I can’t tell you how fucking important interviews of Kate McKinnon with her cast mates are to me at the moment. Like how she’s an out lesbian and she touches these straight women so casually and platonically intimately and flirts with them like it’s not big deal at all!

I came out at 14 in a christian private all girls school and from then on no one would change in same locker room as me. eventually i just started changing in toilet cubicles. i had grown up with all of these girls and i wasn’t attracted to any of them but the minute i came out they saw me as a predator. 

i had one friend who i was comfortable hugging and touching intimately and everyone thought we were dating and i eventually had to stop doing it at school because i didn’t want my friend to suffer the same homophobia from students and staff that I was. And god I missed hugs so much. I was so fucking touched starved and miserable.

And now I’m almost 22 and I still have issues showing affection to women - especially straight women. I am by nature a cuddly person but those years have made me very self conscious of touching other women and being perceived as a predator or making anyone uncomfortable. I have to make a huge deal of not looking if a girl is changing in the same room as me because I’m so scared she might thing I’m perving on her.

But now I get to see an out lesbian on tv hugging her straight female friends, putting her hand on their thighs so casually and I know it sounds stupid but god that’s so important and amazing to me. I just wanna go back in time and show these clips to my 14 year old self and say “See! It’s fine! You’re not a predator! You’re not what they say you are! It’s ok to want platonic physical contact from your female straight friends. Just because you’re attracted to women doesn’t mean you can’t have intimate platonic relationships with them!”

I just - god I’m so grateful for Kate McKinnon now. I’ve only known about her for a few months now but she’s already made me feel so much better about this huge hang up I’ve had for years and I hope that other WLW who have been treated the way I was (because I know this is a hugely common thing we face after coming out) are finding her comforting and helpful too.

I get so high now that you’re gone
And it’s not even that I think it can fix this
It’s not like it can change anything

But everything gets hazy
And every memory I have with you feels like watching an old movie
that I already know all the words to

God I knew I shouldn’t have gotten attached
I told myself so many times
But my heart’s never listening to my head
so I get too fucking high now that you’re gone

Because I don’t know how
to spend my time anymore
now that all the memories I’m making aren’t memories I want to keep

But maybe when I tell my friends
that I’ve been doing drugs
Instead of trying to explain to them
how much I fucking miss you
I won’t get that look
Like they need to tell me again
that falling for you
Was a mistake from the beginning

—  As if I didn’t already know

Missy and I on the last day were shooting LATE (like 4 am), hanging out, waiting to get the shot… and she said something and I said, ‘Miss, I didn’t hear that, cuz I’m so tired, your words just bounced off my face like popcorn but didn’t go in my ear.’ She laughed. :) [Ben on one of his favorite memories from set.]



It was over. Finally. Hours it seemed like, although anyone else would say it was a fairly quick labor for triplets. The midwife had left, the babies were cleaned up and loosely wrapped in blankets. Clara was covered in a thin sheet. The room was hot and after the labor itself, she seemed to not care less who saw her naked. Especially on account that John’s brothers, Chris and David, were present for the whole thing. She held one of the boys, the other boy was nestled in her lap as she sat up and John held their baby girl. Who came much later than the two boys. Almost 10 minutes later to be precise. 

The room was cooling down, emotions still ran high but it was peaceful. There had been no attack by Clara’s family as of yet and all they could hope for was that it would never happen at all. Knowing her family, they could never be so sure. A ring of silver objects subtly surrounded the house. The brothers and Clara knew what they could and couldn’t touch but any attempt of an attack and they would at least be temporarily safe.

Clara wasn’t focused on that anymore though. Alexander, Augustus, an Aelia. That’s what and who was was focused on now. Her and John’s children. She still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact they were real. They were right in front of her face but it all felt like a dream. She barely spoke as she just looked at all of them. Small words were basically the only things she could manage in her state of awe.

“They’re so tiny..” The smile never left her face. “I didn’t think they’d be so tiny…”

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I thought i was the only one who liked that ship god bless. What are your Emwyn relationship headcanons then?

Omg no definitely not, there are multiple people in the peculiar family who ship them! (check out @fffrauenfeld​ short prompts, they are feelsy but very good, and also @mxllardnxllings​ and @gellavonhamster​)

  • Bronwyn likes to carry Emma on her shoulders
  • She’s also the only one who’s allowed to touch Emma’s hair and braid it
  • Bronwyn is so scared to initiate kisses at first, until Emma says “what are you scared of? Burning your lips?” and laughs for maybe 5 minutes at her own jokes
  • Emma is disgustingly sappy on social media, posting pictures of them together and tagging them with the most ridiculous hashtags
  • #girlfriendswho[insert verb here]togetherstaytogether
  • She keeps reblogging the “Help, my wife …” posts and tags them as “I’m the wife”
  • She tags Bronwyn in cute sapphic posts
  • And also in photos of animals doing cute stuff, with the caption “this is us”
  • Emma has to sit down the first time Bronwyn dresses up for a date
  • Just… Bronwyn in a suit…….. I rest my case
  • Emma and me are practically the same person because I too would have to sit down if I saw my girlfriend in a suit
  • One time, Emma woke Bronwyn up in the middle of the night, said “I love you so much I want to cry” and went back to sleep
  • They always go to pride parades. Emma is always excited but Bronwyn was very nervous when they went for the first time but they had so much fun (sometimes Enoch and Horace go with them)
  • They love to make long bike rides together and take picnic baskets full of food with them
  • Emma has punched multiple homophobes in the face but there’s only one time Bronwyn really got angry and that was when someone touched Emma and she gave him two black eyes and a broken nose
  • Bronwyn always gives Emma violets along with her present for their anniversary
  • Bronwyn has always been a little insecure about her sexuality, but seeing how much support she gets from the people around her she really starts go get out of her shell and loves to say “my girlfriend Emma” whenever she gets the chance
  • Emma thinks they should get a lot of cats so Bronwyn allows her to get 2
  • Their names are Dopey and Jane Addams
  • “Let’s go dance outside” “Emma it’s raining” “so what??”
  • Emma loves dancing with her girlfriend and embarrassing her
  • She also tries real hard to be seductive but starts laughing 95% of the time
  • Bronwyn prevents Emma from doing stupid shit let’s be real
  • “Emma don’t set that on fire”
  • She loves doing impulsive things like going down to the beach at 5 am
  • Emma is the queen of pet names while Bronwyn just calls her “Em” or “Ems”
  • When Bronwyn does call her “babe” or “honey” she needs to sit down
  • Same tbh
  • Bronwyn calling Emma “Princess”…… rip
  • Emma proposes to Bronwyn at sunset
  • She knows she wouldn’t want to be in public when proposing/being proposed to so it’s only the two of them
  • They both cry

Ask me for relationship/friendship headcanons


lacazettealex : so proud of you my brother, you showed everyone that with a lot of work, and dedication we can achieve our dreams.. and god knows for how long you’ve talked to me about Barça..
Don’t change anything my soldier  💪🏾
I’m going to miss you..
US23 ❤️

morning after

no idea what prompted this mini-fic, but I just wanted to write some good old-fashioned pinecest fluff. god how I miss the show


Mabel begrudgingly opens her eyes when the sun hits them. She blinks and lets out a little half-sigh, half-groan, still too tired to greet the morning quite yet. One hand rubs her eyes while the other stretches outward, only to accidentally smack against her brother. It does nothing to stir him, though. The dork sleeps like a rock.

She flops her head over to face him. Dipper’s lying on his stomach with his arms tucked under the pillow and mouth slightly open, his body rising and falling with each breath. His hair is tousled with bed-head that suits him very well, she thinks. Hmm. Maybe too well, actually, with his bangs curling over the tops of his eyes in a way that is so sickeningly endearing that she just smiles like an idiot. 

Her fingertips begin trailing patterns down his back, tracing the outlines of his lean muscles, and she just looks at him for a while. Eventually, her gentle touches rouse him awake. He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes a crack. “Hey, Mabes,” he says, sleep still clinging to his voice. “What are you humming?”

Haha whoops, she hadn’t even realized she was doing that out loud. “Just that Aerosmith song. Y’know, the one from Armageddon?”

Dipper rolls over and sighs, one hand covering his face. “Ugh, that movie made no sense. I mean why would train oil drillers how to be astronauts instead of training astronauts how to use the drill?” 

Mabel laughs. “Dip, it is too early for you to be pointing out plot holes.” She cuddles him and presses slow kisses along his shoulder. “Although I am liking your annoyed morning voice, it’s kinda hot.”

“Oh my god, Mabel.”

“Yeahhh, that’s the one!” she says, and she feels him shake with breathy laughter.

With that, Dipper pulls her into an embrace and kisses her. His lips are soft and sweet, and they just sort of melt into each other as the morning-after bliss takes over. Though her eyes are closed once again, Mabel can sense his smile, making her chest swell with warmth and love. 

Excuse me for swearing, but I’m so fucking excited to have a God Tier cosplay to wear. If it’s nice enough, I’ll never be taking it off. I miss my God Tier clothes so much, and even though a cosplay could never really measure up to them, it’s better than nothing. I think about it everyday. I am out of my mind excited to wear my Maid outfit again.

So, what have appeared first?

The strong relationship between characters or actors, who played them?



It is the question without any exact answer…(luckly)

And yea, I have amassed these shipper stuff for a long time. God, what did happened to me? ^^`

MY WHOLE ALPACASSO FAMILY!!!! I love them all so so much ^3^ (from Left to Right):

Top: Prince Charles III (Kids Alpacasso Prince) and Aires (Makiba Kids Alpacasso)

Middle: Nugget(Velvet Ribbon Alpacasso), Oswald (Velvet Ribbon Alpacasso), Mr. Buttons (Hatter Alpacasso), Blueberry(Macaron Pink Scallop tag Alpacasso), Obsidian(Monotone Alpacasso), Cherry(Bon Bon Alpacasso *without bow*), Jackson (Olympic Alpacasso), Sarah (Eden Alpacasso), and Miss Mary(Alpacafe)

Bottom:Popper(8cm Poppin Ribbon Alpacasso), Bonnie(12cm Bon Bon Alpacasso), Munchie (12cm Sweet Day Kids Alpacasso), Blossom (16cm Fukwa Ribbon Alpacasso), Bippy (16cm Kindergarten Kids Alpacasso) and Hannah (16cm Eden Alpacasso)

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You know what's annoying? How the show turned Renly and Loras into a joke. I mean, I'm not even a Renly fan (you should have supported stannis!!!), but this will forever annoy me. Or at least LORAS, because renly dies pretty soon. How they managed to turn the talented (jaime sees himself), loyal (i will never betray renly by word or deed), also he was good to tommen, and so many other things, how did he become a joke in the show???



I mean I don’t care that much about either of them but god if I had I’d have raged a lot. I feel that. it was just… so ridiculous… esp loras being the token gay person who sleeps around with everyone like have we missed he buried renly in their favorite place in highgarden or something like that and he’s gone in the kingsguard and hasn’t been with anyone else since or……????

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OH MY GOD!!!! I FEEL BLESSED! A NEW VIDEO! I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE HOW MUCH IVE MISSED THEM! OH GOD!!! THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEND TO ME IN DAYS! I LITERALLY HAVENT STOPPED SMILING SINCE I SAY DANS POST! (oh god how can i feel so happy bc of 2 giant nerds who i will never see irl T_T) oh my god sorry for my ramblings


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About that Junkrat anon about phantom pains, Can you do a scenario with S/O comforting him or, if not S/O, a fatherly roadhog?? Please?

oH I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE THE ASK BEFORE THIS ONE!!! oh god i feel so terrible now here you go dear<333

Sometimes, Junkrat wish he was more careful. A life of not risking things would be so much better than the pain he felt in his arm and leg. He was okay with missing his limbs, he’d accepted it. But the days he had those phantom pains, he hated them and he hated his choices in life. 
He always found himself curled up in a ball under a blanket, his tears staining the pillow his head rested on as he hugged his stump of an arm to his chest. His breathing was fast and ragged, he was actually sweating from this. All he expected that day was pain and his own self-loathing, not his s/o crawling into the bed next to him and wrapping their arms around his torso with their chest resting on his back. 
“ Ssh.. “ They’d coo softly to him as the reached up to wipe away the tears on his face. “ You’re going to be okay, Jamie. I know it hurts, it’ll go away. “
And in that moment, Junkrat didn’t hate all of his life choice.

aaaaa i hope you like this, i’m sorry it’s a bit short but i’m writing this as i’m extremely tired!! again i am so so sorry i didn’t see your ask before, thank you for the ask!!! i apologize again <333