ga: 1020

Dear curious fan,

We do not have time for such games. It is up to each individual to keep themselves in top sha–

Oh come on, that’s the most interesting suggestion we’ve gotten in a long time, Saïx. Don’t be such a stiff busy-body, I’m getting bored outta my skull.

I-I don’t know about this…maybe I’ll side with Saïx this time… 

You’re just adverse to putting forth any physical effort into anything Demyx. Perhaps this sort of stimulation will do you some good–I approve of this event.

What? You’re the nerdy one, shouldn’t you be on my side???

This may be a good chance for me to gather data on all the members’ physical well-being and aptitude–I also approve.

Not you too, Vexen!

I’m game. I needed an excuse to challenge Luxord to another bet anyway. I’ll be getting back that munny if I have anything to say about it.

M-maybe I can just referee?

No way, Demy-kins–any opportunity to rough you up a bit without getting in trouble is too good to waste.

Somebody please help!!!

-Members II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and XII