All the crafty things I’ve made over the past year or so. I’ve made more but I either didn’t take pictures before sending them off or didn’t think they were picture-worthy.
From the top:
Jake the Dog (a request from Hukuzo)
Snorlax (Also for that guy, cept it was a secret til Christmas)
Scalemate plushie for the meowrail
Scalemate plushie for some guy that gets you or something, it has different colored eyes so I took TWO pictures =D
Scalemate plushie for myself cause goddamn I made like two and I wanted one and it has my Zodiac sign on it and oh God it is the best thing to sleep with yes I am 25 and I still sleep with stuffed animals shut up
And then GameGrumps, which sadly got lost in the mail as I can’t get either of them to respond to my constant barrage of emails.

So yes this is how I spend my free time when I’m not begging for attention on Tumblr. I have other Christmas presents that need finishing and giving before I can post those but I wanted to get these out cause damn I’m proud of my crafty self sometimes.