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GOT7 Reaction to You Being Kidnapped by a Rival Gang (Gang!AU)

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JB - His usual calm exterior would melt instantaneously. The small smile usually evident on his face would quickly vanish, being replaced with a deep scowl, his eyes narrowing into possessive slits. His entire body would turn rigid as he tries his best to keep a cool head while going to confront the rival gang. He would not be above striking a deal to get you back. He would not be above sneaking his way in secretly. He would not be above barging through the front entrance and fighting his way through. He would not be above anything if it meant getting you back. He will get you back, at any cost.

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Jackson - “How dare they?!” he would growl out in a low voice. Jackson’s reaction would be a bit more irrational, flipping tables, profanities flying out of his mouth, storming out of the room to his car. His other gang members may attempt to stop him from such drastic behavior without thinking it through first, but his anger would be so intense they would back off immediately, fearing for their own safety. His driving would be reckless as he rushed to the rival gang’s hideout. Confrontation would be inevitable. Jackson would storm in, not even bothering to take a back door or side entrance to attack with the element of surprise. It would turn into a full out brawl, blood spattering everywhere, and he wouldn’t stop until he either got you back, or couldn’t fight anymore.

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Jr. - Of course Jr. would be angry, just like any of the other members, but instead of just selfish anger filling his body, his motherly instinct would kick in. Jr. would be more worried for your physical health than blinded by the anger that someone would dare take you. Jr. would be a bit frantic, unsure of how he should go about getting you back and making sure he got you back safely. His fellow gang members would take the lead in devising a plan to get you back. Jr. would most likely end up being the look out. While he wanted nothing more than to be the one to rescue you himself, the other members thought his concern for you and his flighty behavior may put the plan in danger. Unwilling to risk the possibility of not getting you back, Jr. would swallow his pride and allow his members to take the lead.

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Yugyeom - Immediately, his possessive instinct of you would kick in. He would attempt to storm out of the room acting on heavy impulses much like Jackson would, but his fellow gang members would slow him down, beckoning him to think a bit more rationally. His hot head would by no means cool, but he wouldn’t reject their proposal of going in together to get you back. They would devise a simple plan of attack, some members going in the front entrance, some in the back while Yugyeom sneaks in secretly, undetected to sneak you out during all the commotion.

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Youngjae - While Youngjae would no doubt be seething with anger, he would be smart enough to give himself time to cool down and think tactically. He wouldn’t just barge into the hideout and demand your immediate return, he would get leverage first. He would stealthily kidnap someone just as near to the rival gang leader as you were to him. He would propose a trade in an attempt to get you back, but if his leverage wasn’t enough, he would resort to more drastic measures. His position being sniper of the gang, he would take out the leader. If the rival gang leader was stupid enough to reject Youngjae’s original offer, Youngjae would be equally stupid enough to take out the leader, even at the risk of potentially starting an all out gang war.

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BamBam -  Much like Youngjae, he would strike a deal. He wouldn’t go to the same extent as Youngjae, but he would think tactically, coming up the best way to get you back. BamBam most likely would not deal with trades involving kidnapping on his end, but both money and a power play would be on the table. BamBam would deal with the situation as a business, trying his best to appear emotionless as to not give the rival gang leader any leverage in rising his demands. BamBam would downplay his emotions for you, maybe even claiming you were nothing to him, except as an asset in business and…other affairs. He would be cold to you even when the rival gang leader forcefully throws you on the ground in front of him. Only once you were back at your hideout safe and sound would his worry show through, hugging you so hard you could barely breathe.

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Mark - Mark’s anger would be silent, but deadly. He would go in alone and secretly steal you back from the rival gang’s clutches, all whilst not making a sound. Sneaking in at the most unexpected hour, you would be back before you could even call out his name. Before any of the other gang members even noticed your’s or Mark’s absence, you would be back at you home hideout, safely in Mark’s arms. But that wouldn’t be the end of it, no, no, no. Mark suppressed his anger just long enough to rescue you. Now that you were back with him, safe and sound where he could protect you, he was going back after the gang who had the audacity to kidnap his girl. He would take out each member, picking them off one by one until only the leader was left. Then he would then let the rival gang leader suffer and wait for his final strike, just like he had made you, his love, suffer.

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