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About these magical things that happen in museums

I was back at the Uffizi today, determined to focus my attention on the Caravaggio and Caravagesques rooms. They are the last two rooms of the museum, therefore I couldn’t really enjoy them last time as I was exhausted after all the Renaissance masters.


I really wanted to catch up with Bacchus, because I clearly didn’t give him the attention he deserves the first time I saw him. Today, I really couldn’t resist this seducing glance and spent a lot of time with him.

Really, how can anyone resist him??

Anyway. I tried not to miss any detail of this masterpiece and then I noticed something, a really really small detail, in the carafe in front of him.

Before you continue reading, please take a little time trying to see what I saw. Something disturbing…

…something that could vaguely remind you of a familiar shape.

Consider that you might not be able to see it on a cellphone screen, or even on your computer screen depending on your contrast/luminosity settings, but believe me it’s much more clearer in real.

I almost exclaimed out loud “oh my god, that’s a face right there!!!!!”

See the big white reflection? Just on its right, there are small clearer splashes which look like a face. If you don’t see it you’re welcomed to come and see the painting in Florence.♥

I started thinking really hard, first I thought my eyes were failing me, or that I was becoming crazy, or that this hallucination was a symptom of the Stendhal syndrome. Then I told to myself, well, you know Caravaggio, you know nothing is hazardous in his works. But then why painting some guy’s face in the reflection of the glass? Well, if you consider that he painted this scene just as he saw it, with no invention, then it could absolutely be a self-portrait, a reflection of himself as he painted his model standing in front of him. I wasn’t sure of anything. Actually, I’ve studied this painting very deeply during my bachelor’s degree, and our teacher never mentioned this detail, which felt weird to me.

First thing I did when I came back home was obviously to tell my art historians mates about this, and to make some research. And indeed, it is commonly believed that these weird splashes are a face, that could be Caravaggio’s reflection on the carafe. I’m sorry if you knew about it, because it seems actually very famous. But I didn’t know. My degrees and love for Caravaggio don’t prevent me from being ignorant.

As a conclusion, guys, when you visit a museum, spend all the time you can looking at paintings and at all their smallest details. Chances are you could find something truly amazing.

Hey guys.

As most of you have known, yesterday was a hectic day for SFS. I don’t think I need to mention it here. After the news broke up, our inbox and ask blew up that I have to turn everything off. But we can’t do the same for our email.

We received pretty much everything there. There are some readers begging for us to pick CBAW again, there are some readers who keep sending the application without even realising the situation, even after I lock the application documents, they still sent request to view the docs. But above all, there are a lot of readers who sent encouraging messages. Someone even sent a lame joke and it manages to make laugh xD 

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who sent kind words and kindly said you’ll wait for us. I can’t reply to each of them but know that we appreciate every single email that you sent to us. 

Next is regarding private blog. As some of you already know, you can still go to our private blog but you can’t access it, which mean we still haven’t remove it. We decided to give you a second chance and will start accepting the application again tonight. Don’t ask when and where’s the application form or whatever. Just wait for the announcement later.

Thanks to Mia and Nelkk for patiently answering all questions about SFS that were sent to RF. Thanks to Kylie Le, Melly M, Sara Clain, Yosepin, Eduardo Kairos, Angela, Oxybless, Kristina, and more readers who sent their loves, supports and encouragement. You know who you’re. And also Dyule for sending me the lame joke. It totally cracks me up xD

Ohh and also, I still turn off our ask and message, so please don’t flood our email with anything unrelated with the request application.

Lots of love for you,


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  • Me: Do it! Forshorten! *Punching my art skills*
  • My art skills: *Spitting blood at my feet*
  • Me: You have to if you want to get better! DRAW IT!!
  • My art skills: I'M TRYING! *gross sobbing*
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