ga prints


3D printed and customized Death gun mask. I have no interest in the anime this is from, but this mask was too cool not to make. The print took 3 days ( I gave it too many supports and high infill, simple mistakes). The eye covers and strap are from a broken gas mask and the lights were taken from a R2 D2 toy. Printed with a Da Vinci 1.0 ai0.


Katsukawa Shunzen - Coming and Going - Tacoma Art Museum by Marshall Astor

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />From the permanent collection of the Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, WA.

If I can print my study guide out today to be able to work on it during

I might hold a small ‘sweet dreams’ GA

Which would be sleep themed ⭐️🌙

am i allowed to have paper drinking cups in my weird magical fantasy world, or is that cheating? i have combustion engines, gas lines, pipettes, printing presses, textbooks on electrical circuit design, swords, someone once made a gosip-around-the-water-cooler joke, so… yes?
I Made You a Cockatail - Giclée print
Its 5 oclock somewhere. Why not treat yourself to this delicious little cockatail? Hey, you deserve it. This is a giclée print of an original watercolor by yours truly. The size is 8.5 x 11, printed on 45lb matte fine art paper. If youd like me to crop it down to 8 x 10 (a more common frame size), just say so! I got you.

I just found this on etsy. ISN’T IT CUTE??? It’s available for sale! (This is not a promo, I just really like this. When you post art make sure to give credit and link the artist!)

Hey im out of a job.

Hi this is Nico. Recently the store i worked for closed down and my boss laid me off last friday.  I have an upcoming con i’m selling at in September. I already paid for everything. But now money is tight and i need some help for gas, Phone bills, and prints. I have donation buttons set up on both my normal blog and my art blog.

i’m more then willing to draw for anyone who donates an amount that’s 6 and up. But any help at all is welcome.

like donating anything at 6 dollars gets you a head sketch from me 

Donating 15 and  up gets a waist sketch with flats ( i’ll add a second character too  if u go higher then 15)

  • Gore is okay and any kind of body horror
  • anything sexual is no
  • and anthro characters depend on what design you have.
  • if ur character has an overly complex design i may ask u to pay a little more depending on the design

But If u decide to donate remember to leave me ur tumblr url and your request as a note on paypal. ( or send me a message on tumblr with the email u used) so i can work on that. Sorry this selection is limited i still have prints i want to churn out before Sacanime.

But any help is welcome. thank you again.