YoI in a nutshell
  • Yuuri: anxious precious little baby who is not so innocent like damn what happened son eros a+
  • Viktor: the biggest nerd to ever nerd and just a precious little baby that loves his Yuuri
  • Yurio: small angry russian cat that highkey wants to be loved but lowkey shows it and hisses when you get too close
  • Pitchit: friend goals and the sweetest little baby that is basically a fanboy and addicted to his social media
  • Leo: a loud lion that yells and yells and loves music and tries hard and is a little bundle of sunshine
  • Guang-Hong: anxiety and chinese and small and shy and a precious little boy who tries so hard and his goal is to be a hero
  • Kenjiro: fanboy for Yuuri and a loud little boy with red in his hair and the sweetest thing to ever live that everyone loves, a precious little cinnamon roll that we all must protect no exceptions
  • Chris: mature eros and obsessed with viktor and beating him, in his own words "the sexiest ever" and ~2fab4u~
  • Jean: king of the world and a canadian who is very self absorbed and just all "me me me me me" but still a++ skating

when i saw the first alley scene, i didn’t think “gay” immediately.

one of the first lines is percival asking “is it your mother again?”

so here is what i assumed with my mile a minute thought process:

  • percival is credence’s father
  • he was married to mary lou until she found out he was a wizard
  • at which point she tried to keep credence (and his siblings) from percival entirely
  • percival covertly meets with his son 
  • his promises were to take him from his abusive mother in the future and raise him as his own

so…. au of this i guess?

oh but by the second alley scene i was like “gaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

STAN: Oh! I got a bunch of stuff!
CRAIG: My present was the best.
KYLE: Didn’t you get him a pack of gum?
CRAIG: Eighteen packs of gum. Because I’m creative.
STAN: How did you even know I liked spearmint?
CRAIG: Lucky guess.
CRAIG: And it wasn’t for nothing.
CRAIG: It was for the drinking. I did the same for quitting smoking.
STAN: Yeah dude, it was really sweet!

STAN: And Kyle got us matching necklaces!
KYLE: Stan’s has a luggage lock and the key, and mine also has a key.
KYLE: It’s supposed to represent unlocking our baggage, stuff like that.
KYLE: It made more sense when I first explained it.
CRAIG: It’s still gay as all hell.

Is Mark Gay Or European?
  • Kathryn: There! Right there! Look at that tan, well-tinted skin, look at the killer shape he's in, look at that slightly stubbly chin- oh please, he's gay, totally gay!
  • Bob: I'm not about to celebrate- every trait could indicate the totally straight expatriate. This guy's not gay, I say not gay!
  • Everyone: That is the elephant in the room. Well, is it relevant to assume that a man who wears perfume is automatically radically fay?
  • Tyler: But look at his coiffed and crispy locks.
  • Kathryn: Look at his silk translucent socks!
  • Bob: There's the eternal paradox, look what we're seeing.
  • Kathryn: What are we seeing?
  • Bob: Is he gay?
  • Kathryn: Of course he's gay!
  • Bob: Or European?
  • Everyone: ...ohhhhhh...
  • Gay or European? It's hard to he gay or european?
  • Ethan: [looks around] Well, hey don't look at me!
  • Mandy: You see they bring their boys up different in those charming foreign ports. They play peculiar sports-
  • Everyone: In shiny shirts and tiny shorts! Gay or foreign fella? The answer could take weeks! They will say things like "Ciao, bella~" while they kiss you on both cheeks-
  • Kathryn: Oh please.
  • Everyone: Gay or European? So many shades of gray!
  • Ethan: Depending on the time of day, the French go either way...
  • Everyone: Is he gay or European? Or-
  • Molly: There! Right there! Look at that condescending smirk, seen it on every guy at work. That is a metro-hetro jerk- that guy's not gay, I say no way!
  • Everyone: That is the elephant in the room. Well, is it relevant to presume that a hottie in that costume-
  • Kathryn: Is automatically, radically-
  • Bob: Ironically, chronically-
  • Mandy: Scurtainly, certainly-
  • Ethan: Genetically, medically-
  • Everyone: Gay! Officially gay! Officially gay, gay, gay, gay!
  • Mark: [kisses Amy on the cheek]
  • Everyone: Dammit! Gay or European?
  • Bob: So stylish and relaxed!
  • Everyone: Is he gay or European?
  • Bob: ...I think his chest is waxed...
  • Mandy: But they bring their boys up different there, it's culturally diverse! It's not a fashion curse-
  • Everyone: If he wears a kilt or bears a purse. Gay or just exotic? I still can't crack the code...
  • Wade: Yet his accent is hypnotic, but his shoes are pointy toed.
  • Everyone: Huh...Gay or European? So many shades of gray-
  • Fangirl: But if he turns out straight, I'm free at 8 on Saturday ;)
  • Everyone: Is he gay or European? Gay or European? Gay or Euro-
  • Tyler: Wait a minute! Give me a chance to crack this guy- I have an idea I'd like to try.
  • Bob: The floor is yours.
  • Tyler: So Mr. Fischbach...this alleged affair with Ms. Nelson has been going on for...?
  • Mark: 2 years.
  • Tyler: And your first name again is...?
  • Mark: Mark.
  • Tyler: And your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Mark: Jack.
  • Everyone: [gasps]
  • Mark: [stammers] I'm sorry! I misunderstood! You said boyfriend? I thought you said best friend! Jack is my best friend.
  • Jack: You bastard! You lying bastard! That's it! I'm not covering for you anymore! People, I have a big announcement- This man is gay AND European!
  • Everyone: Whoa!
  • Jack: And neither is his place. You've got to stop your being a completely closet case! It's me, not her, he's seeing- no matter what he says, I swear he never, ever, EVER swings the other way! [angrily points to Mark] You are so gay, you big parfait, you flaming boy in cabaret-
  • Mark: I'm straight!
  • Jack: You were not yesterday. [winks] So if I may, I'm proud to say- he's gay!
  • Everyone: And European!
  • Jack: He's gay!
  • Everyone: And European!
  • Jack: He's gaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • Everyone: And European and Gay!
  • Mark: Fine, okay, I'm gay!
  • Everyone: Hooray!