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Thank you for the happiest ONE YEAR with you all! May we continue this happiness for more and more and more years!

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131222 The Buster: When Block B discovers pairings and fanfics
  • Kyung: There's something I'm really curious about and I'm sure all of you are curious about it too. That...
  • Taeil: (Looks at fan) My height is right! Don't try to corner me as lying!
  • Kyung: It's something I've been really curious about personally but what's your relationship with P.O? No, but really. They're so weird. Whenever I see them on stage, they're always playing together and whispering in each other's ears. So what exactly is your relationship with one another?
  • Taeil: I was reading on the internet and found those things...fics? The things where you couple people together.
  • Kyung: Oil, oil!
  • Taeil: It's really weird stuff! For example, Zico lays his hand on top of Kyung's thigh while he studies.
  • Kyung: No, no, no. This is nothing. (Points to Zico) Him and I-
  • Zico: (Points to fan) I know you've written stuff but you're pretending you haven't!
  • Kyung: Him and I live together and while he's off producing music, he leaves me tied up at home. I really can't with it. Don't write those things! So going back to the subject, what is your relationship with P.O?
  • Taeil: I...whenever I see fanfics, Jihoonie is always the man and I'm always the girl.

170217 [SUPERCOMMAB / 슈퍼콤마비] 17SS NCT127 ‘SEOUL KIDS’ -Making Film