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I think the blog is called Gabbah

Oh you talking about his OC lily? ‘Cause that’s like part of her personality.

She doesnt mind being topless, she’s all outgoing and peppy.

I dont think that would work with any of the characters here.

Plus, I dont want to? This was mostly an excuse to draw fanart. lol

people who were real sweet to me this year

this list is no particular order for the most part and is certainly missing a lot of names because my memory is terrible and because some of you change your accounts a bunch. I apologize if I missed you and hope you will publicly call me out for it. some (many) of these blogs may contain NSFW content.

@2funky2fort @willisninety-six @kazard @chiguisi @nepherahabasi @oliecat @sixaughtfive @axeystuff @eternallytardy @mintsheep @lovewin @dugglexx @captainfluffyrump @nekosol @spicy-cocoa @mindnomadart @pepperchan @effkaytales @aku-no-novi @embarrassingnewds @19yroldvirgin @decoplusboco @xterrapaws @hyenatiddy @reedrill @syntheticisms @makaroonii @krisispiss @marbelle @sarahtheequine @27-percent @sickspookyshit @artz-cafe @cartoonbuttplug @gabbah @hip-indeed @foxxytime @thefortressofscience @finalbantasy @ever-distant-utopia @mrpandragon @theartmanor @duxwontobey @chainchomped @whimzleethewhimsicott @saintdane05 @fuwafuwakitteh @daionor @muttmom @stargazing-dragon @mosswyrm @digitallyfanged @steven-chase @flamezart @rawringcrafts @pizzasoldier @tahuma @laviarray @renard-pomblog @carbisari @heardbook @killaexotic @dorkitty @electricplatypus @skookspls @randomaccess64 @fraggingfox @yurglemeyer @subject27 @kadethefox @karltoons @crizone-aura @robinthegay @cindyquilava @nadathesloth @thevgbear @theokid @orsonfoe @spoiledmysterymeat @pomfpanda @pupster3000 @animealicia @vgjustice @speckledzen @readasaur @dememod @dustidustbunni @arkanik7th @nightmew @kandifur @slowbrodawg @thatmew @mintyfreshgirl @silentman0 @okami154 @sonicx64ls @naominaps @murkmash @magearna @cosmiccounty @nosyat @klondork @networksubset @hollowpiont @charliedecat @telain @katie-pup @soulofseifuku @ferrumanulum @thebuttkingpost @pontata @draggysden @whitejaywolf @kiara-cutie @briannasbooty @unitedfurs111 @st3v3nstuff @ask-buxton @lonthemouse @loodovono @twee-lil-lass @thedesertpro07 @dton8 @pstart @deepbluefeeling @xevadia @glyrenthebear @ashdeer @lostrosak @rocketnia @impish-desires @demoniclustkitty @keishinkae @renoitotta @glowingjay @twaxiedraws @creepsartcorner @yourfursona @coffee-cerberus @eggsandbaacon @cerpony-and-keira @morgluxia @radioactive-nuclear-waste @ss1234l @ichirosden

and of course the many, many anons