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I was nominated for the Facebook Art Challenge, and I decided to cross-post here for anyone who’s interested. :)

RULES: If an artist nominated you, you have to post at least 3 artworks per day for 5 consecutive days & nominate an artist each day.

Facebook Art Challenge Day 1 of 5. Nominated by James Claridades. Check out his work here: Squeegool. Nominating Pam Queri for Day 1! Thanks for buying me Pokeballs. :)

Day 1 is about old work from before and during my first year in art school.

  • “Mag-Ingat Ka” (2007) is from the summer before I went to college. It’s based on the song “Imposible” by Rivermaya. I used some old poster paint previously used for a group project in high school.
  •  “The Visitor” (2007) is a series of plates for my Typohgraphy Class. They made us use “The Visitor” as a title for 4 different movies from 4 different genres (Suspense, Comedy, Technology, Cartoons)
  • The tree (2008) is my first attempt on painting on a canvas. It’s a plate for my Design and Color class. They told us to paint this specific tree in school however we liked.