gabbi draws


So I’ve… Been doodling


An ask from @actualzant, suggesting Sunshine as Link.

I actually did more than that and decided to draw some OCs as Skyward Sword characters, hehe. Since this was a big one, I separated the doodle into three papers. This came about from a chat with @actualzant and I love the AU. Hope to do more crossovers like these! Call this doodle “Triforce of Courage, Wisdom and Power”

Sunshine as Link, Mystery as Fi, Kirb as Zelda, Gabby as Impa, Atlas as Ghirahim and Edith as Demise/Ganon.

Gabby, Edith and Atlas belong to @actualzant / @pink-inkling


its 4am and I’m drawing tattooed bods.

Celestial Angels are marked all over their body with colorful Marks. usually they signify their rank, element and Animal. They’re permanent, but are removable when they go incognito among mortals.

they’ll change color if the Angel falls, and might change shape as well.