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Olicity 5x20 - Flashback or Present?

I know that some Olicity goodness will happen on 5x20.

The guy that spoiled 5x10 says it’s going to be sex and a talk.

No one seems to know if it’s present S5 or Flashback to S4, the only clue is a bit cryptic “Not today but present time”.


Either way I’m okay with it. Why?

1. If it’s present S5 and it’s a twist on S3 (Big if’s) then they won’t be together at the end of the episode and it will be as painful and glorious as 3x20. 

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And then, chances are, comes a hellish 21 that, excluding S1, is always as painful as it can get.

2. If it’s flashback to S4, which to me may be considered “present” because it’s not 5 years ago, knowing the show, they rarely give you something in Flashback that doesn’t reflect similarly on the present. So my hope will build up on having an Happy Olicity at the end of this.

3. It’s not the first time SA seemingly innocent comment turns out to be true so maybe this is just another example and we will have a Flashback to Summer of 2016 ( @almondblossomme @nalla-madness theory)

And he was using S4 GA gear for 5x20 shooting yesterday. So maybe it is a Flashback to S4 or Summer 2016.

4. As being a Flashback may save me some pain that I will have if the Writers are making a 3x20 parallel and considering #2 of the list, I think I can handle it if it’s not present time. 

5. I want Olicity to be a Real adult relationship (like Dyla), to build that kind of relationship, taking the point of almost no communication Oliver and Felicity are in, 4 episodes don’t seem like enough and I rushing it will spoil a bit of my fun. So, yeah, I’m okay if it’s just Flashback to S4.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Sweet Surrender
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