• facetimed with my parents
  • my mom described a ten minute period of anxiety over sending an email to me, because my mom is literally my future self
  • my mom asked after every single person who has shown up on my instagram
  • my dad got really excited about me hanging out with him and his high school friends at the end of the month when he comes to visit san diego
  • they continue to be some of my favorite people in the entire world
  • i miss them so much 
  • i’m very glad to be where i am
  • but god i miss them so much

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Give me footage of Oliver doing laundry (folding towels, rolling socks, you name it). Give me footage of Felicity painting her nails. Give me footage of little Sara taking her first steps. Give me footage of Felicity and John hugging. Give me footage of Felicity and Thea hanging out and becoming BFFS (much to Oliver's chagrin). Give me footage of Oliver sharpening arrows. Or give me death. I can't this silence anymore. I need /something/.


I need all of that.

Awh Oliver folding clothes with the same concentration he used to sharpen arrows with. 

Felicity painting her nails while Oliver cooks her a delicious lunch. 

Felicity making him a cup of coffee while he cooks them breakfast. 

Felicity trying to put away the laundry he folded only to get interrupted by the horn ball that is Oliver Queen around her.

Baby Sara taking her first steps *i will cry* 

I want ALL the john x felicity. gosh I bet they miss each other so much and she calls him when Oliver calls Thea.

Thea showing Felicity all of Oliver’s baby pictures. He was the chubbiest little baby Felicity has ever seen. And she gets a little worried her babies will be that big and chubby! 

I want it all.

i’ve been away from a lot of pop culture stuff recently and honestly, it’s been nice. i don’t know who said what about who in the media, and i don’t care. i’ve been able to invest in the lives of people in my life and care for those friendships. i’ve been able to take care of the children of my dear friends and spoil them like crazy. i’ve been able to hang out with people who are moving away and commit to those people. i’ve been able to spend time with God and get serious about my schoolwork.

i don’t miss the things i don’t know about celebrities, and i don’t feel that they deserve my attention. in my opinion it’s just another way to channel gossip and i don’t want to live my life like that. to me, it seems so much more worthwhile to invest my time and effort in a community of people who genuinely loves and serves others. 

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alive!erica vs alive!boyd??

oh my god, i have no idea. i love both of them so much and they both love each other so much and i don’t want one of them to have to live without the other again:( um, i guess alive!erica simply because she usually has more lines, but that pains me to say bc there’s nothing i love in a fic more than boyd dropping like a witty deadpan line halfway in, or some awesome words of wisdom all the sudden, or even just silently sliding his hand into erica’s but he can’t because she’s dead and i’m upset. okay, okay, but yes, i guess i’ll say alive!erica

send me two fic tropes and i’ll choose between them!

Pictures of...

These pictures of Placebo and Brian Molko, when you see how his look changes and his outfits, I mean clothes, everything is just like a facade of myself. Because I know, my subconscious is what keeps Keane inside my head that makes me forget about them. But I will find them inside my head and know how much I really miss them, because I miss them.

And people can hope, they do ‘cause it’s the only thing they can do and you really hope. But we can’t just hang onto this and think it is going to last forever, but we do know that it will last for as long as it can last. So Keane might not last forever, but their music is here forever and we all hope for them to play again. So these pictures of Placebo and Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and it could be more people they’ve seen…, well, I keep them and I really like the band. I will keep on listening to them, but I think I want to say that Keane is my favourite band.

Pictures of Snow Patrol and Gary Lightbody
Pictures of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine
Pictures of Thirteen Senses and Will South
Pictures of The Fray, of Isaac Slade, the other members and pictures of so many more bands/artists I listen to (mostly bands) will certainly be here and I am going to show my love to all these, but I keep Keane in my heart.
I keep Keane.
They’re my favourite, my number one.
My number 1, NO.1

So I end to say it’s like a facade of myself when it comes to the band Placebo (because it is now that I really like the band and the singer Brian, and I love the songs The Bitter End, Song To Say Goodbye, Too Many Friends, Every You Every Me, You Don’t Care About Us, One of A Kind, Meds, the song The Extra and Been Smoking Too Long etc…) and the singer Brian Molko, because I love Keane.

But maybe it doesn’t matter any way, because I love them both. Placebo and Keane. And to tell you right now it is hard to listen to Keane and it has been this way for a long time. Every time I listen to Keane’s songs I enjoy and I know I can listen to the songs. It just feels like a reminder for me and a voice says something like: “Keane. They went on a hiatus and haven’t made a new album, because they released the Keane best of… and decided to stop, because the singer Tom Chaplin is wanting to make an album. He is…”
Yes, it reminds me about what has happened and I am reminded about for how long I have waited. 2 years or so.
“He is making his new album. He has said… Um, it was going to be released in 2015, earlier this year… Yesss… and… and… I am still waiting and I remember saying to a few class mates in high school, 'it is hard listening to Keane 'cause I miss them’, and I’ve said it to my parents as well. And it reminds me I’m the only one loving Keane. I can find people and now at this work, I’ve met someone and he sure knows about Keane and Placebo. But there’s always words about Placebo, the band, their songs or whatsoever. I really don’t talk about Keane to this person.”

I am thinking, I am sharing my thoughts and it always feels good to share my thoughts. Because I never really talk to someone about things like this thing right now. I’ve never really had a friend and I think I’m a sad person, 'cause I haven’t had friends since a long time ago. But now I’ve been so open that has made me talk about more about myself. But it feels so good to have this written down, here in my Tumblr blog. I might repost this just because of what I talk about. Because this tells you and it tells me how much I love Keane. I haven’t really said in words, but I can’t really tell in words. It comes in action, because it is when I listen and sing along to their songs. But I love Tom’s voice in my favourite song, This Is The Last Time (and it was the first song and now I tell you that I remember this and I heard/listened to this before the other songs) and I just listen and enjoy. His voice is like heaven. All of him, I love it all.
I will keep Tom Chaplin and Keane in my heart. Forever. ♥♥♥♥

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❣ :)

Hi love!! Omg, thank you so much! <3 I deeply appreciate this! :D

So, now we have:  “Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.”. Kristanna, anyone? I just love them kissing ;)

 He misses her. Oh, God, how he misses her. She’d been away for a month or so, and even though skype was amazing and all, it could never be compared to the real thing. 

 If you asked Kristoff what was it that he missed about Anna the most, he’s not entirely sure he could answer. Was it her kisses? Those who left him breathless and wanting more? Was it her eyes? Those blue depths that remind him of the ocean more often than not? Was it her hands? The way they were so small and delicate against his own rough and large ones? He honestly couldn’t choose one. His answer would have to be ‘everything’, because when it comes to Anna, you can’t just miss one thing. You have to miss everything. Simple as that. It’s, like, a law of Nature or something.

 She’s been back from her trip for about a week now and they haven’t had time to speak properly since. That’s definitely not his fault at all. People just seem to have gotten crazy upon her return and they just won’t let her go! It’s kind of annoying, really. And after a week of trying to reach for her, he finally ran out of patience. 

 You know what, she’s his girl! He should be one of the first to spend time with her after being away from each other for an entire month!

 Pulling out his cellphone in the middle of the supermarket (he doesn’t even care anymore. This couldn’t wait any longer), he dials her number and after the third ring, she picks up. 


 "Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.“ he says, hanging up right away. 

 He could’ve been more specific. He knows he could. But he knows her. Oh, how he knows her.

 Just as expected, she starts calling him, and when he doesn’t answer, she starts texting him, asking him a mountain of questions. As much as he’d like to answer with: Stop asking or Just come already!, or even Come and see for yourself!, he restrains himself from doing so. She keeps texting him, though, but after protesting for a while, she finally agrees to it, quite reluctantly if he might say. 

 Midnight comes, and he stands on said bridge, staring down at the river flowing beneath it. His foot taps the wood impatiently, eyes looking around the park in hopes of seeing her. So, when her small footsteps reach his ears, he turns around as quickly as he can, his gaze finally meeting Anna’s after a long time. He doesn’t waste a secong. Taking long strides towards her, he grabs her face and smashes his lips against hers.

 Oh, now he remembers. Remembers everything about her. It’s actually quite funny how a single kiss makes everything much clearer.

 After a few moments, they break away, both panting but smiling nonetheless. He reaches for her, pulling her in for a much sweeter embrace, stroking her hair and whispering softly in her ear.

 “I missed you”

City of Heavenly Fire — Chapter 16

Emma’s part

I did not miss you, Emma. God, I’m already so meh about her, I can’t imagine how I’ll make it through TDA at this point. Though I guess being a (hopefully) relevant character in those books might help.

Anyway, plot. There’s probably one. Not that the book is getting to it, because first we have a billion more descriptions to go through. Because clearly I want to know how the Blackthorns are all coping with their situation. The book spent so much time making me care about them.

Yes, of course I’m kidding. They’re blatantly there just so to tie in to TDA, which…isn’t necessary. TDA could have started off with a main cast of entirely fresh, new characters, and it would have been perfectly fine. Just being in the same universe would have been enough. Or if you really wanted them to be in this one, fine. The prologue alone was enough to let us know that these people exist. This, though, is completely unnecessary, and I won’t even bother recapping any details about the Blackthorns and Emma anymore. Fuck. This. Shit.

Keep reading

The Tovian Experience (really long)

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Please tag anyone I’ve missed!

So I have the wonderful honour of writing up the antics of myself, sparkly42 and radariously yesterday. First, can I just say I love this group. I met Rads for the first time last week, and have never met sparkly … yet we meet in a café and chat so genuinely and easily for hours. Seriously, it was gutting to leave both of these lovely lasses and I adore them completely. So much love!

 So. The performance. Can we take a moment to praise the Gods for putting on a free event, on my birthday, with Russell Tovey. If that wasn’t the planets aligning in my fate, the later events of the evening certainly were! I’m still shaking with over excitement. So, the bit you all want to hear about:

 We arrived at the gallery and Sparks and I were loitering in the entrance way whilst Rads got drinks, when the door next to where we were standing opened and the most beautiful male in the existence of the UK walked casually past us. Cue Sparks and I grinning inanely at each other (common theme for the evening) before fan girling once he had gone. We were a bit over excited that “oh my god he’s HERE!!” … because 20 minutes prior to the performance, the fact he was in the building was still remarkable ;)

 5 minutes later and I was queueing for the toilet when the door next to me opened up and who was standing there?! Casual Tovey. I smiled (and tried not to look like I needed institutionalising) and the conversation went as followed:

 Toves: Hello *nods*

Me: Hi :D :D :D :D :D

Toves: You alright?

Me: Yes, good thanks, how are you?

Toves: Yeh I’m good, thank you.

Me: I’m really excited for this evening.

Toves: Are you? Oh good! It looks really busy.

Me: Yes, apparently it’s sold out.

Toves: Has it? Really? Oh that’s great *Toves goes to walk out the door*

Me: Oh, sorry, let me just… *casual shuffle to one side whilst trying not to hyperventilate*

Toves: Thank you *little head nod* I hope you enjoy this evening. Thank you so much for coming.

Me: Thank you!

*Toves leaves. I admire his bum. Yum.*

 The other actor from the performance also came out of the room with Russell and was waiting for the toilet. We had a “oh you can go you’re performing and need to get up stairs”, “oh no, ladies first” polite British moment, and then had a really lovely chat about the evening’s performance and Russell. I managed to sound coherent and like I gave some kind of damn about the performance, and wasn’t only here to swoon dramatically. I may have casually mentioned it being my birthday in the hope that we could call upon him for a later introduction if necessary. He was really lovely to talk to.

 I then then ran back to Sparks and Rads to fan girl and hyperventilate over the fact that I actually had a conversation with Toves. We’d connected. I can see the engagement announcement already.

 We were then stood in the gallery waiting to be told to go in to the performance, stood next to a totally different door when Toves walked out of that door and passed us again. He was about 6 inches away. Clearly his internal instinct knew I was there and he was subconsciously finding me. Such is our love. More swooning from all three of us occurred.

 I want to interrupt this monologue to take a moment out to shout out to a lovely girl called Casey who worked at the Gallery. We got talking to her before the performance and she didn’t judge us for our lack of interest in the art. Instead, she told us where Russell would be performing on the mezzanine, and where the best place to sit would be. She also told us which door took us up there so we could go stand near it to be the first ones upstairs. She then went upstairs so she could direct people to sit down when we were allowed through. We got up there first and she very casually saw us and said “oh girls would mind walking right down to that end and sitting on the top step, people can follow you and start filing around. Thank you.” …. Oh Casey… Would we mind walking down the side in front of Toves and then sitting 3 feet away from him with a clear and perfect view?! You goddess.

I did stop and thank her at the end, and she said it was her pleasure, she didn’t really know Russ’s TV work (I’m on nick-name terms with him now) but she was excited as she knew he was famous, so she guessed we would be too as fans of his, and she felt if she told us to sit there, then we wouldn’t feel quite so obvious and conspicuous. That girl deserves all the best karma in life. She is like the guardian angel of fangirling.

 So, we’re sat three feet from Tovey. He’s looking around, just casually taking in the audience arriving. He turns to his right to where we were sitting:

 Toves: Hi *patented Tovey melt-your-ovaries grin*

Rads: Hello!

Toves: Oh!!! Hello again! Good to see you again! How ARE you?

Rads: I’m very well, thank you! How’re you? 

Toves: Oh you know, busy busy. How about you?

Rads: Yup, me too!

Toves: Yup, we’re just busy people. Busy people.

Rads: Well, you’re looking well for it. 

Toves: Thank you very much. So are you. Are you looking forward to this event?

Rads: I am, but perhaps not as much as you. 

Toves: *laugh/giggles* It’ll be good!

Rads: Yeah? You promise?

Toves: *giggles* It’ll be interesting!

Rads: Oh good, because I’m looking to you for inspiration!

Toves: You are! Okay then, I’ll do my best to inspire you. Inspire you using someone else’s whhhuuurrrrdddzzz! *scrunchy, squinty eyed face that he always pulls*

Rads: Sweet! You do that! I look forward to it!

Toves: *biggest, cheekiest grin* Great! Enjoy it! It’s good to see you again! 

Rads: Thanks! Good to see you too mate!

<Me to Sparks: Oh my god, we can’t take her anywhere!> *Russell heard this and threw his head back in laughter before smirking at Sparks and me.* I died. 

Toves: Well I hope you all enjoy the show.

Us in chorus: Thank you!

 Fortunately we managed to muffle the sounds of our hearts exploding so he wasn’t aware of that.

 The performance itself was on the mezzanine level of the art gallery. The entire mezzanine is terraced in to steps. Russell and the other performer Chris Howitt were just sat casually on the steps on one side. The audience were then sat on the steps in front and around of them, and on the other 2 sides of the mezzanine. We were 3 feet away from him, with such a clear and direct view. The concept was them reading and performing an interview between two artists. They were literally just sat chatting. There were footnotes to the transcript, but these were performed downstairs. You could only hear them if you went downstairs. Lots of people did … we as true Tovianites … did not leave his side.

 I cannot stress how amazing Tovey is as a performer. He has such phenomenally subtle control. He spoke so clearly with amazing annunciation (and his voice is hypnotising in person) and really subtle emphasis. I know nothing about art, and was expecting to spend 2 hours perving (no complaints here) and instead I found myself sublimely captivated in his performance and what he was saying. I kept forgetting it was HIM because I was so engaged in the emotion and passion he put in. He’s completely underrated as a performer… little pauses, false starts, moments of consideration and contemplation, crinkly eyes, small smiles, hand gestures. It was so believable that you felt he was the artist considering his work and I forgot that it was my future husband sat in front of me. Russell and Chris were just sat beside each other, reading from a small prompt book. There were no costumes or movements and choreographed moments for him to hide behind … just him sitting and re-enacting. It was meant to (and did) feel like the audience were eaves-dropping on their conversation. And it was captivating and believable and completely raw. I cannot stress what a privilege it was to see him, and how phenomenal his acting was.

 If you’re not interested in the performance, skip this next section. I’ll label when it goes back to our Tovey interaction. However, I actually took a lot away from his performance. Although I don’t think I’ll ever appreciate and be “moved” by modern art as some people are, I do feel I now have an understanding of what artists are trying to achieve, and why it appeals to Tovey so much. So I thought I’d share a few bits. I know we always question his art taste, so this might help a few people? Obviously this isn’t Tove’s opinion necessarily, but him re-telling the artist’s words. But I found it interesting, and it helps me understand what Tove’s sees and appreciates in his weird taste in art.

 1)  It’s not just a mop, or a household item. They are when they’re at home. When they come to an art gallery it’s about considering them out of context. It’s about the places the materials have come from and the journeys they took to come together as a mop. It’s about the endless possibilities of things they could have become, but instead they’re a mop. That becomes a reflection on society and the endless possibilities for people, and the potential for so many different routes in life.

It’s about the people who engineered to make that mop: their lives and their stories. The designers who make the packaging, the people who work on the factory floor, the shelf stackers who sell them. And then that leads to the people who buy the mop and what that mop could represent to them. For one woman it’s a tool to work, the mop is her livelihood. For a mother with a sick child, that mop is about keeping her child healthy. For someone else it’s about maintaining their business. It’s not “just a mop” but it’s a journey and a connection and about appreciating an underappreciated object that is taken for granted.

 2)  It’s about the power artists have. You have objects that work in our day to day life. We take it for granted that they are continually running and working and building or supporting our lives. Our society is so reliant on so much: machinery to build or produce, technology to run our lives. We take a lot for granted but we would struggle without it. We rely on it. Therefore, that technology, or those machines for building and transport control our lives. By making those objects STOP then the artist is holding power over that object. It’s taking away the power that object has on society, and allowing the artist to have a sense of control.

 3)  Art used to be about informing people: informing what a landscape or a beautiful house looked like. Painting a portrait to inform what a person or head of state looked like. Painting was a way of sharing images. Technology has changed art. The modern world has changed art. We don’t need to paint pictures and portraits to show what someone or something looked like: we have photography for that. We have world travel. People can drive to the country and see the house first hand.  Beautiful houses don’t need to be painted to show what they look like, we take a photo. General people can take beautiful and artistic photos … so the artist has to do something else. They have to inform people in another way.

 Instead they now paint and layer ideas. We take beauty for granted as something overt and obvious, so now art is about finding beauty hidden within and looking within the layers. It’s about creating pieces of work that differ depending on your personal experience. Similar to the Rorschach test I suppose, where it’s your own interpretation that adds layers of meaning and allows you to connect in a way that differs to someone else.

 I can’t say I’m converted to modern art. So much of it (particularly at this gallery) felt like things I could have constructed myself. I struggle to appreciate the difficulties an artist has when it feels like it is within my realm of achievement? Whereas literature, or music, or a beautiful landscape painting, I can appreciate as something that is skilled beyond my skill. That said … after last night’s performance I now feel I know what I should consider about modern art. So if I’m ever find myself engaged in a conversation about art with Tove’s (you know, when we’re married it’s important I support him and take an interest in his hobbies) then at least I’ll know what I’m supposed to consider and discuss and hopefully not sound like a complete moron.


 The show ended and Toves walked away from us *sob*. We ran downstairs and waited. And waited. We feared he’d left. We waited some more. I went to the loo, and heard his voice! Argh! I ran out of the loo and Sparks and Rads had disappeared. Moment of consideration: had they got themselves invited in to the actors lounge and that’s why I heard Toves speak (lounge and loo are next door to each other. We know Rad’s reputation … I entirely believe in her ability to get invited in to the actor’s lounge) or had they abandoned me for the chance to run away with Toves and live happily ever after? I spun around and saw them waving to me from outside. I ran my personal best 100m sprint out-side where they had captured Toves who was trying to get in to his taxi.

 Me: Hi! Sorry!

Toves: Hi! Ah ha! The birthday girl! Couldn’t leave without saying Happy Birthday!

*He leans in to give me a hug and a kiss… Pretty sure in some countries this is now a legally binding marriage contract??*

Me: Thank you! This evening was great! Could I get a picture, or do you need to leave? (his taxi was waiting).

Toves: Oh no! Of course you can!

*picture taking and being directed for photos ensued*

 I then ran inside to get a card, and asked him if he’d sign it for my birthday, which he did. Such a super sweet guy. He then stood and chatted to us for ages. I’ll try and transcribe as much as I can!

 Me: Thank you so much. Sorry for keeping you. I had to get back to work after H2$ so some of my friends met you but I didn’t manage to.

Toves: You came to see Jon?

Me and Rads: YES!! He was amazing wasn’t he?!

Toves: Oh I know. I love my boy sooooo much *Thud. Thud. Thud.* All three of us die.*

Sparks: It sounds like he’s amazing in Hamilton too. We’d love to see it.

Toves: Right! I’d LOVE to see him in Hamilton. *Toves does goofy dreamy grin*

Me: I know. It needs to come to London!

Toves: So how do you all know each other?

Sparks/Rads: We’re all fans of Looking! We met because of Looking! We found each other online as fans of Looking.

Toves: Really?!

Us: YES!! We love it!

Toves: So you love your gay boys then??

*Toves pulls a cheeky grin and cackles loudly as we all laugh manically in the street together*

Us:  Yes! We Do!

Toves: You love the gays! Love those gay boys. Good! We need love.

Me: Of course we love you! Who wouldn’t love you and Jonathan??

Toves: So you didn’t know each other before?

Rads: Nope. There are fan groups and things online that we were all on to discuss the show, and we got chatting.

Toves: Really!? About Looking?? So are you all from London?

Sparks: Nope, I’ve had a 3 hour train journey.

Me: Nope. It takes me about 2 hours.

Toves: But you all came? Thank you so much. It means so much. Thank you! And thank you for supporting Looking. *crinkley eyed smile*

Me: We all love Looking. And I know it doesn’t seem that it took off in the UK, but genuinely, there are so many of us that love it so much. It’s connected us, and so many other people, and I know it’s never got the recognition it deserves, but there are so many of us that really love the show. And it’s so important to us all for so many different reasons. We just adore it, and we were all gutted it hasn’t got the appreciation it deserves.

Toves: Thank you so much. That’s so kind of you. Thank you! So there are like fan groups and pages?

Rads: Yup! We’re KAs, or Kevrick Anonymous, because we’re all addicted to Kevin and Patrick. We love it. There are fan pages and groups.

Sparks: There’s even Looking fan fiction

Toves: REALLY?!

Sparks/Rad??: Yep, someone’s written Season 1 and 2 from Kevin’s point of view and it is INCREDIBLE.

Me: It’s so amazing!

Sparks: And SHE (pointing to me) is writing an amazing story based on what we want to happen for Season 3.

Toves: *looked up to me from where he was signing Sparks card and grinned at me.* Are you really?!

Me: We totally don’t need to get in to that! *blush, blush* … But yup. Erm … I am! Making sure we get a Kevin and Patrick ending.

Toves: That’s so amazing. I’d love to read them. Thank you so much *crinkley eyed grin.*

 *evil manager bossy woman*: Girls he really needs to go.

 *Toves then leant in to give us all a hug good bye, and kept repeating his thanks you for us coming and supporting him, and supporting Looking*

 Toves: Yup, filming at 6am tomorrow. I’m afraid.

Rads: Would you film something, quickly, for KA? They’re all over the world so a lot of them know they wouldn’t get to meet you.

 Evil manager woman: Girls he HAS TO GO.

 Toves: Oh no it’s fine! Of course! KA … Kevrick Anonymous, right?

Us: *high pitched squeal that would make dogs howl* YES!!

Toves: Yeh, course I will!

 *Toves filmed the video that Rads posted. He gave us a proper genuine Toves laugh when the woman pushed past and sort of tripped over. It’s on the video. Watch it!*

 He then apologised that he had to leave. We said it was fine and thanked him for staying. He hugged us all again to say goodbye and he wished me a happy birthday again.

 He clambered in to his taxi and the evil boss manager woman leant in and began to shut the door. We then shouted “Have fun in San Fran! Enjoy shooting Looking!”

RUSSELL DID A LITTLE JIGGLY DANCE OF EXCITEMENT WHILST SITTING IN THE TAXI AT THE MENTION OF LOOKING. And he shouted “yes!!” I WISH I HAD BEEN FILMING!! Evil boss woman was shutting the door. The taxi did a 3 point turn, it had darkened windows, but we could just make out him waving at us as it left.

Then we stood on the street fan girling in excitement. Evil boss woman then chatted to us for a bit finding out how far we’d travelled, that we were fans, and asking what he’d been in as she didn’t really know. She actually wasn’t that evil or bossy … just not a fan of Russ’s beyond his interest in art, so hadn’t actually appreciated how we feel about him.

Then we went to a bar and chatted and relived the whole experience again. And again. And maybe again. And today I have spent the entire day fan girling and reliving it and being in a blissful day dream. And not to speak on behalf of Sparks or Rads, but from today’s text message stream … I’m pretty sure they’re both in the same delusional state I’m in!

I cannot stress how lovely and genuine he was. He cares so much for his fans. He’s completely humble and did not expect us to have that level of interest in his work. You can see the cheeky and flirtatious nature he has, but he has none of the confidence and ‘arrogance’ associated with him. And that confidence Kevin has where he dominates a room is completely acted. Russell was walking through the foyer of waiting audience, and he was just … unassuming? I mean, he had a magnetic aura for us! But none of that dominating confidence you associate with Kevin. Which again shows how phenomenal and underappreciated his acting is.

He was so polite and gracious about the support we, and KA, have given for Looking, and couldn’t stop thanking us. He was so generous with his time considering his taxi was waiting, and I think if he hadn’t have had any confines on his time, he would have stayed even longer. I felt so at ease (excited and hyperventilating, but at ease!) around him, and could completely imagine having a drink at the pub and a chat. He’s so genuine and humble and lovely. Oh … and drop dead gorgeous in person. His biceps are huge and wrap around you really well. He smells divine. His eyes are captivating and his smirk could melt the underwear of convent of nuns. <– details you all knew but I felt like confirming.

In short: I love him even more having met him in person. 

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ohnoooooo my sweetling what are you doing there :((((

that’s such a sad memory. tbh shannon broken-drums was just talking about how ziall say i love you, now that there is so much between the two of them and it reminded me of this horrible bit of horrible that i wrote bc i am sad if the answer is:

they say i love you in silence.

they say i love you in the quiet of not commenting or retweeting or objecting. they say i love you in the way that they don’t say “i’m confused” and “you hurt me” and “oh god, i miss you.”

sometimes, the way you can prove you care about someone is to care about someone’s well being at the risk of your own security and assurances.

ziall says i love you with a lot of things, an arm, a beep, a nudge, a giggle, a look, a nap, a cuddle, a boop. and while their space is now missing that, it has some other things in it as well. some things that are sharp and aching and full of promise and the past and the present. it’s hard, the learning and the trying. the adjusting to a quiet where there was once a chorus. the changing from an old softness to a new firmness. but it’s also important. and i think if anyone knows the value of finding ways to say i love you, it’s 1d’s heart and the boy that wears a heart on his sleeve.

Guys I’m back! :DDD

Finally finished all tthe things I had to do for uni so I’m back to business ;) I’ve got a lot of messages in my inbox (thanks for that and if you wanna send me others go ahead :)) and I’ll answer them probably tonight cause right now i’m gonna sleep for like 48 hours as I just slept 1 hour for the past 29 hours… yup hibernation that is! love you x


My transformation into a little angry gay blueberry is almost complete ~
I just need to style the wig which is honestly the most annoying part. The polaroid camera I ordered showed up and I finished up Max’s stuff for my friend today, majestic get in the screen faces happened for the shirt :3
My hella gay shirt also showed up and just oh my fucking god I love it so much and it suits Chloe so well in my oh so humble opinion. I also found blue nail polish at my chemist and was like sign me the fuck up for bright nails yass I haven’t painted them in ages and I missed having neon colours on my fingers XD

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okay, but how cool are humans? the person sitting next to you might be missing their parents.. Another might be praying to their god(plural option) to get them through this hell hole, Someone might be remembering that one steven universe ep where that one thing happens and is literally dying from keeping their laughter in. Some kid is probably dying inside and hopes everything isn't hopeless. And there is this adorable precious nerd who is checking their tumblr for messages from their followers.

what the heck??? This is such a freaking cute message??? I wanna keep it!! aahHH IM SMILINF OMG !!! ThAnk you so much OMG 🌟🌟🌟🌟💕💕

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[text]: Party. My house. Tonight. Bring Alcohol., [text]: Just admit it...you missed me., [text]: Oops, I brought spandex instead of leather. FOR OUR LAST BROTP SHOSH AND SERENA (oh yes ur getting more tho)

[text]: Party. My house. Tonight. Bring Alcohol.

[text]: fine. But if the whole lacrosse team is gonna be there, i’m bringing paint bombs too.

[text]: kidding, i’m kidding. mostly. kind of.

[text]: ok i’m not kidding. but i promise to clean up any mess i make.

[text]: ok that’s a lie too. i’m sorry. but i’m still bringing the paint bombs.

[text]: Just admit it…you missed me.

[text]: you can’t make me admit to a goddamn thing. but it’s true and i’m in your driveway right now so please let me in.

[text]: Oops, I brought spandex instead of leather.

[text]: how did you mix that up, they aren’t even similar??

[text]: you know, i thought you were gonna be a lot less difficult to prank with.