The third ep started with this amazing scene two of them waling towards the car while popping the street lights to rescue our Eun Tak. The goblin severs the car with his sword into two which was epic,, and then gets the girl out while punishing the bad guys.. butttt our two dumb heroes totally forgot to bring a transport since they don’t use much of it…ikr -_-.. they had to walk a long way home.

Then comes our first goodbye of the ep.. after rescuing her he wanted to treat her to dinner and after that they said their goodbyes which didn’t last long because they ended up seeing each other after that too while pathetically longing for each other.

Then our darling hero finds out the sad fate of Eun Tak… the tale of she was tortured by her aunt’s family so he plans to wreck them by giving them gold and they end up fighting each other because of it and were not shown but the aunt decides to sell her house which leaves our Eun Tak homeless. :(

Here we have our two heroes going back and forth in their lovely childish bromance which honestly is everything right now… in the first screen cap is Gong Yoo dancing to pick me up which is adorable!! and in the second we have the grim reaper taking revenge on the goblin because in Korean myths goblins are afraid of blood.

Here comes the second good bye… that is all i am gonna say about this one lol.

The cute bromance <3

THEY FOUND THE RINNGG YEAH THEY DID and by ‘they’ i mean sunny and the grim reaper….sunny traded her number for the ring but our grim reaper never called her back but did think about her lol.

And here is another goodbye lol

So far in this ep we have had three goodbyes, cute bromance and omg yook sungjae is an adorable puppy!! he gave the maple leaf back to Eun Tak …!! and is always around the goblin and the grim reaper.. so now back to the main plot.. the goblin is done packing for his 20 years away trip and is just waiting around with the grim reaper when the bell rings!! now the bell has never rung so they are pretty shook. Goblin makes the grim reaper answer the door and it turns out to be Eun Tak… she was pretty shocked when she saw the grim reaper and further shocked when she knew they live together lol..i’d be too
Anyway she came to ask him if she see’s the sword would he not go way and would he stay…… dun dun dun SHE ACTUALLY SEES THE SWORD PEOPLE.. i cant find the video bc when i watched it last night it was included in the ep but now that i checked in the morning i couldn’t find it but it was pretty epic the entire scene and they ended the ep there… i had SOO many questions like why did she lie all this time and will they actually get married??? and what happens to the grim reaper who wanted to take her soul and on and on .. can’t wait for the next ep.. till then xx.

This is how they started the ep but this how I wanna end this post <3