I tried to recommend the ones that haven’t been mentioned before, but if you see a repeat, that just means you must read it. The ones with a star ( ★ ) are the fics that I absolutely love and those that I’m keeping a close eye on because they’re sooo good  ♥  I put the list under the cut because it’s too long. Also, © means the fic is complete, (O) is for ongoing, and (1) is for oneshot. ENJOY!

PS: You might wonder - why ShisuixHinata? Well, just read the fics below to find out. I might be able to convert you *evil laughter*

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Guily pleasure crack ships!

1. Sasuke x Hinata (sasuhina)
2. Kiba x Ino (Kibaino)
3. Neji x Ino (NejiIno)
4. Gaara x Hinata (Gaahina)
5. Ino x Gaara (GaaIno)
6. Kiba X Hinata (KibaHina)

All my ships are crack so of course they’re going to sink. I will go down with these ships! If you ship any of my OTPs just know that we are automatically best friends and I love you

Recommended Fanfictions

(As of 11/26/16- i’ve honestly stopped reading fics so I won’t be updating this list but continue to go through these ones I reallyyyyyyyyy loved them lots)

All rights go to the authors!! These are some of the fanfictions that I’ve read and have been reading for some years now. These stories are mainly rated M (unless stated otherwise) and the pairings revolve around Hinata so if you don’t like then that’s your choice :D Another thing about the pairings. this is more for  those of us who prefer Hinata x somebody besides naruto XD so all you sasuhina, itahina, gaahina, etc. shippers out there this is for you guys :D  Thank you to all the authors who have given permission for me to do this :D

The following are fan-fictions that range from oneshots (LEmony ones and cute ones etc. these will be specified) to multichapters(most are multichaptered ) Some of these are currently updating and some haven’t been updated for a little while but nonetheless I feel that they should be read because they really do have a little something in all of them to make it special :D 

Sasuke x Hinata 

  • An Uchiha in Uniform  by summer-r0mance -Uchiha Sasuke is a police officer that pulls Hinata over for speeding. Due to an accident, Hinata is dressed in some provocative clothing. Can Sasuke really let Hinata off with just a warning? COMPLETED
  • Blessed eyes  by WhiteEyes07 
    Hinata wakes up,tied up in Orochimaru’s lair where’s she’s forced to have sex with Sasuke Uchiha in order to make the ‘perfect’ shinobi, possessing both the Byakugan and Sharingan.What happens if they seem to be falling for each other?-  COMPLETED
  • Glamour Shots  by A Dreamer Always Rated T-Hinata and Sakura used to be best friends, but modeling changed it. Now, years later, Hinata’s behind the camera and Sakura’s in front. But it’s Uchiha Sasuke who demands their attention. AU. COMPLETED
  • Heaven by Jacal Ste. Worme -SasuHinaGaa. Sasuke finds Hinata on his doorstep one rainy night…*Oneshot*
  • In pursuit of Happiness  by stereoheartrukia -When a young Uchiha, realizes that hatred and vengeance is not the answer. He goes to extra lengths to get the one woman he needs to be happy; what everyone doesn't know is that he has his eyes set out on the young Hyuga heiress; Hinata. Will she ever love him or will hate scar her as well in this crazy adventure of love. Not so OOC maybe a little.
  • K5  by HiN4-cH4n Rated T -Surf became her passion, but when Sasuke denies her entry to the famous ANBU surf group by using the excuse “women can’t surf” she decided to prove him wrong. Now its down to a clean fair fight. Waves, sun and kicking butts… any takers? sasuhina
  • Konoha University  by Gum Gum11-AU. It’s the first year of college and the gang has a lot of adjusting to do for this new college life. My first story!COMPLETED
  • Let’s Get Physical  by xtvntx -It wasn’t Hinata’s day. She almost got into a car accident after she just got her car out of the auto shop, the cute mechanic has a girl he likes, and she’s late for her appointment with her new personal trainer. Little did she know, there’d be a surprise waiting for her at the gym that would make or break the rest of her week. sasuhina. anti-sakura #sorrynotsorry. AU
  • Liars go to Hell  by XxRockahollicaxX -The truth about lying is the moment you’ve found out about the truth. You’ll get upset or worse, you’ll feel betrayed and hurt. I was sixteen when I had all my firsts. One minute I was in Heaven but the moment I realize, they drag me all the way down to hell. I am Hinata Hyuga. My Family disowned me, my boyfriend betrayed me. And I swear. I’ll make all of them pay. R&R.
  • Love for my Sensei  by JackInPaint -With a new, hot and dashing relief teacher to relief Hinata’s class, it was not possible for any girls to be able to resist him and what’s more, the teacher seems to be having his attention on her.COMPLETED
  • My Story  by Quagomay -My husband has cheated on me with more than ten women. My husband has fallen in love with one of them. My husband has left me for said woman. My husband has shamed me in the media. My husband is handsome, charming, and successful. My husband is the infamous Sasuke Uchiha. My husband is a fool because he tried to play a Hyuuga who knew how to play his game. Welcome to My Story.
  • Our Casual Encounter  by Milkshakecat200 
    AU Modern Day: Sasuke is a 23 year old who has sworn off women in order to concentrate on his career but when he meets Hinata in a bar one night their casual relationship begins. Can they really just keep things casual or is one of them falling in love with the other?…
  • Past times won´t die  by Rewy -Sasuke broke up with Hinata because of his detective job. He thought that was the best way to keep her safe from his enemies. But was it really that smart? Rated for language and violence. COMPLETED
  • Playing for Keeps  by Kia-B -Sometimes some things just aren’t worth fighting for and that was the problem… They didn’t know if it was just a game or something more. COMPLETED
  • Seven days  by hatake-emi -Lemony life of sasu/hina in seven days. MUST BE 18 or older TO READ.  CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL. COMPLETED
  • Spiraling Down  by BK-Black Knight -It started out with a harmless question, a romantic painting request that was never answered, and ended with mixed feelings of danger. Dark, hot, smutty, sexy, and utterly extreme people. Hinata wanted nothing more than to kiss him and be with him. How come he never noticed her? He was the one that started it all - he was the one who came to her first. Why did he even bother her? COMPLETED
  • The Bar  by whosajiggawhat -While glancing, he couldn’t help but focus in on the way her tongue would stick out right before slightly biting down on her straw.
  • THE NUTTY LOVER  by APSH-Sasuke the heir to Uchiha Corps is engaged to a girl by his parents, instead of hating her he ended up falling for her? Hidden secrets from her past twisted their lives in an ugly way & he had to fulfil a promise he made to her earlier-that is to let her go. Will he be able to convey his love before its too late? Learns to win her heart in the hard way.Sasuhina, Narusaku, Shikaino
  • The Toothbrush Chronicles by Kia-B -Seriously, things shouldn’t have gotten so messed up over a purple toothbrush. Well, Sasuke knows that NOW… and Hinata… Well, she didn’t really see the problem. COMPLETED
  • the Uchiha’s Bride  by crazygurl12 -After the fourth shinobi war, Sasuke returned to Konoha… But because of his past, there is an Anbu assigned to watch over him, and it is Hyuuga Hinata.
  • The Ultimate Snowball Fight by tranquilwriter - What started out as a simple snowball fight at Hinata’s birthday party, evolved into something more between friends Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga. *Oneshot.* 
  • Wanted by Fox-of the village -What happens when everyone wants Hinata? *Lemony Oneshot*
  • Working for Uchiha Corp  by nayaruss- RATED T-
    Sasuke is pres. of Uchiha Corp. in japan. When he needs an assistant. One Hyuga is perfect for the job. What was suppose to be a one night stand will soon become more for the Uchiha. When he learns about her past and she learns about his bet? COMPLETED

Gaara x Hinata 

  • 50 Words  by TigerLily927 -50 words and 50 moments of love. GaaHina rated M. In both POV Oneshot
  • All about us  by kurenai cakes- Thirteen-year- old Hinata leaves Konoha after Gaara breaks her heart. But she leaves with a parting gift. She is pregnant with Gaara’s child. What happens when they meet up 3 years later? Does she keep the Baby? How will Gaara feel?
  • Arm Candy  by Kieren -Hyuuga Hinata, shy and reserved PR officer, has to do damage control for one of NRL’s sexiest players and resident bad boy, Sabaku Gaara, after a scandal erupts. The problem? He’s making her a little hot under the collar and her brain turn to mush. AU.
  • Dear Kazekage  by Maerchen Freunde -Gaara and Hinata become pen-pals. Will their correspondence lead to deeper things? Or are these two shy people only able to express themselves on paper? Gaara/Hina, Shika/Temari, Naru/Saku, and others. Rating for language and adult situations.
  • Marriage in the Sand  by danyel-In a time of insecure peace treaties a marriage of convenience is drawn up between the two villages and who better to marry off but the heiress of one of the most powerful clans in the leaf village and the Kazekage of the Sand. COMPLETED
  • My Kidnapper  by DelicatexxFlower -What happens when a psychotic killer takes interest in the new nurse? (The author has chosen to delete the original and has decided to do a rewrite in the coming future. Future rating to be determined but will not be M) 
  • The Genie  by darkjessie543Gaara the Demon king of the underworld, finds more than he bargained for while looking for an ancient artifact. A small shiny lamp containing an eternity of cruel amusement for him. “A-ano where a-am I-I?” She asked with wide eyes. “That doesn’t matter now little one, but I do believe you owe me three wishes.” He said looking down at her with an evil glint in his eye. Gaahina AU
  • Verbal Confessions  by EmbraceDiversity-When Sakura is unable to lead the mission in Suna to establish a working medical program between the two villages, Hinata volunteers to go in her place. Her interactions with the Kazekage lead to irreversible changes for the both of them. GaaHina. COMPLETED
  • Victorian Romance  by BK-Black Knight -A man who despised women but spent time with women to pass the time soon found another woman and continued the cycle - and thus the story begins.Gaara, the son of a prestigious Count in the city decides that he has found his new conquest, a girl with bright, clear blue-gray eyes. But time never does wait for anybody. AU Set in Victorian times. COMPLETED
  • You belong to me Hinata  by LadyCassie -One family brought together by one person. Now that she’s back they won’t let her go. Gaahina not good at Summary *It is being revised but the story is still up* COMPLETED
  • Family made of Sand  by LadyCassie -They have lost their most important member once again. How have they lived the passed four years without her and what of her children. Gaahina story with other couples. Read You belong to me Hinata first. *SEQUEL*

Itachi x Hinata

  • Divinity  by tranquilwriter -AU. ItaHina. Slight NejiHina. “A savage place! as holy and enchanted As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover!” -Kubla Khan.
  • Insatiable  by Kristeta- Hinata x Itachi. A few years into the future, Hinata gets married secretly to Itachi Uchiha.
  • Where Are The Stars  by softwinds Rated T -Itachi had rejected Hyuga Hiashi’s offer to betroth his eldest daughter to him. She was a gift he had forfeited. Only after Hinata had married Sasuke did the elder brother find that he was slowly falling in love with the young lady.

Kakashi x Hinata

  • Bad romance  by WhiteEyes07-
    Hinata Hyuuga, an innocent, smart university student.Hatake Kakashi, a perverted young man, her teacher, and interested in her. What will this lead to? Starts with teasing, continues with playing, ends inromance ; Rated M for sexual content. KakaHina
  • Hinata  by drueydue12-Hinata broke the rules and fell in love with Kakashi first, the Leaf’s allusive bachelor. She was the one who initiated their strange relationship so she wouldn’t argue that she was largely to blame for the aftermath that followed, prison, the Leaf’s ANBU and being labeled a rogue. She would do anything to reunite with Kakashi and he, surprisingly, eventually does the same. COMPLETED
  • Little Dreams  by Ramie-the-Great -A cute, sometimes sad, somtimes funny love story about Hinata and Kakashi. Hope u guys like this pair.COMPLETED (the author is going through a rough time and has left a note saying that at this time he/she is not able to continue writing.)
  • Sensei  by Kasumi KarenExactly like little red riding hood… except for the little girl in the red hood going to her grandma s house and the wolf, but with ninjas and smutCOMPLETED
  • So Sudden  by Girlfriday83 -After finishing a routine mission…Kakashi and Hinata find themselves at a crossroads when things start to heat up, while stuck in a one room apartment. Adult Content.
  • The Perfect Gentleman by Jaggarte x-Hinata and her teammates are to stay at Kakashi’s for the night, with Kakashi of course. Lemon. *LEMONY ONESHOT*

Neji x Hinata 

  • Get Out of My Head!  by Kichou -Neji only wanted to salvage the friendship that he use to have with Hinata, only to find out that he can’t stop the hentai thoughts from entering his head when he is with her. Can he stop these thoughts from entering his mind? NejiHina

Kiba x Hinata 

  • Heat: A KibaHina Fanfiction  by Fangie-Chan-Another standard Heat fanfiction about Kiba Inuzuka claiming his much lusted-for mate, Hinata Hyuga.
  • Nosedive by BlackMajjicDuchess(The author has decided to leave FF and is instead moving/updating on archiveofourown, this is the new link.)

    He’d always been there for her, but it wasn’t until he’d seen her get hurt that he understood how deeply he cared. He vowed to always be there for her. He loved her, but she had always been obsessed with Naruto. That was okay with him, he supposed. It was all over, though, when she confessed her love to Naruto, he was sure of it. But then the war came and went, and the years came and went, and nothing came of it. She deserved better than that. She’d put everything on the line for a chance with Naruto. Now he would do the same for her. Inuzukas aren’t known for their patience, he was told. If you wanted something, you just went for it. I’ve listed this as part of a “series” because it is the brain child of two oneshots I had written beforehand. You do not need to read them to understand or enjoy “Nosedive.”

Shino x Hinata 

  • Yakuza boss and A Gunsmith Girl  by xxxDJQxxx -
    Shino is an Yakuza boss and Hinata is a gunsmith dealer, Kiba is a good friend that hands out advise to the young couple.
  • Creep  by pipedreamdragon
    The Shinohina fic you’ve been waiting for! While Naruto leaves for training, Shino and Hinata become close. Upon Naruto’s return, how will it affect their growing relationship? Rated M for delicious lemons in later chapters. Enjoy! Edit: Now with less typos and more page breaks for easier reading. COMPLETED

Shikamaru x Hinata 

  • Association as Causation  by BK-Black Knight -Two masterminds. A lazy genius who happens to study anthropology and a thieving prodigy who happens to study psychology. They somehow end up with an economy major and the same class in college. Did they not see they were in the same class when he was hunting her down and she was escaping every time with a new art piece? Was there something they never suspected from each other?
  • Coat checker by whiteshadow11 -“Well you got me Hina-chan, and I know you might fight this a little but it’s only a matter of time before you admit to being in love with me like I am with you.” Don’t own any characters! sequel is up!
  • Her Coat Checker  by whiteshadow11 -Sequel to coat checker type! Shikamaru breaks hinata’s heart and so she leaves but when she comes back will he let her go again? Do not own any character, just the plot. RATED K+  COMPLETED

Genma x Hinata

  • Genma Shiranui  by BK-Black Knight
    It’s finally after the war and the Konoha residents are all helping each other restore the Hidden Village back to its glory. But among all the busy fixing, creating, and restoring - one topic remains the most mysterious: Hinata Hyuuga, who had rejected Naruto’s returned affections. Secrets and rumors fly about, but what is it that keeps her innocent? Certainly NOT Genma Shiranui.     Rated T COMPLETED

Asuma x Hinata 

  • Give Me a Reason and I’ll Live for It  by Elektra Stone
    Surprise, surprise! I’m the first writer to make a M rated story about Asuma and Hinata. Too cool. I hope you enjoy it, I know I will. The summary is in the story. Rated M for language, adult content, sexual content and sexual innuendos.

Deidara x Hinata

  • My Gay Boyfriend  by HiN4-cH4n-Sasuke broke her heart… its time for some hardcore payback. Now Hinata will open the way for her new gay Boyfriend! No one would’ve thought love sparks’d fly! “Lets bring the playboy down!” “Lets kick some Uchiha butt, yeah” x Deihina x

Jiraiya x Hinata (don’t knock it 'till you try it ;)

  • Succumb to Me  by lilacblossom -After a near death experience, Hinata realizes the return of her life comes with a price: to stay alive, she must act as a succubus! And to complicate things even further, her Ecchi Spirit Guide, Jiraiya, starts giving her specific targets! Will she have the drive to collect enough energy until she’s free again? Or will her shy nature literally be the death of her?

Orochimaru x Hinata (probably the only orohina fic I’ve read that I like.)

  • Guarding Goods  by Amethyst Water Lily - AU. Hinata has finally landed a job at the Golden Leaf Academy School. She went there herself and is happy to teach the young adults. There is one problem and that is everyone thinks that they can harass her. Well, she got something to show them. LEMONS! CONTAINS RAPE

Hinata Centric/Harem

  • A Fairytale Gone Bad  by winterkaguyaThe Hyuuga Heiress stepped down to open her own bakery only to find herself in an odd situation with three very powerful men only to find that love is meaningless & Prince Charming does not exist. Will she have her fairytale ending? ItaHinaSasuGaa
  • Akatsuki no Hime  by kurohime102-Hinata is traded to the Akatsuki for Naruto’s saftey. Turns out, living with them isn’t so bad. Re-done and rated for Hidan’s mouth. COMPLETED
  • Baby sitting horror  by HiN4-cH4n- Hinata was always good with kids thus she works as a baby sitter but what happens when Tsunade hires her to be her sons baby sitter, and they are older than her! disaster assured gaa/naru/sasu/ita/saso/kiba xHina - rated T for precaution but may go up-
  • Between Her and Them  by aisuruitachiwakoi - At the age of 16, Hinata is just the hottest babe in Konoha. Sasuke wants her, Gaara wants her, Neji wants her, Itachi wants her. Heck I WANT HER haha. Set after the defeat of Orochimaru. Rated M for language and later chaps. Warning! OOC
  • Circe » by cloud9strife -A goddess among men. She is the goddess who enchants men leaving them desperate for her touch. - Hinata centric lemony goodness / lemons lots of lemons. Highschool fic
  • Doom High  by HiN4-cH4n- Rated K+ -Beautiful, stylish, smart… yet her father wants more from his heir. If an all-girls school wont work try with the opposite! Hinata is the top girl at her school but in hopes of increasing her talent, daddy recurs to an all-boys school. O.O trouble ahead
  • FamilyRomanceWar  by BK-Black Knight 
    Those eyes. She would remember those eyes for the rest of her life. The color. The shape. The aura. She would remember those eyes for the first time and last time. War takes over feudal Japan as clans clash over each other for who will rule Japan. Locked into the struggle, a political figure comes into play from the ashes. But she is neither man or samurai. No, she is an addiction.
  • Hinata the new Ten tails  by whiteshadow11 -HInata has sacrificed herself to save her village but she came back different… she isn’t a vessel but the demon herself. Everything has changed after the war and because of it she has to hide what she is or they’re going to hunt her down and kill her. Will she let her demon urges take over? Will everybody find out what she is? Don’t own characters! not a Naruxhina story sorry! COMPLETED. Sequel-Return of the Ten tails (below)
  • Live & eviL  by BK-Black Knight -The life of a demon. Should she fight for herself or should she defy it all for something else? Eating the hearts of men to survive, what is she to do when she finally finds the right heart? A seductress. Powerful. Witty. Beautiful. Deadly. Beware… What goes on in this demon’s mind is not short of anything but demise. HIATUS naru,sasu,hina,gaa
  • Music from the heart  by HiN4-cH4n -Hinata has the body, the wits, the looks and the voice she just lacks the confidence, but she wil have some help. Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto have their own band but what will happen when in the auditions they see this blue haired angel Hinata? M for language
  •  Oneshots  by Acumichi -A couple of oneshots that come into my head at times. All about my favorite shinobi, Hinata Hyuga. Rated ’M’ for foul language and suggested themes.
  • Playing Checkers  by Karma Kat 281-  Hinata looked at Gaara, then Sasuke, then back again. One she had slept with but hadn’t really wanted to and one she hadn’t slept with but kind of wished she had. This was awkward. Pairing undecided. Slight crack.

  • Poisoned  by BK-Black Knight -Love at first sight? Forbidden love? Star crossed lovers? Hinata didn’t believe in those things. She had it much harder. She couldn’t even touch the person she loved. Not when every kiss, touch, and even tear brings certain death. SasuHina, ItaHina, KakaHina, Slight NaruHina HAITUS
  •  The Humble, the Handsome, and the Totally Clueless  by storygirl1015 -When Hinata’s father kicks her out, she moves in with some of her cousin’s friends…only to find that not only are they all male, but incredibly attractive! Now poor Hinata is in for more than she bargained for, especially when they start to fight for the right to win her heart!
  • Vampire queen  by HiN4-cH4n -Hinata is turning fifteen, when certain heiresses turn fifteen there is a curse. She will see the good side of the curse and she’ll be expected to rule but will emotions get in the way? HinataxNaruto,Sasuke,etc. Leexsaku, inoxshikaxtem Vampire fic.
  • You Belong With Me  by Hinata6 - She wanted nothing more just for him to notice her the way she notices him but things don’t always go as planned especially when the guy you’re madly in love with already has a girlfriend. SasuHina, GaaHina, NaruHina one-sided R&R COMPLETED

Threesomes (Love Triangles/ not necessarily a sexual threesome)    

  • Sucker for Love  by Hinata6He was the darkness and she was the light. What attracted him to her so much to the point she is all he thinks about. I guess you can say the once stoic uncaring non-loving Uchiha became a sucker for love. SasuHinaShika, warning: there is YAOI involved.
  • Abandoned Love  by Hinata6 -Love can be a wonderful thing but when love is abandoned it can be the most painful experience to be alone and forgotten by the person you love the most. Especially if that said person is your husband. Itachi x Hinata x Kakashi

  • Age Isn’t nothing but a Number  by Hinata6 - A lot has happened in the two years since Naruto has left for his training but the biggest thing that has happened is the relationship between Kakashi and Hinata. One question which has yet to be answered by the two, doesage really matter? KakaHina,SaiHina. COMPLETED
  • Ambiguity  by Ramie-the-Great reviews Hinata, Ino and Sakura are on a mission to catch a thief when Hinata unexpectedly gets involve with another ninja and his team trying to track down a black widow in the same city. When the two meet one another, smutty stuff happens and a lot of identity problem arises, along with their own missions. KakaHina, GenHina (the author is going through a rough time and has left a note saying that at this time he/she is not able to continue writing.) On a personal note this particular fanfic is one that I very much love because of it’s rarity. Genma x Hinata fanfics aren’t common… Even though It’s not completed I still highly urge you guys to give this a try and let the author know that things do get better :) 
  • Common Delinquents  by ProbablySatan 
    Au. A world of gangs and violence isn’t something Hinata Hyuga is accustomed to…then again, she’s not accustomed to two powerful gang members being attracted to her either. SasuHinaDeiCOMPLETED
  • Forbidden Pleasure by Hinata6They knew that this was an odd thing to do, but they were just so wrapped up in the heat of the moment that the passion and lust clouded they’re thoughts. HidanxHinataxPein (smutty oneshot)
  • Linger  by f a n c y c h i k 93 - Hinata Hyuuga, a young model that’s enjoying life the best way she can. She tries to forget her ex-boyfriend, Sasuke who broke her heart a year ago. But when he shows up again will she forgive him? Or move on with her best friend? Shikahina. Sasuhina. COMPLETED
  • Return of the Ten tails  by whiteshadow11sequel to Hinata the new ten tails. Hinata has been freed by a strange boy who she found her self bound to. Putting her revenge aside she has to repay her debt and once and for all take down the monster hell bent on destroying everything she ever came to care for. Do not own any characters! ItaHinaSasu
  • The Perfect Picture  by Hyuugamistress94 - Sasuke was one of the best male models until he gave up to become a photographer. Hinata soon comes along looking for a job and he hires her as they unexpectedly become friends. Sasuke is looking for the perfect picture, has he found it? SasuXHina & ItaXHina

This list will keep getting edited!!!!! I know some of the categories are really short; some categories aren’t here yet. I still have some consent messages pending and as always new fanfictions are made nearly everyday so in due time ;)) Hope you guys take the time to read some of these :D More will come :D Big Thank You once again to all the authors who have given permission and have written such wonderful stories ;)) FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT CERTAIN FICS OR EVEN MY PERSONAL OPINIONS ON THEM :)