Alternate team names
  • Edmonton Oilers: Oil Boys
  • Boston Bruins: Disappointment Bears
  • Colorado Avalanche: Falling Snow Fucks
  • Calgary Flames: Tiny match boys
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: gaaaaaaay
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: birds with a superiority complex
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: The blow me blue jackets
  • New York Islanders: this would be easier if they had a home
los signos después de morir

aries: gobierna el infierno 

tauro: se convierte en un cometa 

géminis: comienza una nueva vida olvidando todo de la anterior

cancer: va al cielo para poder descansar en el paraíso (finally) 

leo: inicia una vida nueva como un dios

virgo: se va al infierno

libra: permanece en la tierra como un fantasma 

escorpio: se casa con aries

sagitario: gobierna el cielo

capricornio: se convierte en un planeta

acuario: inicia una vida nueva en otra constelación

piscis: se convierte en una sirena (já gaaaaaaay)

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Josh groans softly when the other guy started to suck on his neck. Every touch felt so intense. He felt Mike’s firm body pressing against his went he climbed on top of him. He already knew how his body looks since they shared lockers. But man it would be even prettier to see it right now at the moment. “Y-Yeah dude…. I mean…. isn’t that what you want to?”

Josh his hands start to unbutton Mike his shirt in the most greedy way, he wanted to see those nice ass pecs that Mike has. “I’m surprised tho… that you’re into guys…. wouldn’t have expected that you know.”

Kimura Natsuki’s SSR

so I’m sure you guys have seen the Incredibly Gay new SSR Natsukichi has, but, oh, what’s that mysterious dialogue by her?


“Dolly, you’re my… Ah, dammit, you’re not listening. But I know you know it.”

but what if kira was the one to cut malias hair?

like, they’re having a normal sleepover and kiras brushing through malias long hair, telling her how nice it is as she attempts a braid. and it makes malia think back to her little sister and how she’d do the same things with her; braid and comb her hair, soothe her through the tangles.

malias kind of quiet when she brings this up as kiras fingers separate her hair and kira takes a short pause to settle with what she’s hearing. kiras voice is so soft when she asks the casual questions… ‘was her hair like yours?’ and malias little amused huff as she responds 'softer, actually. it was hard to braid sometimes.’ and the conversation gets kind of quiet for a while before malia starts talking about wanting to wash away some of this guilt, try and better herself with the family and friends she has.

and that’s when kira brings up the hair cutting like 'y'know.. in a lot of asian cultures people believe that cutting your hair is a way of letting go of the past, starting anew’ and malia considers this for a moment and turns to kira a little to be like 'you think that’ll help?’ and kira gives her a soft shrug before she tells her how it could be a step in the right direction

and from there kira is the one to cut malias hair which seems to spark something because it’s also around the time malia starts to up her grades and focus on herself

the end

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Name: Katrina (not my real name but close enough)

Nicknames: Kat

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Height: 5'10-11′’

Orientation: Gaaaaaaay

Nationality: Australian

Favorite Favourite fruit: Blackberries/Mago

Favorite Favourite season: Autumn

Favorite Favourite book: Ooh. On the Edge of Gone, also Eragon was a special interest as a kid, so I have to say that

Favorite Favourite flower: Lavender smells real cool

Favorite Favourite scent: I mean.. Lavender is the only ‘strong’ smell I will willingly tolerate

Favorite Favourite color colour: Blue

Favorite Favourite animal: Uuugh Red pandas also cats

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee cause I’m dead inside

Average sleep hours: Lool erm. either like 4 or 12

Cat or dog person: Cats are awesome and also autistic so I’m biased

Favorite Favourite fictional character: Mordred from Merlin makes me cry

Number of blankets you sleep with: Min of 3 included my weighted blanket. 7 when the world sucks

Dream trip: All the old shit in Europe bu without the people

Blog created: Sometime in 2014 after I stalked a person  

Number of followers: 214 of people,  why are you here

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