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Could you make a list of why Zico is attractive and talented??

Can I type instead of adding pictures this time? XD I don’t think I can make a list about it, and I think you’re just joking (???) LOL But I hope you won’t regret asking me because I just can’t give short replies! Well, when Block B debuted, most of the netizens would find Zico either ugly or scary. (apart from BBC that would ‘mock’ him on purpose – but with love (???);;;;;; lol). He developed that ‘Hello Kitty’ addiction because he wanted to minimize his strong looks, right? ~ Silly boy. I honestly like his debut looks just as much as I like it now. He’s always been attractive to me, too! lol but yes, he’s becoming even more handsome by the days!! We can’t deny that. And sexier too. LOL He’s been taking care of his looks a lot these past years. I don’t hear mean comments about his appearance anymore. He’s now not only the fans’ ideal type, but also other idols’ ideal type! XD Ok so I’m not making a list omg. Umm well, let me see if I can;;;

  • We can’t deny that he has a natural talent for music, and he gets better and better everyday. His rapping/composing/producing skills also improve every time he or Block B release something! If we compare his old mixtapes - when he still was a cute little fetus lol - to his new solo songs, we can see that~ He’s just incredibly talented, and a workaholic. He never stops practicing and studying as well, because artists need to study about music too, right?~ I truly believe that he gives his best at everything he does. He’s a perfectionist. And that makes him not only more skilled and talented, but also more attractive! Doesn’t it?~
  • And he’s only the second youngest!!!!!!
  • Zico doesn’t give up on things easily. Tell me if this isnt sexy. LOL During one of the 5MBC, he had some of his Buckwilds friends as guests and one of them (I can’t remember who) said that he won’t give up on the woman he likes. (I had the cuts but they were deleted :/ I’m gonna search for other cuts on youtube ^^)
  • His family means so much to him… He’s always mentioning how much he wants to make his mom to live comfortably. He’s also said in 4 Things Show that movies that deal with family issues make him emotional (he’s not the type to cry about everything). ‘Friendship’ is also a topic that makes him feel like that. He’s a loyal friend. 1000+ more attractive.
  • HIS ANNOYING AEGYO and that cute butt dance and those funny faces he makes. Dorky. CUTE. A BABY.
  • He’s mature and responsible. Kyung pretty much said that Zico is a kid who needs to act like an adult all the time - that he’s still a kid, but a kid with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders.
  • Remember that unfortunate Sewol Ferry tragedy? Zico went to the funeral of a BBC, huge fan of him, who asked her parents to go Block B’s concert after that trip… He went to her funeral to pay his respect and hand her parents a handwritten letter to comfort them. The family said that he was very emotional and cried while spending about an hour and a half with them. They were very thankful for him… He also dedicated a rap to her at the “Blockbuster” concert… “ PS. Hyewon, I pray that you will hear this song”. He really, really loves BBCs. Two fans, in different occasions, lost their ticket to see his underground performances. He himself tweet to those fans in both occasions and gave them instructions so they could go to the concert and see him. He doesn’t only like BBCs; I know that sometimes he fucks up, but he’s kind hearted boy who cares about other people’s feelings and the situation they’re going through. He always, always apologizes.
  • He’s said and done so many cute things to other artists and fans. I once made a “compilation” of some quotes/interviews about it: (x)
  • He respect women. His ideal type includes “ a strong and independent woman”. “(…) I don’t go fooling around with girls. I hope that you can take note of this” (x) //  “Zico’s phone case says ‘I marymond you’, it means that he’s showing his support for women who were forced into sexual slavery by the japanese soldiers during WWII.” (x) 1000000+ more attractive.

I could spend the entire night here, I wouldn’t mind at all <3 but this is a never ending list. He’s talented, he’s attractive and such a precious kid. ;u; 


[FULL] Team Zico x Paloalto performance


SMTM4 cage death match preview.

“Fuckin’ cheaters!”


송민호,ONE,앤덥,자메즈 - ′거북선′ (Team 지코X팔로알토) @ 음원 미션 쇼미더머니4 6화

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in that one photo of Zico wearing that pink sweater. is it just me or does that little icon design thing in the middle of the sweater resemble zico???!! (when he has his ponytail and a hat on.

honestly yeah?? a little bit??? it does imao i wonder if that cheeseball had a shirt custom made

[TRANS] 150730 ZICO’s Twitter Update

[Paloalto] 궁금한것을 물어보세요~
[ZICO to Paloalto] 원이랑 지코중에 누가 더 잘생겼나요~????^^
[Paloalto to ZICO] 너의 마음속 그것이 바로 정답 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[ZICO to Paloalto] 하아…..;)..)….

[Paloalto] Ask me something you’re curious about~
[ZICO to Paloalto] Who is more handsome between One and Zico~????^^
[Paloalto to ZICO] Inside your heart, that is the answer ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[ZICO to Paloalto] Ha ah…..;)..)….

(Note: The picture Zico uploaded is a picture of One.)

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