gab de leon

You are my rock. I am usually a very independent girl, but the past year or so being a fashion design student really tested me to the extent of nearly breaking, and you were there keeping me sane all throughout. I am thankful that you have broken down my wall, letting me know (constantly) that it’s okay to need and depend on people sometimes.

Thank you for being ever so supportive with everything I do, for being there throughout all the hardships and challenges, for pushing me when I needed to be pushed, for carrying the load when I was too tired, for hugging me tight when I felt depressed and unsure, for being patient and kind, for stating your honest opinions with things you probably have no idea or even care about (“does this print match this cloth? should I do this kind of drape or this kind of drape? does it look weird?”) even if sometimes I’d disregard your opinions and stick to my own (make no mistake your opinions still mean the world to me), for driving me to places I needed to run errands to, for always being helpful, for feeding me when I’ve been too busy working, for taking care of me when I got that horrible fever days before the stressful men’s fashion show in school, for making me laugh when I needed it, for the surprise cupcakes and junk food, for the midnight food runs and early breakfasts out of town, to the point of being my male fashion show model (even if you didn’t REALLY want to), for putting up with me on my bitchy days, and for taking the frustrations I would let out on you (although you know I never mean to), for picking up my garments/projects when I’m not available to, for supporting my choices, and for being there through the blood, sweat & tears (literally) and not freaking out about any of it.

There have been other people who continued to support me, of course. My parents (especially my step-mom who received a lot of my ranting through texts when I was done ranting to you) and friends like Jaya (when I was done ranting to you and my mom LOL) But you were always around for it, to take the good and the bad with me. I honestly don’t know how you did it but it makes me believe that we’ve got a good support system going on.

For everything you’ve done for me, know that I will be here to do the exact same thing for you. You and I, we’re a team. :)

Watch on

Someone asked me to upload a video of Gab singing because I’m always talking about what a good singer he is. So here’s a video I took of him a few nights ago at a party for a family friend of theirs. He sang 3 songs but it only occurred to me to record when he started singing the last song, With or Without You by U2. I missed the start, but basically I got everything else. Haha It’s always been a tradition for their family and friends to have people sing at birthdays and Gab’s a favorite :)

Massimo's Farm

I went to a bloggers event thing for Massimo’s Farm the other day with a couple of my friends, Camie, Gab, Meg, Artu and Joe. Joe and Artu have been working with Massimo’s Farm for awhile now so it was nice to help and support them. We had an awesome time looking at the place and stuffing our faces with the amazing food!

Super yummy Chicken Liver Paté and Queso Fresca and Sun-dried Tomatoes for the appetizers. 

The salad we started off with was really interesting! It had fries and chorizo in it! it was so good!!

We were also served Pasta ai Salsa Cruda, which was a super light and healthy pasta, and we had some Risotto Primavera. 

I loved the taste of the Baked Fish with Mustard Cream Sauce, because Im a huge fan of mustard and dill. We ended the main course with Beef Belly Confit with Green Peppercorn sauce. It was so melt in your mouth delicious I wish I had space for more but I was too full to go back. 

I didn’t want to miss out on anything so I made sure to get small portions of everything. 

Forgive my squinty eyes! I blame the sun :]

Dessert! One of the things I was pleased to find out was that some of the dishes we were served were vigan dishes. Meaning they had no meat, or milk or egg products. Surprisingly, the Chocolate Cake we had was also vigan! which is great because I rarely find any vigan dessert options! We also had some Mango and Coffee Crunch Cake and Chocolate chip cookies. 

Peanut Butter Gelato - I was unprepared for how yummy this was! Not to mention how perfect it was for the killer heat that day!  

We took an adventure and explored Nuvali after the event, i’ll post those photos separately/ All in all I had a great time with amazing food and the best company! :) 

Some of the greatest people you will ever meet :)