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1D Preferences #624 Your lipstick on his face...
  • Louis: "Lou, you have a little..." you gesture towards the pink smattering of kisses on his cheeks and blush. You go ti wipe it off with your thumb but he ducks away. "Keep it," he smirks, leaning over and nuzzling your cheek. "Maybe it'll make some people finally believe we're really it's some good reminders of last night."
  • Harry: "I think," he smirks, wetting a napkin and dabbing the red lipstick marks on his face. "This color looked better on you." You roll your eyes and watch as he scrubs off the make-up you'd left. "Good luck trying to scrub off that love bite," you laugh, nodding towards the mark on his collar bone. "That can stay," he retorts, kissing your cheek.
  • Zayn: "Wow," he lets out a breath in front of the mirror and raises an eyebrow. "My lip gloss looks good on you," you tease, noticing the pink smudges near his lips and jawline. "Absolutely does," he laughs, wrapping you in a hug from behind and lowering his voice to a whisper. "Too bad I'll have to wash it off...maybe you can put some more on me later."
  • Niall: "Wow, loving the lipstick, Horan!" Louis calls out, clapping Niall on the back. "You're rocking that bright pink," Zayn laughs, gesturing towards Niall's lips. "Shit," he glances in the mirror and notices your lipstick lingering on his face. He wipes it off with his sleeve and shrugs, giving a bright smile. "I know you guys are jealous, I left it there to remind you of how lovely my girlfriend is."
  • Liam: "My mouth tastes like strawberries," he notices, licking his lips and raising a brow. "It's because my lip gloss is kind of all over your face," you tell him, biting back laughter. "Posh Pink is a lovely shade on you, Payne." He glances at his reflection in the mirror and laughs, wiping the gloss off with his sleeve. "Thanks for that," he teases, nuzzling your cheek.
#624 - #625


I really wanted this Pokemon to be powerful, so it sucks to say that there are better Pokemon out there. However, like Gallade and Froslass before it, it has a powerful niche; so in spite of its statistical downfalls, I promise that it can still make up for it competitively.

I’ll get to that later. Pawniard comes at a pretty convenient time for it actually, since it has very good defensive typing (not surprising since it’s a steel) against the 8th gym. However, it doesn’t actually have any moves that it can use quite yet; it will know Slash and Assurance, but it will have to wait a little while for Night Slash and Iron Head. It also takes forever to evolve (52), thus lowering its sustainability quite a bit.

Its good moves seem to be in breeding, and that’s where its niche comes in. It’s got great defensive typing, defense, and a usable special defense, so I’d say capitalize on its offenses to make Sucker Punch more powerful. That move must be breeded for, but I guarantee, it is one of the best users of it, able to come in and strike with the powerful dark move off of its fantastic attack stat while still being able to take hits like crazy. You should teach it Swords Dance, so you can utilize that bulk it has to effectively sweep right through teams with simply Sucker Punch on your side, aided by moves like Stealth Rock and Thunder Wave to support teammates.

So this is just one of those Pokemon I recommend waiting to get, simply because they do much better after competitively when you breed it for Sucker Punch

Rating: 2u 1c 1s 2o 2r = 8pt total.