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So here’s the thing lol. Seven giving a little tease before the real sin happens.. fufufu. @0ikaashi​ was my 707th follower so thanks!


You guys are in denial to think that Seven has abs.. He def has a little belly cause of the way he eats and lives LOL. LIES THAT HE HAS A FLAT STOMACH OR ABS! Unless he has those crazy ass metabolisms…… No that’s insane. He has a belly. You can’t tell me otherwise lol.

How can you see this not happening tho

Okay but what if Dennis simply realized and understood that Mandy wasn’t looking for an emotional relationship with him, and she and Brian Jr stay in Philly anyway so Dennis can have a relationship with his son without having to uproot his entire life to North Dakota? What we’d end up with is Dennis and Mac partially raising Brian Jr together. They probably babysit while Mandy is at work, and maybe they get him every other weekend, that type of thing. Just imagine the ridiculous antics that would ensue as Mac and Dennis try to keep a toddler alive together.

But they’re definitely not in a relationship. Dennis makes this very clear. They are not together, despite the fact that they turned Mac’s old room into a kid’s room with a tiny bed for when Brian Jr spends the night. And they (mostly) share the bed that’s in Dennis’ room, but sometimes Dennis throws a hissy fit and makes Mac sleep on the couch because moments when Mac gets extra domestic suddenly get too real for him to handle.

Then one day they take Brian Jr to the pediatrician and the doctor is super hot and super into Mac. We all know Mac is into muscular scientists, a doctor is probably close enough, and Mac is just kind of wondering what that body looks like under the white lab coat. He’s making those eyes at him, you know? Meanwhile, Dennis is looking awkward as hell watching the pediatrician flirt with his not boyfriend, after Mac explains that they’re not together. And he’s practically steaming from the ears as they’re leaving, Mac with a new phone number in his pocket.

Dennis tells himself he doesn’t care. Mac is gay and out and he can date whoever he likes. But then Friday night rolls around, Mac is out on his date, and Dennis is left watching Brian Jr by himself. His son won’t stop asking where Mac is, saying he misses him, and Dennis is like, me too little dude, me too. And so he texts Mac 911 saying he has to come home, Brian Jr may or may not have a fever. Mac ditches his date. He’s home in ten minutes flat, arriving in a mad panic that something’s horribly wrong, and Mac’s frantic concern over his son makes it all the more clear to Dennis that he loves loves loves this man so damn much. And he can’t keep lying to himself anymore, and all the feelings spill out into the open in a mess of barely coherent sentences. At the end, Mac is like… so Brian Jr’s fine? Dennis kisses him right then and there, and says that yes, Brian Jr is fine. And then Mac realizes what Dennis just confessed, and he finally gets to raise a kid with the man he loves, but like, for real this time. 

GAahhh, so random, but I’ve been rewatching a ton of AH’s old Minecraft LPs while I get used to doodling on this dang iPad, so some old school Team Nice Dynamite seemed like a fitting subject~

right so this is storyshift +flowerfell (specifically overgrowth) because i have problems and i am so in love with both i had to mash them up

(I couldnt get the hood right so that’s why they aren’t wearing it)


((here’s one more dub video! gaahhh these are so amazing ><))


Hello!!! I’m happily selling my first Summer-themed Hetalia Fanzine!!! GAAHHH I am so happy with the results!!!!


  • 20 cm x 20 cm
  • 20 pages (full colour)
  • $ 20 USD (Paypal only!)
  • Inside: Italy - Germany - Japan - USA - UK - Canada - Russia - Bad Touch Trio (France, Spain, Prussia) - Romano - China - Belarus - Seychelles - Hungary - Belgium - Poland - Lithuania - South Korea - Nyo US - Nyo UK - Nyo JP - Nyo Russ

Please drop me an email if you’re interested! ( or you can just Tumblr-chat me! 

reblogs are appreciated~ THANKYOU!