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If you ever feel sad …

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A smiling Chibi or gardener Gaara can save a really bad day ..♥

A Day in the Life of

Gaara (day off)

Gaara wakes up just as the sun rises up on the horizon. He doesn’t stay in bed long; he prefers to stand up immediately after waking. 

He makes a pot of green tea–he prefers to do it himself so he keeps the necessary things in his living space in order to do so. Gaara makes his way to the rooftop every morning to watch the sky. He will sip his tea quietly while watching the sun rise over Suna.

Some mornings he’s greeted by Baki, Temari, or Kankuro’s presence as they come up to join him. 

Most mornings, he’s alone in his thoughts. 

One time, Shikadai accompanied him, but he was too groggy so early in the morning. Gaara ended up having to take him back inside and put him back to bed. 

He begins his days by strolling casually through Suna, making sure that all is well in the streets. He’s greeted almost everywhere he goes, though there are the occasional hateful glances from the older folks of Suna. 

He eats a light lunch and heads back to his temple where he spends the next few hours making sure everyone is having a good day in their offices. He checks on his medical ninja and their patients, his secretaries, and his sentries.

In the afternoons, he writes to Temari to tell her how things are going in Suna and update her on his foster children. 

Then he’ll visit Kankuro, who has his own studio at this point in time. They usually grab dinner together or sit for hours and just talk about whatever. They enjoy each others company more than anything, really. 

Gaara will then keep a close eye on Suna as the sun goes down, when they are most vulnerable. He waits until the sun goes completely down and then stays up for another few hours just to watch and make sure that the village is truly peaceful. 

He will then retire to bed, after a quick bath and a few pieces of paperwork. He’s careful to pull the sheets back before sliding into them, not moving for the rest of the night.   

You know that scene (here’s a link) where little Gaara and Yashamaru are having dinner together and Gaara asks “Why do we get hungry?” and Yashamaru answers “In order for us to eat good food” 

Like… that whole scene is symbolizing the theme that there will be times when we must feel pain in order to feel and appreciate love, like taking in the bad in turn for the good in life. Rather than talking about food, Gaara is asking, in the deeper sense, why do people hurt? Why do people feel pain? And Yashamaru’s response tells him that the reason is because then we will be able to accept love fully.  

And then Gaara responds “You’re right! The meals you make taste good, Yashamaru!” and I think little Gaara is actually saying, in the deeper sense, that the love he receives from Yashamaru makes going through the pain he feels easier to bear and accept.    

And then he has that love betrayed through the assassination, and Gaara goes on living the exact opposite way, rejecting to feel anything but hatred, because he does not believe love is a possibility anymore. 

… I need to go lay down… forever :)

anonymous asked:

Not to be rude but, I have no real idea about most things Naruto. From seeing your art, I was wondering, why do people ship Gaara and Lee? Or, rather, why do you ship it?

oh man here we go woW okay it all started with the fact that lee and gaara had to fight each other in the chunin exams, you know,,,that fight


short story, gaara almost killed lee’s life and ninja career in this fight and never apologized (fun fact: he actually did it much later and it’s only shown in the story mode in a videogame) ok so at this point only like 10 ppl were into this ship and only existed because *+*they fighted each other, it’s destiny*+* but then the other amazing arc that changed everything forever happened, the let’s chase sasuke arc

in this arc lee decides to fight against kimimaro (bad guy) so naruto can go chase his boyfriend and bring him back and here is when lee is almost killed by this guy but surprise gaara appears and saves his life. then we know that lee is actually a saint and don’t hold any grudges against gaara and he even want to be friends w him, gaara is so confused by this because he knows he did something terrible to this guy and he just??? yes lee is a saint

so that’s how lots of ppl started to ship this, i think lee is what gaara needs since he is really good at showing his affection and love to others no matter what and have you seen gaara’s forehead?? he will be always in search for love (different kinds of love th) that’s why he is so good to everyone, that’s why he’s been the kazekage for years, that’s why he adopted a child, i think gaara has lots of love to give but doesn’t know how to clearly and i believe lee is that person who can make gaara feel comfortable enough to show his feelings

and now i’ll shut up sorry im too attached to this omfg

How to win a girl’s heart: A 13-Step Guide by Shikamaru

1. Win the match. Stop. Say: ‘’Give up.’’

2. Get saved by her.

3. Cry. And take advice from her.

4. Chuunin exams? Be her escort.

5. When someone asks if you two are dating, change subject.

6. Wait her to come outside early. And ask her ‘’Have you had breakfast?’’

7. Make her think good things about you. Make her believe you.

8.  Get caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Dream about her.

9. Make her worry about you. Tell her ‘’here’s nothing going on that he can depend on her for’’. Get punched by her. Apoligize.

10. Get saved by her again. 

11. Ask her on date.

12. Want advice from her about honeymoon. Make a misunderstanding. Worry about her. Make everything ok.

13. Now you’re a married couple and you have a son. Congrtz.

You know, Gaara is my favorite character in the whole Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden series. Yes, we all know that all shounen characters have a difficult sad past, in which they lost their parents or friends and etc. but somehow I almost fell in love with young Kazekage. The reason isn’t just because of his attractive appearance but also his personality. I think he’s one of the best anime characters that had been ever created.