ga: 8x15


Much has been said since last night’s episode of Portia’s use of the word “bond” and the implications that has for Dean and Cas. But I also thought the dialogue and acting choices in this scene were worth noting:

Portia: Familiars and their masters - we can communicate telepathically. I could get inside James’ head anytime I wanted - but he shut me out.

Sam: So what, you think maybe there’s something in there he didn’t want you to see?

Portia: Possibly, yeah. Something dark, you know, that’s destroying him?

Note that this part of the conversation takes place between Portia and Sam. Dean, who takes the lead for the rest of the scene, remains silent as Portia looks and speaks directly to his brother. Sam turns to look at Dean after Portia mentions telepathy, and the camera shifts focus from his face to Dean’s. Their eyes flicker toward each other as she speaks of “something dark,” something “destroying him,” and we’re left with a shot of Dean looking pensive, indeed.

Now, while Dean has never been able to see into Cas’ head, they do communicate telepathically, via Dean’s prayers. Take a look at the bolded text. Doesn’t it capture almost perfectly what’s going on with Cas right now? And don’t you think, from the boys’ reactions, that maybe, just maybe, they’ve thought of that, too?

  • Mark Sloan: “Più si acquista esperienza e più si diventa conservatori.”
  • Miranda Bailey: “Conservatori? Oh, è a questo che ti porta il successo? Perciò sei felice e poi hai paura e vuoi che nella tua vita non cambi niente?”
  • Mark Sloan: “Tu sei cresciuta e non vuoi rischiare, perché sai che i rischi hanno delle conseguenze.
  • Per questo abbiamo intorno gli specializzandi, ci mantengono vivi.”
  • Miranda Bailey: “Mi stai dicendo che non sono più giovane, ormai?”
  • Mark Sloan: “Ti sto dicendo che sei arrivata.”
  • — 8x15.

I know this is me wearing my shipping goggles but…

When Dean asked Porsha (Portia? Porsche?) about which came first, girl or dog, I feel like this wasn’t just a bestiality joke waiting to happen. It was like asking if James was able to love her despite the fact that she was a dog. If he saw her as a dog first, was he capable of getting over the fact that she was a dog?

…Because, you know, Cas is an angel. But he’s in a male body. Dean saw him as a guy first and everything else second. He has to be okay with Cas being a guy the same way James had to be okay with Porsha being a dog.

You see where I’m going with this, right?