• mom:are you okay?
  • me, internally:in journal 3, bill said that if he had succeeded in destroying the journal, he was going to throw dipper's body off of the water tower, making him permanently stuck in the mindscape. what would the pines family have done if this really happened? what would mabel's reaction be? would dipper be able to find a way to communicate with his family like he did with mabel's sock puppets in the original episode, or would he just be stuck, unable to tell anyone what actually happened? since journal 3's entries up until gideon rises had been copied by grunkle stan, and dipper wrote about his adventures in it, how would ford react when he came back and read those extra entries? would he be able to pick up on what happened with him? would bill taunt him about it, making him feel responsible for practically killing dipper? i need answers about this
  • me, externally:yea im good