gabbi draws

By popular vote, I redrew my first ever Asagao fan art! I drew this back in the early summer, and I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come since. I remember being SO proud of the original work… and hell, I still am. If I hadn’t put myself out there then, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  ♥ Click full view!


So I’ve… Been doodling


“Oh gosh golly gumdropsth, I’m stho happy to hear that, a-hoo-hoo~! A fan of mine? How thoughtful of you! I do tend to garner fansth like flies to honey on account of my GENEROUSTH modesthy.

As the besth in the busthiness, I’ll give you some tipsth on how to be the greatesth racer in all of Litwak’s, so listen close:

  1. Low tire pressure. You want to be scraping the ground with how low you’re riding. It’s basthic aerodynamics and wind resistancthe and all that.
  2. Run on empty. Mosth don’t know this little hack, but your kart will kick into high gear once it feels it’s on its last leg. It’s a nifty thing programmed into EVERY race kart, stho don’t be afraid to barely put gasth in. Ever.
  3. Never use your brakes. In fact, I’d recommend getting rid of them all together. Just remove them! A true racer knowsth how to drift like it’sth the back of their hand with no slowdown.

If you do all of these thingsth, you’ll for sure be up to my amazing caliber of racing in no time! I can’t wait to sthee you in the random rosther race!”

It’s a bit early for a sweater, though…