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So here’s the thing lol. Seven giving a little tease before the real sin happens.. fufufu. @0ikaashi​ was my 707th follower so thanks!


You guys are in denial to think that Seven has abs.. He def has a little belly cause of the way he eats and lives LOL. LIES THAT HE HAS A FLAT STOMACH OR ABS! Unless he has those crazy ass metabolisms…… No that’s insane. He has a belly. You can’t tell me otherwise lol.

How can you see this not happening tho


((here’s one more dub video! gaahhh these are so amazing ><))

Here I am yet again. This gif haunts me every day since I first saw it.

Barry’s eyes: I’m so sorry. Please don’t go, I know I should’ve told you, I know you’re upset, but please don’t stop loving me, don’t shut me out. I love you so much, I need you! Don’t do this to us Iris, I promise I’ll do better, I know we said no more secrets, you don’t understand! I won’t survive without you. I miss my parents, I do, but you are my heart! If I lose you…
I die. Please give me another chance. I will fix this. I would do anything for you, please, I’m begging you don’t take my heart away.

Gaahhh! Why do I do this to myself😭😭😭


Hello!!! I’m happily selling my first Summer-themed Hetalia Fanzine!!! GAAHHH I am so happy with the results!!!!


  • 20 cm x 20 cm
  • 20 pages (full colour)
  • $ 20 USD (Paypal only!)
  • Inside: Italy - Germany - Japan - USA - UK - Canada - Russia - Bad Touch Trio (France, Spain, Prussia) - Romano - China - Belarus - Seychelles - Hungary - Belgium - Poland - Lithuania - South Korea - Nyo US - Nyo UK - Nyo JP - Nyo Russ

Please drop me an email if you’re interested! ( or you can just Tumblr-chat me! 

reblogs are appreciated~ THANKYOU!

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#LOVEYOUGUYS#JISOO#JENNIE#LISA#ROSÉ 100 million views?!?! Like seriously??!! We finally made it!!!!! 🎉 Thank u to ALL our Blinks around the world.. U guys made it possible.. and we just dont know how to thank u guys more😌😭😭 gosh guys!!!!! GAAHHH This is so exciting💙💙💙 We’ll always try harder to make all our blinks proud!! mwahh😘 love you

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Hey hey hiiiii :) I adore every single thing you write and I just saw the prompt list on my dash so could I request 36 from it? (for SuperCat ofc) Thank youuuuu! x

Thank you so much! <3 That’s very kind. I thought I’d do this one for Valentine’s Day, but finished it early. Hope you enjoy (:


No,” Cat glared, emerald eyes simmering beneath the dark rims of her glasses.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” Kara balked. “It’s a word.”

“Not that I can verify.”

“Are you serious?” she gaped. “Call…call Clark. He’ll tell you…”

“He’d say anything to help you win.”

“Let me get this straight,” the younger woman fumed, cheeks turning pink. “You’re saying…just because we don’t have a Kryptonian dictionary, I’m not allowed to use my native language? That’s…speciesist!”

“Those are the rules,” Cat shrugged, resolve holding even as Kara’s bottom lip puffed out, the way it always did when she was angry. “You agreed to them.”

“I…” she flustered, running a hand through her messy hair. “That was before I knew…what I know now.”

“What? That the letters you have won’t work, or that I’m a superior player?”

“That’s…gaahhh!” she groaned. “I challenge this ruling.”

“Do I look like Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” Cat shook her head. “It’s not a ruling. Those are just the rules.”

“Yes, but…they’re not fair,” Kara argued. “If I can’t use my letters then…you win.”

“Precisely,” she gloated, starting to count her points. “That’s how it works. Besides, if I didn’t win, I’d have to question my entire career.”

“What does that have to do with…”

“Oh, I don’t know, let’s see,” she mused, tapping her lips before taking a sip of wine. “Thirty years as a journalist, a weaver of words, not to mention all the writing I did before you even set foot on this Earth. I do have an advantage, I won’t deny it. But that doesn’t mean you get to…”

Fine,” Kara rolled her eyes. “God, I wish I could hate you.”

“Mm,” Cat laughed quietly, reaching out, stroking her cheek. “Too bad there’s no chance of that.”

“Yeah,” Kara sighed, grinning a bit evilly before leaning across the board, knocking over several tiles. “Too bad…”

“Excuse me, I wasn’t finished…” she stopped, cut off by the softest, sweetest kiss, Kara’s hands cradling her face as she brushed their noses together. Cat wondered just how many times their lips had touched. It had to be in the thousands, maybe millions by now, and still, every time, it was enough to make her forget about everything else, including winning.

“Do you even want to know what zrhueiao means?” she scooted closer, tickling her lips against her ear.

“What?” Cat swallowed.

“It means…lovely,” she whispered. “And I only thought of it because…I’ve been watching you all night…waiting for the game to be over, wondering how hard I’m going to have to work to get you out of this dress…” she traced her hands across her collarbones “…so I can admire fully…just how lovely you are.”

Cat’s lips parted again. She watched Kara’s eyes glitter, so impossibly blue, like the far reaches of the sky, the parts she’d never see. They were so genuine, so full of desire and respect, Cat immediately felt a wave of guilt creep through her stomach.

“I suppose…you can use your words,” she rolled her eyes. “Next time.”

“Thank you!” Kara beamed.

“But…if you don’t take me to bed right this minute…” she hummed, toying with one of the sleeves of her dress until it slipped off her shoulder. “…I might be forced to reconsider.”

Kara laughed warmly, leaning in again, burying her face in her neck before pulling her to her feet and down the hall, leaving the game behind.

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haaii I was the one who requested the kakashi babysitting boruto scenario and I absolutely love it!! So cute and fluffy gaahhh... Now that that's done, can you do a headcannon of Kakashibby's interaction with little Himawari please? thaankss

I’m so happy you liked that Boruto and Kakashi scenario and thank you for asking about Himawari too :) I think Kakashi and Himawai interaction would be really cute :) 

Headcannons of Kakashi babysitting Himawari

  • Kakashi prefers babysitting Himawari over Boruto. Only because Boruto was a very energetic toddler and kid, that babysitting Himawari is so much easier. Himawari is very cheerful and mellow child compared to her brother but she is extremely curious.
  • When Himawari was little, Kakashi had to worry mostly about Himawari putting things in her mouth she wasn’t suppose too, such as pencils, paper, toys, cords, rubber bands, or necklaces. Kakashi had to make sure she didn’t swallow anything, because she had that habit of putting things in her mouth when she was a toddler.
  • When Himawari is around 5 years old, she’s more interested in building blocks and stacking objects when playing, which Kakashi found intriguing to watch. Himawari even begged Kakashi to build a castle with her, which Kakashi agreed to but he would purposefully build something odd to make an excuse that he wasn’t good at building. Himawari would look at his creation and tell him it takes practice and ask him to place it in the castle somewhere.
  • Kakashi loves Himawari’s sweet and cheerful attitude and wouldn’t mind taking her to the park. Himawari loves to play outside, pick flowers, and pretend she’s making a stew with all the plants she finds. Kakashi finds this a perfect opportunity to lay back in the grass as she’s content with playing by herself.
  • I can also imagine Kakashi being ok with Himawari, while she was playing, bringing him flowers. Kakashi would thank her for the flowers and she might tell him to stick them in his hair. Kakashi would smile at her and let her do so. She would giggle at the end result and Kakashi would ask if he looked pretty now to get her to laugh more. 

can i just say i’m so grateful for each and every single person i’ve met through tumblr? 

like seriously. everyone here is so incredibly nice and wonderful and i truly wish the entire world was like that. 

to anyone who’s hit that follow button or sent me any kind words, whether or not we’ve ever actually interacted, i appreciate you so much more than you will ever know. 

i may still be on the road to self-acceptance and self love, but i feel so much better knowing that there’s lovely people on the internet who are always willing to help me every step of the way. 

so thank you. and if you’re reading this thinking i don’t love you, you’re a silly goose and i absolutely do. thank you for making me feel welcomed and taking a chance on this girl with anxiety/self esteem issues and big dreams and a love for bands and youtubers. you’re all better than toast.

Where the Ying meets the Yang

“And all was black and still, and black and cold, and black and dead, and black.”

Those were the last words Charlie remembered hearing before sleep had crept into her mind, like a thief in the night. The quote so ominous, she felt compelled to feel the weight of the words on her tongue. And heavy they certainly were. It’s hard to tell whether she’d even managed to say them right, for her mind had grown too foggy.

Black and still, black and cold.

Yet they echoed resoundingly within the hallowed corridors of her mind, while scenes of Jon Snow and the crows of the night’s watch blared on her television screen.

“black and cold, and black and dead, and black.”

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이상 한국어 영어 태국어로 인사드린 블핑이였습니다💕🌸

Why do I think about him all the time like stop. Since I admitted it again to my friend yesterday (and to another friend today) he has been like constantly on my mind and I’m like … ? cuz the thing this time is that I think I may actually have a chance but I just don’t know how to make a move goddamit

My brother was watching the TLJ trailer, and I was just there beside him trying to look nonchalant and cool about it. But deep inside, I wanted to scream, yell at him that there is a poster of it, that there will be a Grey Jedi, that Kylo has a sexy scar, that there is a Balance, (that Reylo could be possibly CANON [although I’m sure he doesn’t know what Reylo means]) because I cannot contain my happiness and I don’t want him to know that I am a GEEK!

right so this is storyshift +flowerfell (specifically overgrowth) because i have problems and i am so in love with both i had to mash them up

(I couldnt get the hood right so that’s why they aren’t wearing it)


Can’t get enough of these hedgies.

Based off of this. (I tried to mimick the DBS art style lmao)

It was honestly..a lot funnier in my head gaahhh >n<


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