when i saw the first alley scene, i didn’t think “gay” immediately.

one of the first lines is percival asking “is it your mother again?”

so here is what i assumed with my mile a minute thought process:

  • percival is credence’s father
  • he was married to mary lou until she found out he was a wizard
  • at which point she tried to keep credence (and his siblings) from percival entirely
  • percival covertly meets with his son 
  • his promises were to take him from his abusive mother in the future and raise him as his own

so…. au of this i guess?

oh but by the second alley scene i was like “gaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

YoI in a nutshell
  • Yuuri: anxious precious little baby who is not so innocent like damn what happened son eros a+
  • Viktor: the biggest nerd to ever nerd and just a precious little baby that loves his Yuuri
  • Yurio: small angry russian cat that highkey wants to be loved but lowkey shows it and hisses when you get too close
  • Pitchit: friend goals and the sweetest little baby that is basically a fanboy and addicted to his social media
  • Leo: a loud lion that yells and yells and loves music and tries hard and is a little bundle of sunshine
  • Guang-Hong: anxiety and chinese and small and shy and a precious little boy who tries so hard and his goal is to be a hero
  • Kenjiro: fanboy for Yuuri and a loud little boy with red in his hair and the sweetest thing to ever live that everyone loves, a precious little cinnamon roll that we all must protect no exceptions
  • Chris: mature eros and obsessed with viktor and beating him, in his own words "the sexiest ever" and ~2fab4u~
  • Jean: king of the world and a canadian who is very self absorbed and just all "me me me me me" but still a++ skating

STAN: Oh! I got a bunch of stuff!
CRAIG: My present was the best.
KYLE: Didn’t you get him a pack of gum?
CRAIG: Eighteen packs of gum. Because I’m creative.
STAN: How did you even know I liked spearmint?
CRAIG: Lucky guess.
CRAIG: And it wasn’t for nothing.
CRAIG: It was for the drinking. I did the same for quitting smoking.
STAN: Yeah dude, it was really sweet!

STAN: And Kyle got us matching necklaces!
KYLE: Stan’s has a luggage lock and the key, and mine also has a key.
KYLE: It’s supposed to represent unlocking our baggage, stuff like that.
KYLE: It made more sense when I first explained it.
CRAIG: It’s still gay as all hell.

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please,, more Neil being an amazing kisser headcanons I need them

I don’t think this is exactly what you wanted, but it’s what I could come up with and it fits the criteria, so it’s what you’re getting

Aka the story of HOW Neil became such an amazing kisser

Aka the 3rd worst day of Neil’s life

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First of all, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Second of all, so offended I'm not your favourite thing starting with P. Thirdly: w, j, g <3

was waiting for a V BABE ❤

w- WILDE also window to the past on the hp soundtrack

j- … james potter also my Boy joseph kavinsky

g- GIRLS but also gentlemen & players by joanne harris also… most important .. Gayness

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Angie and Ruby

who is more likely to hurt the other? ang
who is emotionally stronger? ruby
who is physically stronger? angie
who is more likely to break a bone? ruby
who knows best what to say to upset the other? angie
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? ruby
who treats who’s wounds more often? ruby treats angies
who is in constant need of comfort? angie
who gets more jealous? angie
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? ruby
who will propose? angie
who has the most difficult parents? i dont like this question anymore
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAy
who hogs the blankets? ruby (but angie lets her bc she looks like a cute lil burrito)
who gets more sad? ruby
who is better at cheering the other up? angie
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? ruby
who is more streetwise? ruby 
who is more wise? ruby
who’s the shyest? ruby
who boasts about the other more? angie
who sits on who’s lap? they take turns lol


Different parts of this were stuck in my head all throughout today.