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GD ♥ Woobin phone conversation: 

Q: You once said you wanted to get close to GD, have you ever talked to him personally after that?

Kim Woobin: G-DRAGON…ssi (honorific in Korean) should I call call him that?

Kim Woobin: Whatever he wears, it looks good 

Kim Woobin: Whatever he sings, he looks so cool

Kim Woobin: (Fanboying) There’s nothing I can do about it

Kim Woobin: I really wanted to get close to him

Kim Woobin: We didn’t really have the opportunity to get close personally

GD: Hello, this is G-Dragon

*Woobin’s eyes widen*

Kim Woobin: *Laughs* Hello?

GD: Ah, Woobin-ssi, hello

GD: I’m talking to a guy on the phone and I'm getting very nervous

Kim Woobin: *shyly* Me too

GD: You know how we talked for a little when I appeared on MCountdown last time, right?

GD: I also wanted to become close to you…

GD: I- I’m one year older than you, right?

Kim Woobin: Yeah, yeah, you’re the hyung. You can talk comfortably to me.

GD: I know it doesn’t suit me and I know I don’t look like a hyung but please call me hyung

Kim Woobin: Hyung! Hyung! Ah Hyung~

Kim Woobin: Can you call me Woobin-ah~ just once?

GD: Woobin-ah~

GD: *With aegyo* Our Woobin-ie~ Do you have anything curious about hyung? 

Kim Woobin: What is your most memorable stage on MCountdown?

GD: Um… the most memorable stage…

GD: The first stage was very memorable since you guys prepared a really fancy stage for me.

GD: Hmm.. an episode that happened while promoting would be.. when I was rehearsing for CROOKED, the mic fell off from the stand. 

GD: When I looked at the video, it looked better like that. So I managed to do well. Because I’m a pro~

GD: Also, I never thought that I would be performing WINDOW live but thankfully you guys gave me the opportunity…

GD: I think MCountdown always decorates the stages beautifully depending on the mood of the song.

GD: So as a singer, it really feels easy for me to prepare a stage in MCountdown

Kim Woobin: MCountdown stages are your favorite and are the best… Is that what you're saying?

GD: I’ll say that for today

Kim Woobin: What are G-Dragon’s plans for 2014?

GD: To get closer to Woobin-ie~ 

GD: I will get really close with you in 2014.

Kim Woobin: Hyung, I really enjoy watching <Infinity Challenge>.

Kim Woobin: (About GD and Jung Hyung Don) It’s not just a concept, right? It’s true love, right?

GD: *laughs* Strangely, it’s always like this whenever I talk to men on the phone.

Kim Woobin: We can play the videos of the stages that G-dragon wants to watch again. As our first show of the year.

GD: Oh really?

Kim Woobin: Yeah

GD: I want to see WINDOW stage again

GD: Since it’s the winter and it’s cold… 

Kim Woobin: Then we’ll play the WINDOW stage right away

Kim Woobin: Thanks for making the time to call like this even though you’re busy

GD: No problem (It’s okay)

Kim Woobin: And I will call you again later personally.

GD: Okay, I got it. Let’s meet up later. 

Kim Woobin: I love you

GD: Woobinie fighting~

After the phonecall:

Kim Woobin: *proud* Ah…. I just talked to G-DRAGON on the phone…

Translated by @bigbanggisvip

Please credit when you take it elsewhere! :)