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Hey Ki! Hmmm how about some Otayuri in coordination with my URL lol ;3 I hope that you're doing well and that you have a lovely day! ^^ ♡

omg gabby!! thank you so much love hope you’re doing well yourself!!! hehe it’s my first time trying otayuri

  • majority of their early relationship is just Yuratchka having the biggest festering crush for an oblivious Otabek
  • when Otabek finally asked Yuri on a date for the first time, Yuri got so red and quiet from instantly combusting that Otabek thought he was angry
  • of course Yuri said yes in the end (“no, i’m not upset… yesi’llgooutwithyou”)
  • they don’t get together until Yuri’s 17
  • Otabek is a gentleman the first time he kissed yuri he asked for permission first. Yuri was too stunned to reply so he kissed Otabek to make up for it //laughs
  • they’re adorable their favourite thing to do is go to arcades and carnivals because Yuri loves them
  • the first time they play DDR Yuri falls in love with Otabek and how his body moves when he dances
  • Yuri is a dead man after that
  • they also enjoy racing games at arcades and water gun shooting at carnivals
  • Otabek always gives the stuffed animals he wins to Yuri
  • the only one he kept was of a tiger (that reminded him of Yuri)
  • he respects Yuuri and Viktor and treats them as he would Yuratchka’s parents
  • he finds it endearing how Yuri has a soft spot for them both even though he may be too tsudere to admit it 
  • but he also tries his best to avoid Viktor while alone because Viktor asks the most embarrassing of questions (”have you and Yurio done it yet?” “I wonder what kind of cute face Yurio makes when he comes, but alone you know that!”
  • shudders
  • Otabek also gets along really well with Yuri’s grandfather!! they’re both the quiet type and they enjoy playing chess together!
  • i see these headcanons as a timeline at this point Yuri is 20 but Otayuri will definitely grow old together and no one can convince me otherwise

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

i love this picture of edgeworth like he doesn’t even look shocked or frightened that there’s an unknown intruder in his office he just looks mildly inconvenienced

‘ugh not this shit again’

'i’ll give you until the count of three to get the fuck out of here’

'i don’t have time for this’

'can you not’


2017 UCONN Women’s Basketball Cooking Challenge. Password: Five

It’s a bit early for a sweater, though… 

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spit on it

thanks gabz

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mod podge is a clear sealant for craft projects that you brush on, or you could try a layer of clear nail polish!

THANK U SM i think ill do clear nail polish

ALLOYED  AFFECTIONS.       bearing taints of jealousy   /  childish envy.     what is a mother to a daughter that does not share endearment ?     exactly what she must be,     precisely the pillar that she will remain beside the girl’s father,     & nothing LESS.     oh,   yes,   though her heart may ache with silent appetency,     the widow - no - longer,     the mother - renewed,    carries compassion that blooms like roses across strong & delicate arms.     & so the head that lies gentle in her lap,     quiet as the sea after the gale,     is welcomed so willingly.      long,    lithe fingers comb through silken - gold,     & natasha smiles.             are you tired,    my love ?      ❞       //      @bleusilk