💐Happy to announce I’ll be doing a kids from 7-11yr old workshop! Details below! 💐 #Repost @thelittlelabs
We are proud to announce the very first Little Labs workshop with Disney Artist Gabby Zapata @gabbyzapata The workshop will focus on painting different kinds of flowers based on her current solo art show ‘Florecitas’ which will also be on display at the venue.
On Saturday, October 8th, 2016 , 10:30AM - 12 NOON
For Ages: 7-11
For further details or to register visit:

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anonymous asked:

I was reading your ask about the US national anthem/standing with hand on heart. It's funny because I am British and at the Olympics, one of our athletes (Bradley Wiggins if you want to see the clip) was filmed pulling silly faces during the British anthem and all I could think of (after the Gabby thing) was how the internet would explode If he were American.

YUP hahaha. My first sports game that I went to outside of the US, I was like, omg there’s no anthem opening up this game?! It’s just allowed to be sports?! At baseball games not only do they play the national anthem before the game, but they also play “God Bless America” in the middle of the game!!!! WHY. It’s so weird and creepy and no other “progressive” country in the world does something so archaic and nationalistic. 

pinkbonniejiwaii  asked:

hm.. don't like them get you down Leonardo, you're dream is adorable, and i share it, i also don't know if it can be reality for me either.. but it's ok

Thank you, Gabby. This means a lot.

I think I’m going to be more selective to what I share on Tumblr from now on though. Can’t be too careful.

100 word drabbles for Mass Effect

A series called Moiety.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Never Farther

* * *

EDI watches.

The light squeeze of Shepard’s hand on Ashley’s shoulder. Tali’s playful punch to Garrus’ chest. Engineer Adams’ hesitant grasp of Chakwas’ elbow as he catches her in the mess hall. Gabby’s flick to Kenneth’s forehead and the tender way she rubs it afterwards, laughing, as Kenneth pouts.

EDI watches all of this.

“You okay?” Joker asks beside her.

She looks up to find him watching her with an amused look.

He has never seemed farther than he does now, when he is close enough to touch and she suddenly realizes she will never be able to feel it.

@hexmaniacremi: I did the thing~

Type: Fighting

Blaziken (Phoenix) (M)
Lopunny (Gabbi) (F)
Hawlucha (Tenma Taro) (M)
Medicham (Karma) (F)
Toxicroak (Harley) (M)

Outfit style: Casual/Sporty

Gym trainer types: Black Belts/Battle Girls

Gym description: Large, open space, with mirrors along the walls, barriers have been erected throughout and trainers must solve a puzzle to progress further. Submitting a wrong answer produces a trainer to battle. Once the trainer has made it to the end, the gym leader is supervising a small group of young trainers practicing kata. Upon victory, they are told, “Always remember, your heart and your brain are your most important muscles.” 

Badge: Heartstring Badge (It looks like a hand clutching a <3 )

Website Used: [X]

anonymous asked:

Hi Lauren, would u pls explain to me why the US anthem and the US flag is so important? Like so important that you need to stand still and put your hand on your chest or sing loudly and use the flag everywhere shoes/shirt/shorts/pants? Im asking u b/c usually answer ppl politely. Im not criticizing but to me as a foreign this is so weird. Obviously I understand respect but in my country and most countries from Europe just stand in silence and sing quietly is ok (1/2)

ppl have used the anthem as a means to protest before and tho it does cause some buzz its not that huge of a deal. I just dont see why Gabby was so criticized and the deal with the player. And the flag we dont use it ever. Like my country is super touristy and even then most souvenir dont include the flag. Maybe b/c we have a history with nazi/facist governments and after all the big wars etc when patriotism was used as an means support it ppl would freak out if they saw how US does it.

I actually don’t understand the whole culture of having the pledge of allegiance, national anthem, etc. It’s so creepy that people worship these things and I honestly don’t see how it’s different from like, a Nazi salute tbh. It promotes the same thing – conformity. I don’t understand symbolic gestures in general, and I don’t understand how you’re a better, more respectful person if you stand up and hold your hand over your heart in front of a flag in the same way that I don’t understand that you’re a more moral person if you sit in a church once a week. You can be patriotic and love your country without empty, meaningless symbols and you can be a good, moral person without sitting in a church. If anything, these things give people a false sense of entitlement. I respect my country and the people who fight for it, but I don’t see what standing and saluting a flag has to do with that and it hella creeps me out. I especially don’t see why these things are necessary at sports games…I’ll stand quietly during this time and don’t disrespect anyone or judge them (well except last night when I couldn’t hear that the anthem had started because I had a giant fan blowing in my ears and I was basically yelling all through the anthem LOL) but I personally don’t get it and so I don’t do it and think there are other meaningful ways to support your country beyond putting your hand over your heart or whatever. It’s also hypocritical because the people who are all about saluting the flag are like “this is AMERICA baby, FREEDOM, YEAAAH!!!” but then when you don’t salute the flag they’re like “HOW DARE YOU.” Whatever happened to freedom, bro?