there are some aches that won’t go away by talking to a few friends or going out or getting black out drunk or ignoring the truth . these take you on a quest to coffee shops , book stores , wilderness.

sometimes all you need is to getaway to get closer to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost myself in the city crowd and found myself again in the wilderness .

—  Kriti .G

if there’s not a HBO video or dvd or something for this tour then i will rip her apart


Supernatural - Angels Falling (8x23) 

‘’Expel all Angels from Heaven, just as God cast out Lucifer.’’

Castiel, My Little Angel ☜♥☞

More from modern mob Au: Crowbar G (post amnesiac version)

Don’s trusted underling for field missions. …Heard he’s quite cold blooded, however he likes sweets (cakes, snacks) and seems to like sleeping a lot. 

Very good melee & excellent at deducting advantages/disadvantages from a present/past situation (compare to Stone, who is instead good at foresight planning & calculations as an assassin- seeing things from ‘10 miles away’ but not as good at melee as crowbar)

VS good guys wise, direct ‘rival’ of the Field officer of EchoG


Title: Spark

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 2,741

Theme song: Spark by Amber Run

Request: HI KAZZY! First off, I MISS YOU! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your work & honestly seeing your name on my feed instantly makes me so happy! Secondly, I saw your requests are open so, I figured I’d take a shot & try to submit one! So, I found this soulmate AU prompt & I believe you wrote one similar to it. “AU where the world is B&W until you meet your Soulmate. Your world then goes back to B&W if your soulmate dies” I’m hoping that you can write a SamxReader based on this! Thank you so much if you do! ILY

A/N: This might be a two parter. *whispers* if you guys want it!

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Dean was the spark. Standing shoulder to shoulder in the dusty back shelves near the antiquated books room of the little shop where you worked, and with him telling you that if you happened to know of any other places around town he might find books on medieval ritualistic seances it would be ‘awesome’.

“Um, off the top of my head I can’t really think of anywhere,” you replied with a small laugh.

“Yeah. I get that. It’s not exactly on the New York Times Bestseller list,” he said, giving you a smile. You crouched low and ran your fingers over the spines of the books there, eyes scanning until you found the one he’d requested, right where your computer system had said it would be. You pulled it free and gave it a perfunctory brush of your hand, clearing it of at least some of its dust before handing it to him. He reached for it, his fingertips just barely brushing yours, and there it was; your whole world suddenly in technicolor.

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