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First prompt request is done for the lovely ravingevolution! Thank you for submitting!

and yeah, I don’t know XD This is what I imagined them doing. Hope this is okay?

p.s. I had no idea what a selkie was, so after some reading, they are apparently seals that shed their skin when they get out of the water (and become human!) so hopefully this makes sense XD

The Hamilton Characters Drunk af (also Ben Franklin)
  • George Washington: the sober drunk™. Honestly, this man could do shots like there's not tomorrow and you'd never know. He just wakes up with the worst hangover. Think Legolas from that one scene in Lord of the Rings.
  • Alexander Hamilton: really the only difference is that his brain-to-mouth filter even more non-existent than it already is, but he may pass out at a moment's notice. The light-weight who has no idea he's a light-weight, so he'll wake up on the couch or the bathroom floor and wonder what the fuck just happened.
  • Thomas Jefferson: the whiny, sad drunk, who may or may not also be high. He'd probably be crying about how James doesn't love him (to James. He's talking to James) or something else wrong with his life, and then go try to pick someone up at the bar (he fails epically). James would take him home after that and they may end up fucking idk.
  • Ben Franklin: horny.
  • James Madison: the designated driver. Or he will only have like one beer, because he is smol™.
  • Eliza Schuyler: the party girl drunk. Will dance on tables, or will mix weird things with vodka/whiskey/that drink that was left out on the counter and tastes a bit suspect. Angelica drags her home around 2am before she toilet papers the house of the professor that lives down the road.
  • Angelica Schuyler: tries and fails not to get drunk, but still manages to stay sober enough NOT to make-out with a whiny Thomas Jefferson (except for that one time. She grabbed the wrong drink, which was one of Eliza's creations. Fuck you Eliza)
  • Peggy Schuyler: will make-out with anyone, and probably gets kicked out early because the party host caught her screwing someone in their bed tbh. It usually falls to Angelica to sort her out.
  • John Laurens: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-er than usual, other than that, the typical slurred, out of your tree drunk. (Will make out with Alexander anywhere, anytime)
  • Lafayette: will stick American flags in his hair (or anywhere else, really), and will join Eliza in making weird af drinks. Probably starts the very sexual game of truth-or-dare. Has probably made out with everyone in the squad at some point. No one talks about it.
  • Hercules Mulligan: will either be classy af and drink a Guinness (he's Irish y'all it happens), or down an entire bottle of cheap liquor store vodka, there is no in between. His hangover varies based on the cheapness of alcohol.

me: i wonder if they’ll just make jimon bickery and lowkey homoerotic in the show and just ignore all the angst and super gayness the books unintentionally had



writers: wanna see jace aggressively forcing simon to hold his hand and simon pinning jace to a wall and getting really close to him and simon insisting he’s not jace’s type and jace carrying an injured simon in his arms?