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What's your favourite Evak scene so far?

Thank you for this ask! ❤️

I actually had to think on it because it’s hard to pick. If I really have to choose, my favourite so far is “Hjernen er alene” at the start of episode 5. I really like it because it shows their immediate intimacy and how comfortable they are with each other very quickly. This is the scene where they are just happy to be together (finally - after some longing glances and being interrupted) and nothing else matters but being in love. No complicating factor (except Sonja calling, well) has come in yet.

I love how Isak opens up to Even about his parents and Even just strokes his back in comforting circles, listening and understanding and being there. I love how they talk about infinite parallel universes and get all philosophical, how they smoke together, kiss a lot, cuddle a lot and just enjoy the simpleness of being newly in love and spending time together. It is just a very, very beautiful scene. ❤

[A close second has to be the end of episode 7 where Even comes over after they haven’t seen each other for a while and Isak draws him in and there’s so much unspoken “I’ve missed, I need you, I want to be with you” It’s very beautiful as well. But the more I think about the scenes, the more I realise how beautiful and moving all of them are.]

And I think my new favourite scene will be them finally reuniting and talking about everything. Because it’s what my heart and their hearts need. ❤


Harry and the crew at the Jimmy Kimmel soundcheck. 

Because that’s what Harry does; spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.

Look at my art. I actually spent about six hours on this if not more O_O @markiplier pls notice this

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