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“No you don’t get it!” Keith cried in frustration, on the verge of tearing his hair out. “You’re not useless or unworthy or whatever other bullshit you were just spewing! You’re so talented! You’re always so calm in battle and you’re the best shot I’ve ever seen and you come up with these great plans on the fly!” He stubbornly ignored the bewildered look on Lance’s face and kept charging on. “But it’s more than that! You mean so much to the team! To me! You’re -. You’re -.” He stopped abruptly, unable to find the right words to describe the Blue Paladin in any way that did him justice.

What do you say to the person who almost single handedly made the cavernous walls of the mostly empty castle seem less daunting? Who lightened the burden that was their day to day lives? Who made everyone forget they were in the middle of a hopeless war for a moment with a well timed joke or goofy anecdote about his family? Who was a reason for Keith to keep fighting - a reason to come back? Who, despite all their bickering, made him feel like he belonged somewhere for the first time in who even knows how long? Who made Keith feel like he finally had a -.

That’s it.

“Home,” Keith finished, looking up and meeting impossibly blue eyes, blown wide in surprise. “Lance, you’re home.”


y'all these lil kids gave yifan candy at the airport 😩😭😭

Angst trash soulmate au where there are no obvious tattoos or timers just a vague sense of knowing unrelated to how long you’ve known the person

-Victor and Yuuri meet at a young age and know instantly

-It (accidentally) gets swept under the rug as one of those things kids tend to say because they don’t understand

-Yuuri and Victor still believe but they’re kids and have a 4 year age gap so they just become friends and don’t really talk about it much

-Little by little Yuuri begins to internalize it

-It gets worse when Victor goes off to college and Yuuri goes to high school

-Senior year Yuuri is stressed (he’s still a figure skater) over his future and the uncertainty around his status with Victor starts to get to him

-Someone teasingly brings up the story of how they proclaimed they were soulmates as one of those wacky memories and Yuuri inwardly snaps

-He’s embarrassed, confused, and angry that no one seems to believe him and ends up taking Celestino’s offer to train at a university in Detroit and leaves asap to the bewilderment of those who know him

-Victor comes back home from college ready to compose songs and choreograph for his soulmate but is greeted with the fact that Yuuri left

no place to call home by suspendrs (21k)

“What are you smiling about, Harrison,” the boy spits, body language suddenly getting defensive. “I’ll have you know that I’m-”

“Harry,” Harry interrupts, giggling. “My name is Harry. And if you’re not called Peter, then what are you called?”

The boy tilts his chin up slightly, surveying Harry like he’s checking if he’s worthy of knowing something as important as his name. “Well, Herschel, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Louis.”

Or, Louis isn’t Peter Pan and Harry isn’t Wendy and Neverland is nothing like Harry thought it would be, but it’s perfect anyway.

(thank you to Gabby @loupsandhirry for the beautiful pictures in this post)


usagym: Team USA wins the junior title at Jesolo with a 171.850 ahead of Italy (157.900) and Russia (156.500) and sweeps the top four in the all-around. Perea takes the title with a 57.550, followed by O’Keefe, Malabuyo and Kenlin. Dunne was 6th. (x)