there are 2 main reasons u can call urself gay if youre not straight regardless of ur orientation and those are:

1. it literally means Not Straight. its the colloquial term for not straight. its meant that since before #2 came into play

2. that “Gay” ppl have kicked us out of everything thats rightfully ours and labelled it theirs. Gay marriage Gay bars Gay rights Gay community The Gay Movement. they have become the face of our community and they stomp over us !!!!! they want to label everyone and everythingn Straight or Gay so too fucking bad if they dont like it when we start calling ourselves gay.


150525 G-Dragon Instagram Update
“We ate it well 😘 #KwonJiyongSupporters”
Trans: ShrimpLJY

(Note: Sticker says “Please treat/handle our Jiyongie roughly"
Trans: big_seunghyun
*GD fan sites sent food trucks for the staff on the set of Running Man)