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19: what does your URL mean?

IM GLAD YOU ASKED okay so the BONCAs (british online creator awards) is an awards show that happened for the first time on the night of november 22nd, 2016 (the best night of my life). Phil (and dan) won Collaboration of the Year for PINOF 7, they both won Film of the Year for TATINOF, and then the moment that inspired my URL happened. Phil won Creator of the Year (im so proud of my baby ahh) and it was such a big moment for him and he should have been selfish and just made it all about himself bc he fucking deserves the recognition, BUT INSTEAD THIS MOTHERFUCKER MADE THE MOST PROMINENT DECLARATION OF LOVE THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. to quote his acceptance speech, he said “i’ve spent the majority of 2016 with another person, dan howell” (cue the most fond look at dan in the audience EVER) “and i think it’s only fair that he comes up here and shares this with me”. then when dan went up there he was being his usual “let’s joke about this to hide the fact i’m super emo and in love with phil” self, and then phil took a step back from dan and was like “what would happen if we did go further apart than this” and dan said “i think the universe would rip in half let’s not try that” (LET’S NOT FUCKING TRY THAT OKAY DANIEL) anyways as you can tell this night is the night love was created and i’ll never be over it in my life, which is why i decided to commemorate it in my URL :) (the link for phil’s acceptance speech is in my bio if anyone wants to cry btw)

There was about an 11 year age gab between Alexander and Maria Reynolds (more if he really did lie about his age). Meaning there was also a 11 year age gap between Eliza and Maria. Do you ever wonder how that made her feel?

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was a women in her early thirties with six children when the pamphlet was publish. Did this make her question if she wasn’t enough? That her body had changed too drastically from when they were newlyweds that Alexander didn’t find the same pleasure in it. Like I said, she had six children- one that she was either pregnant with at the time or had just given birth to- she would have most likely had stretch marks and that bit of baby weight she could never quite get rid of. Were those things she once felt proud of, they were marks left by her beloved children, suddenly something the was uncertain about?did she suddenly become self conscious in most ways? After all, her husband had made his way to the bed of a younger women who probably didn’t have those same marks on her body.

This tears me up to think about.


Happy 27th Birthday, Liam!

“I guess when I feel something, then I just feel it and I go for it. I make my decisions about what’s going to make me happy, what I think is right and what I want to do – and I don’t worry too much outside of that.”

“...All Eternity.”

Requested by an anon. I love Dong Gab.

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He was always working. You didn’t have a problem with it. You were working as well. You knew he loved his job and you didn’t want to take that away from him. He felt terrible for not spending time with you. He had to do something about it.

You met Dong Gab through an old school friend. That friend just happened to be Beenzino. You and Zino go way back since middle school. The two of you had each others’ backs. When he became a rapper, you were his biggest supporter.

Zino wanted you to meet his labelmates. You were a huge fan of Illionaire. The Quiett was your favorite. Zino would even tease you abotu your little crush on Zino.

Zino took you to Illionaire. You were a bit nervous. Zino told you specifically not to dress to impress but that’s actually what you did. It was almost a habit. You had to. His labelmates were like his brothers so they are family. Meeting family is something very important so you dressed to impress.

The two of you walked in, you followed behind him like a lost puppy. The two of you walked into a studio where Dong Gab was sipping on Boba as Joon Kyung was on his phone. Zino opened the door and in walked the two of you.

“GUYS! There’s someone I’d like you to me.” Zino stepped to the side to make you visible before continuing. “This is my best friend of all time, Y/N.” He introduced.

You bowed and gave a shy wave, “Hi.” You said barely audible.

Joon Kyung gave you a wide smile before returning your greeting. Dong Gab couldn’t help but stare. You were something different, a beautiful different. He’d never seen a girl like you around here.

“Yah! Hyung! Are you gonna say hi to my best friend or are you just going to picture her naked?” Zino jokingly asked.

“I wasn’t picturing her naked! That’s disrespectful, I’d like to get to know her first before doing anything of that nature.” He said before winking at you.

You felt your cheeks heating up. You couldn’t tell if you were blushing or not, Dong Gab could tell though as he smirked to himself.

You spent the day with Dong Gab. He wouldn’t let you leave his sights unless you had to use the restroom. It got cold in the studio and he gave you his hoodie. It fit huge on you and it smelled of nice and expensive cologne. There was only three chairs in the studios and a couch, but Dong Gab didn’t let that stop him from getting you to sit in his lap. You did it happily.

Zino couldn’t help but roll his eyes. You were laughing at almost everything that came out of Dong Gab’s mouth. But he loved your laugh. It quickly became one of his favorite things to listen to, other than your voice. It was getting late and you were getting tired.

“It’s getting late. I should be getting home. Thank you guys for today. Zino, don’t worry about driving me home, my roommate is coming to pick me up. Nice meeting you, Joon Kyung. Thank you for spending time with me today, Dong Gab.”

“I’ll text you in a bit to make sure you get home safe, okay?”

You nodded before getting up. You grabbed your things and walked out of the studio, out of the building to see your roommate waiting in her car. Just as you were about to open the passenger side door, you heard a yell of your name behind you.

You turned around to see Dong Gab running toward you. “Yes?”

“You dropped your phone. How am I gonna text you when you don’t have your phone?” He asked before giving you your phone.

“Well, thank you for returning my phone.” You looked down and realized you were still wearing his hoodie. “Oh! I forgot to give you your hoodie back.”

“No, no! Keep it. It looks nice on you. Just don’t lose your phone anymore tonight. If I don’t text by the time you make it home, text me to let me know, okay?”

“Got it.” You answered.

“Catch you later, Y/N.” He said before kissing your right cheek. You gasped and held your cheek.

He ran back inside. You got into the car holding your cheek. “Did that just happen?!” Your roommate asked.

“I think it did!” There was a brief moment of silence. The two of you screamed uncontrollably. She of course was a Illionaire fan as well, but her favorite was Joon Kyung.

You’ve been dating Dong Gab six years now. You were a lot of people’s favorite couple. About seven months into your relationship, you moved out of your shared apartment with your roommate and moved in with Dong Gab. You took a job as the official Illionaire’s Booking Agent. 

You got them all their gigs. You were good at your job. With this job, you spent lesser time you did with him, when you were working elsewhere.

You got them a show at the opening night of a brand new club in Gangnam. You had been trying to get them this gig since they began building the club. Finally your hard work and good persuasive skills paid off.

They were preparing for the show. You were in the back in Dong Gab’s dressing room. You were sitting in his lap. He was trying to calm you down. You were upset. You planned early. So after this, you planned for them to have another show next weekend, but something went wrong. 

You were currently on the phone with a representative showing your anger.

“Ms. L/N, please calm down. We are sorry about the miss understanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding?! Are you kidding?! Yah! Do you even know who you messing with?! This isn’t over! I’m not going to stop until my clients get their show. Do you understand me?!” You screamed through the phone.

Dong Gab knew that he shouldn’t mess with you when you’re working, but he just wanted you to have a good time. He know you’ve been working your ass off. He grabbed your phone and put the phone to his ear.

“She will call you back tomorrow. I’m sorry, good night.” He hung up.

“Why’d you do that?! I want an answer into why you guys can’t have your show next week.” You sighed and cursed under your breath.

He kissed your shoulder. “You’ve been working so hard these past few weeks. You’re so stressed. You’ll have gray hairs before we even get married and have kids.”

“I know babe. But you know I’m a workaholic. And I want you guys to have nothing but the best. You deserve the nothing but the best, Dong Gab.”

He kissed up your neck. “Baby girl, you’ve been doing amazing. I want you to know that. We all love and appreciate you.”

You smiled. “Thank you, babe.” You gave him a quick peck to his forehead before giving another peck to his lips.

There was a knock at the door. “Come in!”

The door opened and the concert manager walked in. “Mr. Shin, the concert is about to start.”

“Alright. Give me a sec.” Dong Gab said.

He nodded and walked out, closing the door behind me. “Good luck out there. I’ll be watching from backstage.” You put your lips on his.

You pulled and climbed out his lap. He stood up and quickly walked out the dressing room. You followed behind him but stopped when you got backstage. You were watching from a TV.

Before they even started to perform you could hear the fangirls in the crowd. “DOK2!” “ZINO!” “I LOVE YOU HASH SWAN!” “WHERE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND, DONG GAB?!” “TELL, Y/N UNNIE, I LOVE HER!”

DOng Gab’s fans loved you. They couldn’t help but ask him where you were at all times.

The concert finally started and you were watching the whole time. After a while, the little show was coming to an end. Joon Kyung nudged Dong Gab’s shoulder and mouthed something to him that you couldn’t understand.

Dong Gab stood in the center of the stage. “Most of you who know me, know a bit about my girlfriend, Y/N. I’m out here performing and my girl is backstage, I hope, watching me. She works so hard for Illionaire and us. She wants nothing but the best for us. Y/N, could you come out here for a second?”

You weren’t into big crowds. You’ve been on stage before, but that was when there was a couple of people in the crowd. This was too many for you. You were a bit nervous. You got up and slowly up to him. There was screaming.


“See you even have some fans out there. I wanted you to come on stage with me today because after this, I know we’ll be apart for a while after this. You’ll be working hard getting us gigs and shows. And I’ll be off somewhere working on music, missing you. But I wanted to let you know that, when I first saw you, I instantly fell in love with you. I felt this feeling that I never felt with any other woman before. It was burning me up inside. I had to be with you. And look at us now. Going on strong for six years straight. I was sure you would have left me years ago, but you’re still by myself. And I want you by my side for all eternity.”

He got on one knee and pulled out a small velvet box. You covered your mouth and your eyes widened when you realized what he was doing. The crowd was going wild. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

“What do you say? Y/N, will you marry me?”

Before you could say anything, you had tears in your eyes. The crowd was screaming yes over and over again.

You were speechless. All you could do was nod. He grabbed your hand softly and slid the ring on your finger. He stood up and smashed his lips on yours.

You pulled away and hugged him tightly. Dong Gab pulled the mic to his mouth. “If you couldn’t tell because you’re far back, she said yes!”

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2 years is not a huge gab and since you're both girls(?) it shouldn't be that much of a problem? girls mature so differently from boys (most of the time, i know i'm generalizing) and there isn't so much of a mental gab between girls 2 years apart. if you have/could have fullfilling friendships with people that age then i think you'd be okay -🌻

also for previous anon!

[ARTICLE] 6 Times G-Dragon Was the Best Dressed Man at Chanel

What is it about G-Dragon? Spotted in the front row at Chanel’s couture show today, the chameleonic K-pop star cut a dramatic figure against the bucolic backdrop in an enormous fur ushanka that even outdid a dog-carrying Cara Delevingne—and demonstrated once again his uncanny knack for larger-than-life style that remains wearably cool.

This morning’s ushanka was not G-Dragon’s only showstopping Chanel look: Ever since his first appearance at the Pre-Fall 2014 collection in Dallas, he has become a textbook example of how boring bouclé can be anything but. Take the Spring 2015 show, for instance, where the 27-year-old gabbed with model Soo Joo Park and Karl Lagerfeld in reflective blue pants and a burgundy tweed jacket, obscuring his mop of curls with a Birkin-esque suede hat—a playful update to classic French gamine codes. Next up, at Spring couture, he gave Chanel a street-punk edge by pairing ripped jeans with an outré logo belt, a white bouclé coat with a Lurex-lined train, and oversize shades, while Fall 2015 couture’s casino-themed outing called for something unexpected: A well-cut tux with no ornamentation, save for a Poison Ivy red pompadour. Is it any wonder that Karl keeps him around?

It’s a surprisingly measured approach that involves taking a polished base (pastel twinsets, classic black suits) and adding one over-the-top embellishment, whether that means an oversize fur hat or a shocking dye job—a K-pop-style reinvention that has us inspired to rethink the tweed, too. Here’s hoping Chanel’s love affair with G-Dragon is no passing fad: Just good fashion.