Bipolar doesn’t excuse you from being an ass. You do something shitty while manic, you still have to apologize. You don’t get to just pretend it didn’t happen because your mind wasn’t in the right place, and that’s my main problem with Ian.

It’s not even (really) what he does that I’m so pissed off about, because I know. Once while I was manic my best friend basically told me to get my shit together and I told her to “stay the fuck out of my life” and posted this long rant publicly on facebook dragging her boyfriend and her relationship. I know. But after I came down from it I felt so bad and I apologized. You should feel bad after you hurt the people you love, mood disorder or not.

It’s not that he fucks up. It’s that he NEVER seems apologetic for it even after his manic episode. He never seems to even think “oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” I really need to see some growth from him this season, especially since they’re bringing Mickey back. Mostly I’m just done with Ian’s shit. I’d like to see Mickey done with Ian’s shit, at least until Ian sincerely apologizes and actually changes.

Can I just say that Harry is beautiful in every sense of the word? It’s not secret that he’s extremely gorgeous and stunning. From his eyes to the last curl in his hair, from his bunny teeth to his love handles.. everything about him is simultaneously soft, lovely and super handsome and breathtaking. But what really seals the deal, what really leaves me completely in awe is hearing his thoughts and reading about his feelings. He’s such a polite, sweet, gentle guy. He’s so balanced for a 22 years old. It’s like he always knows the right thing to say, never makes bold statements that can lead to misunderstandings. He’s so well spoken and open minded, the way he talks about exploring new horizons in his career but also never closing the door about a one direction reunion, the way he speaks about the people he loves but never shares too much because he’s careful with his privacy. I just… I really admire him and how far he’s come and I’m looking forward to following him in everything he chooses to be and do in the future.