Meredith escaped from the woods medically intact and remarkably stable. She has ridden this particular storm with maturity and a vision of the bigger picture. Is this right? Should this have been the case? Where was the Meredith who almost deliberately drowned herself, where was the one who willingly put her hand in a man’s abdomen to hold a bomb? Where was the Meredith who surrendered to Mrs Shepherd Snr and gave into her dark side? At the end of 902 we had a very good picture of the Meredith of today – she’s the one who chose to show a finger to the crap and be grateful for the good that has come from her time in Seattle and not suffer the ‘woe is me’ of the bad. We saw the emergence of a character that the writers have loved for 8 seasons enough to move her forward and grow, in character. Her voice-over at the end could have been an ‘end of Grey’s’ speech such was it’s message and tone. It wasn’t…fortunately. And where Cristina cut the umbilical cord between them at the end of last season, so Meredith repaired it. I’m looking forward to seeing Meredith this season, the mother, the wife, the mourning sister and finally the grown up doctor.
—  Spoilertv   (9x02)