that I’d go to send her something funny I’d found on the internet and then realize just as I opened my texting app that she was no longer there. That was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve been shot in the leg by a negligent man at the shooting range and that hurt like hell, but this was a pain that I couldn’t do anything about. There was no bleeding to stop, no lead to remove, nothing to bandage. Just a deep pain in my chest that made my jaw tighten and my throat hurt and my eyes burn.

I fell into depression after that and thought I’d never trust anyone ever again. My logic was that if the one person who’d told me they wouldn’t leave me had left me, everyone else would leave me too. I thought there was something wrong with me. What had I done that had made her leave me? I’d written a simple story. I asked all of my most sensitive friends if it was too violent and all of them said completely honestly that it wasn’t too violent at all. Even Joseph with his abhorrence of violence had told me he was being completely honest when he told me that it hadn’t bothered him.

What had I done wrong? Had I done something else that Beth hadn’t told me about that’d hurt her? Was she using my story as an excuse to leave me? I had no idea.

At the time, one of my other friends was an INTJ, and when I told her about it all I got was a “I hope things work out for you.” That didn’t help me much so I had to go elsewhere. (No ill will toward INTJ; she was doing her best.)

Jules ended up helping me through my darker hours, but I didn’t tell her everything. I didn’t let her know how much it hurt for fear of sounding like I was looking for attention.

It got to the point that I sat in my room several nights in a row, staring at my .45 caliber handgun, wondering if it would be worth it to just end it all. I could never really answer the question, so I’d fall asleep sitting up and awake early in the morning so stiff and sore I could barely move.

Then, one day at my educational institution, someone smiled at me.

It was in my social-studies class. The instructor always allowed us free-reign of the classroom and constantly gave us group-projects. It was a good atmosphere.

Her name was Gabby. I’d seen her around, but had never really had the feeling to introduce myself. Only 4'11" (149.8cm) tall, Gabby’s senior quote was, “I’m legally a midget.” From what I knew of her she was the embodiment of the caring friend who’d stay up late into the wee hours of the morning to convince a total stranger to not jump off a bridge.

When she smiled at me, I felt like someone could see what I was going through and wanted to let me know that it was going to be alright.

From then on, we’d trade grins in the hallway when we passed each other on the way to classes and I’d always greet her with a cheerful hello. It was literally what kept me going for half a year.

Each time I felt like I should just end it once and for all I’d force myself to remember that Gabby would be devastated that the young guy she’d shared smiles with in the hallway for all those months suddenly was no longer there.

I eventually locked my handgun up.

It was the second semester and it turned out that Gabby and I ended up in the same Sociology class. I thought it’d be an interesting subject to study, but had no idea about the modern version of Mr. John Keating from Dead Poets Society that taught it.

Mr. Scott (or “Scotty” as he liked to be called) was a younger man in his early thirties who taught part-time and logged in his family-owned company part-time. He’s the kind of man I wish to become someday and I’ve told him as much. Compassionate, kindhearted, and a genuine person, he taught us all more than the class-description in the course-guide covered. There was a lot of extra-curricular material and a good many spontaneous field trips to places like the ice-cream joint across the way, the lake a hop, skip, and a jump down the road, or the lifecare center to talk to the elders there about various subjects.

My newfound friend Gabby and I started sitting together and she brought out the part of me that I was afraid to express: my caring heart.

At the end of the semester before all the seniors left, we all sat in a circle on the floor of the stage in the auditorium and said our piece. Some talked about their early childhood trauma; others, their appreciation for people in the class, and a few that shared their deepest regrets.

I was silent until sometime near the end when I came out and said that I loved everyone in that class. I hadn’t expressed my true feelings for the strangers that had become my family over the course of that semester and I let it all out, thanking them for accepting me and building me up.

After the class ended, I found Gabby and told her what she’d done for me, how she’d saved me, and that she was the kind of person I wanted to be. I told her that without her I wouldn’t be here and that she was one of the only people who’d shown me true compassion and kindness during my darkest hours.

What she did next I will forever remember. She hugged me so tightly I felt my ribs creak and sobbed into my jacket for a few minutes before telling me how glad she was that I was still there. She gave me her number and told me to call her if I ever needed anything before giving me the biggest grin I’d ever seen her pull off and went out of the classroom with a couple of her friends. That was when I knew I needed to be the person to others that Gabby had been to me.

My friend Scarlet is another reason I’m still here. Imagine a stoner, then give them the most positive personality you can think up and a set of messy purple dreads.

Scarlet was my age with ambitions to become a high-school counselor after getting a degree in counseling. She is a mentor of mine, a kind of friend who’ll both call you out on your crap and also tell you how much you mean to them. We’d try to outdo each other with compliments ever now and then. The end result was us feeling better about ourselves and we love it. Scarlet is like a sister to me.

Nowadays, I still feel like my heart’s gonna burn up when I come across a picture of Beth, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I have good friends now, and I’ve got all of you guys too! I mean, what more could anyone ask for?

The community we’ve built together on this whacky website is incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. ❤️

Well, there you all go. That’s my story of getting hurt, then getting healed. It is possible to go through something and come out the other side.


the ricegum situation. please watch through to the end. | The Gabbie Vlogs

we’re starting at the end

1.18, what if Ladybug and Chat Noir are forced to fight each other?

The sudden punch in his stomach sent Chat flying away from the rooftop.

Breathing hurt as he stood up and looked at where they’d been hiding from the new akuma. He was relieved to see that Ladybug was safe and sound, he had no idea how the Puppeteer had managed to land such a strong hit without him noticing.

Ladybug jumped down the rooftop towards him, her face filled with concern for him.

“Chat, listen, you need to get away from me, right now!” She pleaded as she landed inches away from him.

The reason for such an order from his lady eluded him, as such he was caught off guard when he saw Ladybug’s fist heading for his face. He thanked his fast reflexes and jumped away from Ladybug but she followed him and started attacking him relentlessly.

“Chat, she’s controlling me, I can’t stop this! You need to knock me out.” Her leg grazed his cat ears as he crouched to avoid it. He kept dodging her hits, which was surprisingly easier than he expected.

“As if, my Lady, you know I’d never hurt you.” Ladybug let out a frustrated growl as he leaned back to avoid her fist. He slipped his leg between hers and pushed to get her to trip and quickly turned her so she was lying on her stomach. She buckled her him as he restrained her hands when he caught sight of her yo-yo. With one knee pressed against her back, the wire was soon twisted around her wrists and legs.

“Chat.” It was a soft sigh, a sound of relief even as Ladybug’s body was still struggling against her bindings.

“Kitten, you need to find the akuma soon, I won’t be able to help you until she’s no longer controlling me.” Her voice was steel again, the no nonsense voice he was used to during fights.

“You wouldn’t happen to have an idea of where the akuma is, would you my Lady?” The Puppeteer was walking towards them and spilling the usual spiel, give me your miraculous blablabla. Under a car, Chat spotted the boy she’d been using to attack them before she controlled Ladybug.

“The doll in her pocket seems like a likely candidate.” The small woman was less than twenty meters away from them, she’d stopped in the middle of the street, it seemed his chance was now or never. Chat prepared to run towards her, his hand reaching for his baton but instead he found himself kneeling next to Ladybug and untying her hands.

“Chaton?” Ladybug turned her head towards him, her eyes wide as she stared at his claws.

“This kitten is as confused as you my Lady, but good news, if she controls me, she doesn’t control you.” His hands were now around her ankle, Ladybug’s legs almost freed when he felt a fist connect with his jaw.

“She can control the both of us?!” Ladybug’s voice shook with despair, while Chat stared at the cloudless sky.

“I guess this is what we call a catastrophe.” He deadpanned as he was internally freaking out, his legs and arms were moving no matter how much he tried to resist and here he was, in a fighting stance facing the woman he had sworn to protect, no matter what.

“I’m sorry, my Lady.” Their fists moved at the same time, connecting with each other’s face and making them stumble back. Their movements were graceless and awkward, their bodies moving by short bursts, as if the Puppeteer couldn’t control two people as well as one.

“Silly Chat, don’t worry about me, it’s obvious that I’m stronger.” His jaw was throbbing but Ladybug’s confidence reassured him, this was where he belonged and they would find a way out.

His leg connected with Ladybug’s knee and pulled her to her knees. There was something strange about this fight, it seemed almost as if–

“Ladybug! She can’t control us both, when one of us is attacking she can only restrain the other, and look at her, she’s exhausted.” He spoke quietly so she wouldn’t hear them, although the Puppeteer hadn’t gotten closer since she’d controlled the both of them.

“You’re right, Chat,” he could only watch as Ladybug’s knee connected with his chest, the air was sucked out of his chest, no because of the pain; there were tears rolling down Ladybug’s face and he hadn’t even realized, her voice was so calm that he didn’t think she could be anything but.

“I think she can’t move while she controls one of us either, we need to fight to control our bodies at the same time, that way she’ll focus on one of us and the other will be able to free the akuma.”

“As you wish, my Lady.” Chat swallowed a sob as Ladybug winced in pain as he punched her in the chin, her lip started bleeding from the impact.

Chat Noir knew what he had to do. He had to stop this nonsense now, “Are you ready? 1, 2, 3!”

His fist was headed for her face again and he focused all his energy, all his willpower into stopping his arm. He managed to slow it down and didn’t dare look at Ladybug as he heard her run towards the villain. He fought it off for a few more seconds before he lost control again, his body running after Ladybug. The seconds he’d bought her were enough for her to grab the doll and tear its head off.

His body collapsed on itself, a whine leaving his throat when he heard her say “bye bye butterfly.” The wave of healing magic swept through the city of Paris once again, as it washed over him he could feel his pain ebb away, the tenderness of his ribs gone, his jaw was no longer swollen.

The weight in his chest didn’t alleviate however.

Ladybug’s hand showed up in his line of sight and he held on to it like a lifeline, pulling himself up with her help. He held out a hand for their celebratory fist bump but she bypassed it totally and threw her arms around him.  Sobs wracked her smaller frame, her hands clawing at his back. He returned the hug, swallowing her in his arms and rubbing his chin on the top of her head.

“We’re okay, Ladybug, we’re fine.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop, and you were hurt and bleeding and I never want to fight you again.”

They stayed there until the miraculous beeped their warning, and split apart reluctantly. He brushed a thumb under her mask, catching a stray tear and once again left breathless as he stared into her deep blue eyes. He was relieved to see her face wasn’t marred by his hands, he had known, of course, that they would be healed, but the confirmation helped alleviate the weight on his chest.
“I forgive you, Buginette. Do you forgive me?”

She laughed at the nickname, “of course, mon chaton.” She ruffled her hand through his hair and ran away, yet today it did not feel like she was running away from him, and that was a victory in itself.

opalesentflame answered: well it’s kind of vague, but what about the first moment Jaime realizes he’s in love with bart?

A/N: Thanks for the prompt! i hope you like this :)

In the movies when someone fell in love, it was always magical. The sunlight would hit them at just the right angle, the music would swell, and the camera would zoom in on the one who’d fallen in love. And they would gaze, wide-eyed, hopeful, wistful, longing… It was beautiful in the movies.

            It was not beautiful for Jaime Reyes.

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