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Your site is the first one I go to everyday because I can just not get enough of your fics! I await them all day! (They're so shiny, so chrome) I hope you keep writing them, so please do another--Max/Furiosa: my friend is trying to get with your friend and we end up on a double date. Thanks so much again!

Max literally never, ever thought he would be in a position to wingman for a seventy-nine-year-old woman.

And yet.

Here he was.

His kindly old neighbor, Miss Giddy, had a huge crush on an elderly member of a lesbian biker gang, which was a sentence he never thought he’d say. But she was adorably shy about it and had begged Max to come with her to the dinner the woman, Keeper, was making.

“Won’t that be weird?” he asked, but Miss Giddy shook her head.

“She’s having a couple of her biker friends over,” she said. “Oh, please, Max? It’s hard for women like to me to meet people anymore!”

Max could definitely see how being a senior citizen lesbian with a walker might not open up a lot of dating pools. So he agreed, waving off her promises of raspberry and white chocolate scones as payment. Instead he drove her to Keeper’s house at six o’clock on Friday and helped her up the walkway. The door was opened by a woman in her late thirties, early forties, with hair cropped close to her head and a tanktop. She smiled. “Hi Miss Giddy,” she said, clearly recognizing the older woman. “Keeper’s in the kitchen, but come on in! Who’s your friend?”

“This is my neighbor, Max,” Miss Giddy said fondly. “He drove me here.” And then she did that thing that older women do and zeroed in on them. “Furiosa is a friend of Keeper’s,” she explained carefully to Max. “She’s a nice young lady.”

Max and Furiosa glanced at each other and instantly looked away. “Can I get you anything?” Furiosa asked as she helped Miss Giddy get settled in. “A drink?”

“Oh, just a little gin and tonic, dear, thank you,” Miss Giddy said.

Furiosa grinned. “Sure. Max? You strike me as a beer kinda guy.”

“Yes please,” he said, and Furiosa sauntered off to the kitchen.

“She’s bisexual, not lesbian,” Miss Giddy whispered. “And she’s single.”

Max grunted in acknowledgement. 

Dinner turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Keeper was delightfully sassy and had Max laughing more than he had in years. She had had a wild ride of a life and regaled them all with stories, most of which Furiosa already knew but seemed to enjoy anyway. As for the younger woman (who was single, Keeper brought up at least three times with significant looks in Max’s direction), she wasn’t nearly as open as Keeper, but she seemed as if she had had her fair share of adventures. Keeper was fun, but Max found himself wanting to hear more about Furiosa. He volunteered to help her clean up after dinner while the two older women sat in the living room and chatted.

“Keeper’s crazy about Miss Giddy,” Furiosa said.

“Well, the feeling’s mutual,” Max assured her.

Furiosa grinned. “They’re one hell of a pair–lesbian biker granny and tattooed geriatric librarian.“

“Wonder what the sex is like,” said Max, and they both laughed so hard they couldn’t catch their breath. When they finished cleaning up (thought not without a fair bit of flirting), they joined the two women in the living room. Max instantly knew something was up.

“Would you young people mind going to the store and getting some ice cream?” Keeper asked, pulling out two twenties. Apparently Keeper was not the only senior citizen who severely overestimated how much very simple things cost. “Giddy and I want to…chat.”

Max and Furiosa looked at each other and bolted for the door, waiting until they were in Max’s car before they burst out laughing.

“I’ve never been sexiled by old lesbians,” Max said, pulling out of the driveway.

“I grew up with them so you get used to it,” Furiosa said, still grinning. “We might…not want to get ice cream right away.”

“Okay,” he said. “What do you want to do?”

She gave him an appraising look. “Pull over here.”

He did, and was somehow not surprised when Furiosa climbed over and straddled his lap. “This might pass the time,” she breathed.

Max turned off the ignition.

You never physically said ‘goodbye’, you just left. I woke up one morning and your part of the bed was missing. Now, I’m lying on the floor listening to fucking love songs, destroying myself over you. God, how fucking pathetic is that? I’m a walking travesty because the wildflowers in my head died the minute you stopped being their sun and rain. I keep choking on the unspoken words between us because it’s easier than having to throw them up and hear them out loud. I’ve never been one to cry, but right now I’m on my knees, watching rivers flow out of my eyes. I never saw it coming, that’s why it must hurt so damn much; one moment you were here and the next, I’m lying on the floor trying to fill in the gaps between us—trying to remember what it felt like to be near you,

what it felt like to love you.

—  I found this in my journal the other day//Kelsey Gustafsson

you ever miss someone so much you actually feel your heart becoming heavy and sometimes it’s a little hard to breathe??? or when you feel the heaviest so you feel it’s just so hard being so far you want to give up and run away from all the feelings but you can’t because you have more feelings for them than you’ve ever had? I just want to cuddle up to you and feel the warmth and positivity you radiate. you make me so happy. im ready to be yours. im scared but ready please come here I miss you so much it’s making me sick.

When you fall in love with someone it is one of the most risky things you could put yourself through, and that’s what scares me so god damn much, you could be in love with someone and give them everything, but one day they could just decide they don’t feel it anymore and that’s crazy. That’s also what makes it so wonderful because you will never know the outcome of the person you are in love with, they were either put there to stay with you, or put there to teach you something important and one day you’re going to find out the purpose for them in your life. Every person is a blessing don’t take them for granted because you don’t ever know if they’re just there to teach you something or if they’re with you forever.
—  C.R (that’s the crazy thing about falling in love)

tiffany: [texts taeyeon] i want jess kicked out

taeyeon: [goes 2 sm n gets them 2 kick jessica out]

jessica: [crying] im kicked out? why … 

tiffany: oh my god !! who did this .. no jessica u have 2 stay, i cant believe this i’ll go talk 2 sm right now ! oh my god what did u do to deserve this ! [cries] no , im going 2 miss u so much i

Sneaking Around (N.G Imagine)

Request For Anon: Can you do a Nash imagine? I really dont know what but i want to read about Nash. Love you ♡♥♡♥☆★☆★

Your POV

I decided to visit the guys at digitour, well don’t get me wrong I missed them but I really came for Nash. We’ve been dating for five months now and missed eachother so much I decided to fly out here. It was kinda hard to get alone time with my boyfriend when someone was always around, but I didn’t mind. It was just felt good to be with him again.

But when Nash wanted to sneak off to God knows where, I knew not being able to kiss or be touchy-feely with each other was starting to take a toll on him too. “Nash we better not be long somebody is gonna realize your gone.” I reminded. We were at a backstage lounge area that was vacant except for the couches and equipment.

“I missed you.” He smiled moving a stay piece of hair behind my ear and I started to blush. I don’t know why the littlest actions he did caused me to get flustered, maybe I was in love. We hadn’t said I love you to each other yet and I guess it was just a matter of letting it happen.

I didn’t notice that I was just starring at Nash until he spoke about it, causing me to get all shy so I mumbled, “Sorry.” And looked away. Nash tilted my chin gently so that I was looking at him. “Don’t be.” He chuckled before pressing his soft lips against mine. I instantly kissed back his hands holding my face and my hands holding his wrist.

I somehow got over my shyness and bit down on his bottom lip causing him to groan in my mouth. Nash swiped his tongue over my bottom lip, and I was just about to grant him access when: “Y/N AND NASH ARE GETTING PG:13 IN THE STORAGE LOUNGE!”

We pulled off each other and turned to see Sammy bursting out laughing. “Aye guys c'mere for a second.” He motioned out to people in the hallway. I hid my face in Nash’s chest blushing like crazy. “Ohhh, so this is where he went.” Johnson laughed. “Y/n I thought what we had was real?” Joked Hayes.

“Yeah he’s whipped.” Chuckled Gilinsky. “No I’m not,” Argued Nash. “I just love her.” I could here the smile in my boyfriend’s voice. “You do.” My head shot up to look at his stunning blue eyes. “I do, I love you.” Nash stated. “I love you too.” I smiled widely.

“AWWW!” All the guys cooed, it frightened me for a second. “Well c'mon loverboy we’ve got a show to do.” Matt chuckled. “See you after.” Nash pecked my cheek before leaving for the show. I was glad to experience moments like these. Even though I was embarrassed about getting caught making out with by the boys I’d knew I’d laugh about it one day.

my wwa concert experience \o/

absolutely nobody asked for this!!! also i know you’re supposed to write this right after your concert, not an entire year later, but guess what… i don’t care

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I can’t believe that there’ll be no takujae scenes anymore..like WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? UGGHHH……
I loved everything about them and their chemistry..OMG their chemistry was sooo good!! Especially the way Joon Jae looked at Takuya with so much love and desire in his eyes and their oh-so-sweet moments!!
I really hope we get a season 2 for the show just so that we can see these beautiful boys together again and know how their story plays out AFTER they’ve become a couple..like PLEASE!!!
I’m also praying that the director has some unreleased footage stashed away somewhere where the Takujae kiss actually happened cause in my mind I’ve already pictured their kiss like 10,000 times!!!!

pvivax replied to your photoset “just-mindy sent me this mug for my birthday. but it’s not just any…”


right? all of the stories are so beautiful and the bridgertons are such a happy and big dorky family i mean who names their eight kids alphabetically OH RIGHT VIOLET AND EDMUND THAT’S WHO

and whaattt??? i know the covers are being updated but there’s going to be a whole NEW series???

god, you didn’t leave any empty space
(i thought losing you would be undoing, would be calamity, would leave me screaming, crying, howling at the moon)
you left static in between my lips and a hair on my pillow and a bed that is still warm at 3 a.m. most nights

i want to miss you, i want to caress the empty spaces you once filled but truth is
you never did fill them, did you?
yes, i am empty now, but i was the way before you left, before you came
its not so much that you weren’t enough,  
i just don’t think you ever wanted to be

maybe we were only ever a bedtime story, a comfort blanket, a night light
all it takes is a few years of heartbreak and some xanax to make the two of us irrelevant
you helped me sit still through the night, but so do books and soft music and my mothers prayers

i do not need you to tuck me in, to keep me tied to an unwelcome bed
if i am going to be an insomniac i may as well spend my night looking at the stars



Revisionist History

what the hell made me decide to rewatch gossip girl just before my exams??? WHY