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1D Preferences #624 Your lipstick on his face...
  • Louis: "Lou, you have a little..." you gesture towards the pink smattering of kisses on his cheeks and blush. You go ti wipe it off with your thumb but he ducks away. "Keep it," he smirks, leaning over and nuzzling your cheek. "Maybe it'll make some people finally believe we're really it's some good reminders of last night."
  • Harry: "I think," he smirks, wetting a napkin and dabbing the red lipstick marks on his face. "This color looked better on you." You roll your eyes and watch as he scrubs off the make-up you'd left. "Good luck trying to scrub off that love bite," you laugh, nodding towards the mark on his collar bone. "That can stay," he retorts, kissing your cheek.
  • Zayn: "Wow," he lets out a breath in front of the mirror and raises an eyebrow. "My lip gloss looks good on you," you tease, noticing the pink smudges near his lips and jawline. "Absolutely does," he laughs, wrapping you in a hug from behind and lowering his voice to a whisper. "Too bad I'll have to wash it off...maybe you can put some more on me later."
  • Niall: "Wow, loving the lipstick, Horan!" Louis calls out, clapping Niall on the back. "You're rocking that bright pink," Zayn laughs, gesturing towards Niall's lips. "Shit," he glances in the mirror and notices your lipstick lingering on his face. He wipes it off with his sleeve and shrugs, giving a bright smile. "I know you guys are jealous, I left it there to remind you of how lovely my girlfriend is."
  • Liam: "My mouth tastes like strawberries," he notices, licking his lips and raising a brow. "It's because my lip gloss is kind of all over your face," you tell him, biting back laughter. "Posh Pink is a lovely shade on you, Payne." He glances at his reflection in the mirror and laughs, wiping the gloss off with his sleeve. "Thanks for that," he teases, nuzzling your cheek.

So I’ve already seen an IH fan celebrate because of a particular panel in the latest chapter. She was saying that this chapter was very Ichihimeh just because Ichigo banged his head on Orihime’s head. I kinda predicted this reaction after reading the chapter.

The thing is, I don’t think IH fans realize that this scene is a recycled joke that already appeared in chapter 167. I myself can’t see how banging your head in another person’s head could seem romantic. As far as I can see, Ichigo was more occupied with Kon.

Anyway, scenes like these don’t mean anything. If Kubo was actually planning IH, then it should have been Orihime who was in Ichigo’s side during important and crucial times like the Memories in the Rain arc, or that time when Ichigo was so depressed after encountering Ulquiorra and Yammy, and of course, the Fullbring Arc when Ichigo was powerless and desperate. It should have been Orihime who was given the honor of being the one to share those scenes with.

However, in all those times, it was Rukia who was with Ichigo to share those panels that are actually decisive and not scenes like these that have no weight in boosting a pairing. 

Anyway, Welcome back Grimmjow!