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Now you’re my whole life,
Now you’re my whole world,
I just can’t believe,
The way I feel about you girl,
Like a river meets the sea,
Stronger than its ever been,
We’ve come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then

anonymous asked:

1-2. Jfc anons talk as if they knew everything and only show how ignorant they are. You cannot compare between S6 JxS with what we know about S7 JxD. Both storylines are completely different. JxD is clearly a GA couple, just the fact that they are not rushing them shows how serious they are taking their relationship and how important they are/will be and want GA on board. Btw when I talk about rushing I talk about feelings, wont be any ILY this season...

2-2. Their S7 storyline is making sure to show an attraction and deep connection. The culmination of their storyline will be the “boatsex”, and at that point shouldn’t surprise anyone, GA or not. S6 JxS was clearly made to show two siblings reconnecting and learning to trust each other, the culmination of their storyline was the 6x10 scene. Jon and Snsa jumping into bed in 6x10 would have surprised everyone since that wasn’t what was shown

Hi anon! Great points all around and I agree that if the leaks are true (which I believe they are) Jon and Dany are being built up as a significant and meaningful relationship that will be a huge part of the series moving forward. I agree that we won’t hear “I love you” this season and I am fine with that. Slow burn is my jam :) I am so excited to see it play out and that especially applies to scenes of them just talking and getting to know one another, and Jon being there for Dany after the events of the wight hunt.

I also agree that the dynamic between Jon and Dany described in the leaks is very different from the relationship we saw last season with Jon and Sansa. It did look to me like a close sibling relationship. That being said I don’t want to disparage anyone who saw it romantically because I understand where they are coming from regarding some of the visuals and everything. Kit and Sophie are two beautiful people who act very well together and I see how some viewers saw chemistry in their portrayals of Jon and Sansa. Either way, I got major feels about the two being there for each other, and was so happy to see two Starks finally reunited and back in Winterfell, too! 

I have to admit that I’m not hip and have no idea what you mean by “GA” btw. Sorry :’( To me that means “general audiences” haha so I am confused by its relevance to this ask. Sorry if it’s an obvious abbreviation but I just don’t know what it is. Using context I think you’re trying to say that in spite of the antis I have been getting that the writers are clearly setting up Jon and Dany to be epic and endgame. And that is something I definitely agree with and am so, so excited to see!