I need a woman. not a girl.

I need somebody who doesn’t play games with my emotions, like I’m just a source of entertainment for them. I need someone who works for me & makes me work for them. I don’t want you just to hand me your heart, I want to earn it. I need somebody who doesn’t need me, but wants me. I need somebody who has their own life so I can obtain the privilege to be in it. I need a woman. not a girl. I want a future & I want her to be in it. I want to grow with someone & bring out the best in her. I want that.


I hate when people use gay as an insult. Like its 2016 people, being gay isn’t something bad! When someone says ‘gaaaaaaay’ in class to insult someone there’s an immediate distaste and uncomfortableness in the air while people mumble or even openly comment about it being a stupid insult. Personally myself I openly ship a gay couple (obviously) and I’ll openly talk about them. Shipping two boys or two girls is the same as shipping a boy and girl.