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Guest Author: Mind Over Matter

Hello people I’ve never met! I’m Dayna and thank you so much for letting Lace let me write on her blog! (Isn’t hers amazing? True bae <3) So, I just wanna mention @thirst-order-confessions (if it lets me?) for the idea a couple anons sent to them and Mod Rose because I think she answered those anons. For you younger kiddos, that blog is 18+ only cuz it’s NSFW. I guess I should get to the writing then, eh? Thanks again to Lacie! You the bomb boo!

Looked over by Lacie.

y/n strolled through the halls on the Finalizer. She smiled briefly as she spotted the familiar blond walking toward her. The quirky technician glanced up briefly, catching her eye.

“Hello,” he muttered with a blush.

“Hey Matt,” she replied excitedly, “How are you? I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Ah, yes. I have been working. As it is my job.”

She chuckled. “I suppose that’s good. Would you and your brothers like to come to dinner tonight?”

“As long as the food is edible,” a new voice rumbled from behind.

y/n turned to see the brown eyes of Ben, one of Matt’s triplet. He always somehow came out of nowhere. She scrunched her nose in faux offense. She poked him in the chest.

“I’ll have you know I’ve been working on my cooking.”

“That so?” he continued to tease, closing the distance between the two of them.

“Mmhmm. Seems the only way I can prove it to you, is if the three of you join me for dinner.”

Ben raised his gaze to smirk at Matt. He grinned cheekily.

“I suppose we’ll have to.”

y/n beamed with excitement. “Really? That’s awesome! Make sure to tell Kylo for me, okay Matt?”

The blond nodded, shaking his glasses slightly. Ben feigned offense, his palm on his chest.

“Why are you asking Matt to tell him?”

y/n turned to waggle her brows. “Because, I know he’ll do it,” she paused, staring into his captivating eyes, “I’ll see you boys later.”

“Maybe,” Ben joked.

y/n gave the two quick hugs and walked away laughing to herself. Ben and Matt watched her leave. The second she turned the corner, Ben shoved Matt on the shoulder. The blond gave his brother an incredulous look.

“What was that for?”

“You were staring!”

“So were you,” he countered.

Later, y/n was in her kitchenette stirring the pot. Being a lieutenant, it was odd for her to have such large quarters, especially on the Finalizer. However, it seemed Kylo Ren had demanded she get a larger room. So, a room once fit for a general was now being occupied by a lieutenant.

She hummed to herself as she dropped in some seasoning. A knock at the door pulled her attention from the pot. Grinning, she trotted to the door. She opened it to see a confident Ben, hands in his pockets. He let himself in.

“So, where’s this amazing dinner?” he asked, “I’m starving.”

She rolled her eyes. “In the pot, genius. Just go ahead and sit.”

She returned her attention to the door. Matt had been behind Ben, still blushing. He gave a quick nod in greeting.

“May I come in?”

“Of course, Matty! You’re always welcome here.”

Matt smiled softly before following Ben to the table. y/n glanced back to the door once more to see an intimidating Kylo Ren. He wore his mask as usual. y/n offered a hopeful smile.

“Hey Kylo. I’m so glad you came!”

“It would’ve been foolish to miss a meal you’ve so generously prepared.”

y/n blushed slightly at the compliment. It was rare that he said them. She moved slightly to allow him entrance.

“Thank you, Ren,” she murmured before declaring, “Dinner should be ready in about 5 minutes.”

The boys nodded while sitting down at the table. y/n resumed humming as she finished the preparations. Ben watched her mill about with a smirk. Noticing, Kylo Ren stomped on his foot. Ben’s knee shot into the table, knocking it out of place.

“Hey,” he hissed.

“Stop,” Kylo Ren retorted in a whisper.

“So,” Matt spoke loudly, diverting the attention from his brothers, “You’ve been cooking long?”

“Just a few months,” she replied.

“Most of which wasn’t edible,” Ben teased.

Matt and Kylo glared at the boy. Though, y/n just laughed it off.

“I’ll show you edible, Solo.”

Just as she said it, she placed a container filled with food in the middle of the table. She was grinning before grabbing some juice.

“Dig in, boys!”

A few days later, y/n was again walking the halls. She was on her way to Kylo Ren’s room to somehow get him to sign some documents. Her usual upbeat mood was threatened when she noticed Matt standing outside the door, hair matted from sweat. She hastened her pace.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, worry showing.

“It’s Kylo. He’s…I don’t know.”

She made a move to look inside. Matt attempted to stop her.

“y/n don’t!”

She shoved past him to see Ben yelling at Kylo. The knight had his saber out. Scorch marks decorated the walls of his room. The mangled helmet that Kylo had kept was on the ground. Kylo was huffing, but he made a move to swing. Ben hastily latched onto him from behind.

“No, Kylo,” Ben commanded, “A little help Matt.”

As Ben turned to glance at Matt, he caught your eye. You saw the worry and sadness in his gaze. Ben slowly let go of the Force user and stepped back. He stood next to Matt. y/n stepped into the room a bit further. Her eyes were tearing up slightly at the pain that Kylo must’ve been in.

“Kylo?” she asked quietly.

Kylo raised his head at the sound of her voice. Though she couldn’t see it, he was crying beneath the helmet.

“You…you shouldn’t be here,” he managed to growl out, “I could hurt you.”

“…But you won’t.”

The two remained silent as y/n made slow steps toward him. She stopped just a foot away. Sensing her, Kylo holstered his weapon. Taking this signal, y/n closed the distance, wrapping her arms around Kylo’s waist. She placed her head against his back.

“What’s wrong?” she cooed.

Her ears perked up as she heard a soft sob. It was muffled a little by his mask, but it was there. Her heart clenched. She smoothed her hands down to grab his. In the process, she spun him to face her. After realizing he wasn’t going to answer, y/n continued to try and soothe him.

“You’re not alone, Kylo,” she reassured him, “You’ve got me and…” she trailed off to look behind her.

Her eyes widened when she didn’t see any sign of Matt or Ben. Surely his brothers wouldn’t have disappeared when Kylo needed them the most. Yet, there was no trace of them.

“I…I made them,” Kylo whispered, “Ben and Matt.”

“What do you mean?”

“Illusions. But I…forgot.”

Eyes glistening with tears, y/n raised her gaze to see the mask. Her hand smoothed over the insipid face and stopped on the latch.

“May I?”

He nodded. She proceeded to remove the helmet for him. Having the facade being removed, y/n was able to clearly see the pain, fear, and anguish he was in. She smoothed her thumb over his cheek, wiping a tear. He bit his lip before lowering his head. His body began to shake. y/n brought him as close to her as possible. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. He clutched her waist for dear life.

“I forgot they weren’t real,” he choked.

“Kylo?” she whispered, “I am.”

Another sob racked through his body. His head fell against her shoulder as he strengthened his vice grip. Tears of her own falling, y/n raked her fingers through his hair to soothe him.

[NOTE BY LACIE]: Hi beauties! How did you lovelies like Dayna’s fic? Did you like having a guest author? Thank you darlings for letting her write for you guys! xxxx