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Zico x reader smut. 'Do I make you nervous?'

hellcrystalkitten said: zico, smut, purple pleaseee :D

Purple: couch scenario.

Send me the name of your bias and your favourite colour and I’ll write a smut or fluff based on it. (clarify smut, fluff or both.)



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You sat on the couch, cuddled up to Jiho. You wiggled your bare feet, and he chuckled and pulled them between his knees to keep them warm. The two of your had been best friends since you had accidentally bumped into him at the airport and the two of you had started talking.

You had grown particularly fond of him. So fond, it’s seemed, that you had started to develop feelings towards him. But how could Jiho, ZICO, fall for a simple girl he bumped into at the airport by accident? When women, models, idols, were throwing themselves at his feet?

But here you were, friendly but intemately cuddling with this narrow-eyed God. You were in his apartment, 20 stories high, with a beautiful view over the city with the right wall of the apartment being made completely out of glass. You were watching some variety shows together, and the deep chuckle rumbling though his chest from time to time made your heart skip a beat.

Without you noticing Jiho had been staring at you for a while, watching what his actions did to you. He glanced at the screen and chuckled and the events on the screen, eyes shooting back at you to see you shudder. The arteries in your neck were pumping blood fast, your skin rapidly moving up and down. He reached his hand forward to rest on your naked thigh.

You shuddered and looked up at him. He didn’t look at you though, his eyes glued to the screen. You tried to focus on the show as he started to draw paterns on your thigh, his other hand traveling up to caress your neck, feeling your pulse.

‘Hmm, someone’s heart is over-working a bit..’

He said as his nails traced the veins.

'Are you nervous, (y/n)?’

Your breath hitched. He leaned down and kissed your just under your ear.

'Do I make you nervous, (y/n)?’

You didn’t answer, but your hands had subconsiously trailed up his chest and that was enough for him.

He pulled you on his lap, bringing his face close to yours.

'Answer me, (y/n). Do I make you nervous? Do I excite you? Do I make your heart race and your thoughts blur?’

You leaned down, lips almost touching his.

'What do you think yourself, you asshole?’

You harshly pushed your lips down on his. You felt his wolvish grin, and you bit down his lip, feeling his groan vibrate down your throat. His hands had slid up your legs and under your skirt, drawing light patterns on your bum with his nails. In response you bucked your hips downwards, earning a choked moan from Jiho. You clawed at his shirt, making him break away and take it off for you. His eyes had gone darker, pupils expanded. He pulled you closer, until your hips hit his chest. Your heart started pounding again, as he gently pulled your shirt over your head and kissed your stomach. He trailed his fingers down your spine and nipped at your skirt.

'Can this go?’

You stared at him for a moment, mesmerised by the utter desire in his eyes. You slowly nodded. He picked you up and sat you down on the couch. He sat on his knees on the ground and kissed you and he pulled down the zipper and slid the skirt down to the ground. He peppered your neck and shoulders with kisses, licking a line on each shoulder after he had slip your bra-strap down. His hands lingered on the clasp.



He pecked you and unclasped your bra.

'I love you.’

He send you a warm smile and took your bra off as you send him the smile back. Your lips formed the words: 'Love you too’, but he kissed them off your lips, hands brushing your ribs. Too eager to wait, he took your panties off too. He leaned back a bit, taking in your glowing form. The bright sunset outside set your figure ablaze, your hair a crown with a golden rim around you head.

'So perfect.’

He hungrily growled, leaning in to kiss your chest and forcefully grab your hips. You gasped at the sudden contact of his tongue with your breasts, kising down the valley, softly nipping your nipples and harshly kneading them.  His hands started harshly massaging your hips, then moving down to your thighs, slowly trailing towards your crotch.


You moaned despirately. Jiho looked up at you.

'What is it?’

The devilish gleam in his eyes was too obvious.

'I need you..’

'Where you do need me?’

He had leaned over so his lips were at your ear.

'I need you.. there.’


He slid his hands to your chest.


He slid them to your ass, gave it a harsh squeeze.

'Here maybe?’


He had sat himself back on his knees.

'Or perhaps..’

He leant down, breathing on your outer lips. He tapped a light kiss on them.


You moaned as his deep voice send chills through your body, and he continued kissing. Forcefull, hot open-mouthed kisses. He licked from the downside up, lightly brushing your clit with his nose. You had been digging your nails in the couch, but you shot your hands foward and tangeled them in his hair, pushing him closer to you.

'Stop your teasing, young man.’

You lightly giggled as Jiho chuckled appreciative and pulled you down a bit so he could get a better angle. He spread your folds, put his lips over yor entrance and sucked harshly. Your whole body jerked forward as he sucked up what you had already released.

'Jih- aaAH!’

You moaned out as he stuck one slender finger in. He curled up slowly, finger bouncing off of every rim inside of you. He pulled it out and sat up slightly as he held his moist finger in front of his face. You stared at him as he slowly slid it into his mouth, licked it clean and pulled it out again. He saw you looking at him in concentration, smirked deviously and ducked down again. This time he went to nipping at and around your clit. When he had found the perfect angle to hit the bundle of nerves at, he stayed there for a while, while you locked his head between your legs out of desperation. Jiho just continued while massaging your thigh with one hand and stretching you with the other.

'Jiho-hnnGG. Jiho-so close..’

You sighed out as he slapped your as and came up immediatly. You pouted, feeling the throbbing between your legs, and the knot that was vaguely fading. Jiho smiled and kissed your knees. He got up and rid himself of his pants and underwear. He was about to settle between your legs when you put a hand on his smooth chest.

'Is something wrong (y/n)? We don’t have to go this far if you don’t want to.’

But instead you pushed in into the couch and setteled on his lap, fully sitting down so he slid into you. He gasped and moaned, and it was your turn to lean into his neck to whisper in his ear.

'I think, ZICO, that I have let you lead for long enough now, and that’s it’s MY turn to be dominant.’

Jiho groaned again, grabbing your ass and bucking his hips up a bit because you weren’t moving.

'What is it Zico?’

You asked innocently.

'Do I make you nervous?’




I felt like it was getting a bit too long-ish, so I decided to leave the rest to the imagination.

(If you really want me to I can always write a part 2)

Sorry this took 3 days to upload, I was clearing out the ask-box but also wanted to start picking up writing more actual fics, so I came up with this. I WILL still be doing ships and gif-reactions, bc those are my fave, but I needed a bit of a break.

This is my first smut EVER!!! What do you think? How bad am I?

Block B when you (their idol crush) is recording a new song with them.

Anon said: Block b gif reaction to when you (their crush who is an idol) is recording a new song with them

 _______________________________________________________ Zico: *sensually looking at your while singing the lyrics*

P.O.: *you’re Zico* ‘Noona, let’s take a selca, so we can let the people know we’re doing a collab!’
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Taeil: 'You know.. we’re working on a love song right here, and I was just wondering.. who inspires your lyrics?’ *cough cough hint hint*

  Kyung: *subtle-not-so-subtle signs / implications he likes you* 'Your voice is almost as angelic as your face.’

Jaehyo: 'You’re gorgeous, do you know that?’
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U-Kwon: *as you’re discussing some chords he stares at you intensely*

B-Bomb: *doing his very best to impress you*