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That Shijima's got a nice booty, don't he? <:y Dem nice, tight, firm buns are something delivered straight from Arceus' oven, I tells ya. cB

“Hey. Don’t get any ideas, greyface. That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about there. He’s not some piece of ass for you to sit there and ogle. You start messing with him and I’ll find you and end you.”

…though greyface is right. Shijima is hot as hell. Wouldn’t mind that nice butt of his being tauric every so often for a bit of extra love. Mmmmm~

…I shouldn’t even be thinking of this sort of stuff! He’s my boyfriend, not some sort of sex fantasy! Calm down, Loki, calm down… mindwipemindwipemindwipemindwipeaaaaaaaahessohotiojsifmofweoijo